June 11, 2010

How to make (and enjoy) chocolate chip cookies!

Do you like warm, soft, gooey chocolate chip cookies?

Well I've found the recipe that is very simple for all.

  1. Go to your local grocer's fridge
  2. pick up a tub of tollhouse chocolate chip cookie dough
  3. come home
  4. get your pan out... you can put some wax paper on it
  5. follow instructions on tub
  6. put in oven
  7. bring out and allow to cool
  8. take a bite...
  9. and share some with friends.
  10. savor and enjoy!
Happy Friday people... saw this lurking in my drafts... I was on a Tollhouse cookie craze then... they're soooooo delicious... seriously... you should go get some... and I will go get some later today!

A BIG THANK YOU to the kind thoughts and prayers I've received since my father passed away. Thank you for the song dedication Ms. Ola! I try to live in each day, knowing that tomorrow is not promised. I know all is well in Jesus' name. Amen

There's a new post up in the In My Dreams series.... Folake's story. For those who need a reminder, Folake is a music exec who's had a great life... that is until she got married and started having issues with her husband. They live on two different continents. He has a side attraction. She's trying to deal with all of that, while exacting her own form of revenge: she slashed his tires and destroyed his apartment/flat. Lots of drama right? Well it's not all about drama... Find out what she's up to now by clicking HERE

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Berean Girl said...

I expected like a really proper recipe... Not buy, pop, bakeHahaha