March 27, 2010

On Air w/Verastically Livin' Talk Radio

Good Morning everyone!

I will be one of the three co-hosts on the show titled "I Object to this Marriage"
It starts at 10am and ends at 12pm EST. (2pm - 4pm GMT; 3pm - 5pm Nigerian time)

The premise of this show came when I heard something similar on the radio sometime last year and I asked Vera, if she'd do a show like that. She was gracious enough to agree. My friend Segun won't be there as I advised but he's been replaced by another blogger, Baroka.

Here's the line up: Me, Baroka, NaijaBloke and Vera. This is sure to be a great show!

There are two ways to listen in

online: You can also join in the chat, but to contribute to the chat you must register first!

via the phone: 1-646-929-1905 and if you'd like to contribute to the topic, and I hope you do, just press 1 and you will be placed in queue to speak with us.

You can also text your responses to the show: 1-443-834-9039 or email them to

Should you really tell a friend that you think their significant other is bad for them? Is it any of your business? If you want to know what my thoughts are on this topic, you'll have to join us! What are you waiting for? Go grab a quick snack and hop on over there, the show's soon to start!!!

p.s. If the chatroom doesn't come up and the show's started, refresh your screen!

March 25, 2010

Happy Thursday

Hola Everyone! What a week this has been... can you believe the first quarter of the year is almost through? As I get older, time seems to zoom by. This really just means that we need to make each day count. Here in Georgia, the weather has been having some epileptic episodes going from hot to cold to snow to rain all within the space of 48 hours. I guess the Spring memo hasn't been made available... but I'm not complaining.... it means less allergies... I think... I hope.

Some updates:

The In My Dreams, It Was Simpler's blog will be updated this Friday with Titi's story. Titi is the mistress we all love to hate so be sure to show your support.

TERC will continue it's weekly bible study session on Friday morning as well. It'd be nice for you to join us as we (bloggers and non-bloggers) share in the Word of God. Visit the TERC blog for details on how to join in the conversation

This Saturday, Verastically Speakin' Talk Radio, will be graced with my presence. :-) Naijabloke and a friend of mine, Segun, will join Vera and I as we discuss the issue of friends/relatives giving their two cents in a relationship/marriage. What are your thoughts? If you knew your friend's partner was trifling, would you tell? Be sure to tune in on Saturday from 10am - 12noon EST (2pm - 4pm UK; 3pm - 5pm Nigeria)


This past Monday, I stumbled on this song via It seems that the Music/Entertainment sector in Nigeria is growing by leaps and bounds. Kudos to them... I don't really follow the music like I did in the past.... It seems there's a heavier western influence on the music now and it's interesting to see some of the new talents that pop up and even the impressive quality of some of the music videos. I have a few friends that try to keep me in the know... can't really say I like them all. I thought this guy's voice was reminiscent of Asa... do you agree?

Enjoy! and don't forget to bookmark/set up reminders for the updates listed above!

March 20, 2010


I was randomly looking through some of my previous posts over the past couple of years and noticed that when I started blogging, I had something titled 'REflections' where I shared quotes or phrases that caught my attention... I haven't done so in a while so I thought why not...

My blogging as been quite sporadic... not sure if I'll ever get back to the swing of things the way it was.... everything has a season... so I'll update as I find necessary. I am currently involved with the In My Dreams series... so you can catch me on there as the character Folake. Next week Saturday, I'll be co-hosting on Verastic Talk Radio... I'll make the proper announcement some time before then

I hope everyone has had a lovely week thus far. Happy Weekend.


"I am not what I ought to be. I am not what I want to be. I am not what I hope to be. But still, I am not what I used to be. And by the grace of God, I am what I am"

- John Newton

March 1, 2010

Righteous Woman

A friend, TB, sent/dedicated this to me recently.. I thought it was sweet... and I'm putting it on here.. cuz I need a place other than email to keep it... so why not share? :-)

This came from a book she was reading (will get the name later for proper credit)
I dedicate this to all the Righteous women out there... Happy New Month...

Righteous Woman

The moon and the stars glow at night

It’s their purpose and their God given right

Flowers and roses are appealing to a woman’s sight

As a still ray if sunlight shines so bright

Giving them color, stability, and light

It’s their purpose and their God given right

It was God’s every intention to create a woman like you

Giving you the ability to support, like a dark sky supports the stars the night,

giving them the opportunity to shine so bright

Support is a power that you have

Keeping the strong man from crying at night

It’s your purpose and your God given right

Jesus was simply born to die for you

So that you can receive the rights that God has for you

You have a right to be free from bondages such as shame, guilt, and worry

As you stand tall so proudly, boldly with your hands caressing your hips

As the words “I have victory”

Falls like a drop of honey from your candy coated lips

You are the righteous of God and that’s the truth

What’s going on in the world today doesn’t affect you

Because heaven has already labeled you as recession proof

If you sin, miss the mark , or fall short that’s ok

God’s grace has already made a way

The pain, the hurt, the embarrassment

This is why the blood was scattered to stop harassment

Use your rights that God has purposed for you

You can do anything, have anything and be anything

Success doesn’t come without a fight

And definitely doesn’t come over night

You are a queen who happens to rule and reign

Nothing can stop you but you

Because you understand the rights that God has given to you.