April 5, 2010

WooHoo!!!! I Won!!!!!

Last year, Good Naija Girl had several contests to mark the one year anniversary of her new blog. I entered to win a jewelry set by the designer, Anne. I had to write a paragraph with no more than 40 words as to why I should win... so I did... [I blogged about it HERE]

In exactly 40 words, here's my winning entry:
“Your jewelry should tell a story. It should be able to inspire whimsical fantasies, make a bold and daring statement or tacitly showcase your elegance. I would love and consider it an honor to model one of her unique creations.”

Now today, on facebook, I saw there was a contest by BeachBum Photography. A couple of months back I had randomly received a friend request on facebook from a photographer. I saw that he was already friends with one of my favorite photographers... so I decided to check him out and was impressed...

The family went on a road trip and today, the contest was to guess how many miles they had traveled. I sporadically follow the blog and I remembered seeing something about it. So based on that information, I guessed a number and I WON!!!!!!!!!

The actual answer was 4433, my winning guess was 4175

I won a $25 Zazzle giftcard. Zazzle is great. Last year, I created a special card for a special blog friend for her bridal shower. I love being able to personalize stuff. I think I might use the giftcard to get a customized T-Shirt. I just need to think of a design now...

Today, I knew, would be a great day... and this has accented it!

Happy Easter Monday!!!!
Dont forget that on Friday, the latest installment in the blog soap opera - In My Dreams, It Was Simpler - will be published by me... it's Folake's story. Folake is the wife, who found out last season that her husband had a side attraction. Check it out now so you can catch up on previous episodes.

And please, show some love to BeachBum Photography by checking out their blog and the contest HERE and visiting their main site HERE


Jaycee said...

Awwwwww (many reasons why I said awww). You're so full of creativity and kindness :)

Myne Whitman said...

Congrats on your win, I'll try check them out.

Thanks for blog rolling with me.

Good Naija Girl said...

Congrats on the win! I also blogged about a prize I received...it's great!