April 19, 2010

Welcome to Lagos: Vocal Slender

I heard about the Welcome to Lagos series that's currently being featured on the BBC in the UK. Being in America, we do not have access to that television station, not even through the world wide web - so I've appreciated the tidbits I've been able to get here and there. The series is going to focus on several aspects of the most populous state in the most populous country in the African continent. It will hopefully give a fair assessment of everything from A to Z.

A friend of mine sent me the link to this video and I thought it was quite enlightening. We get to see an aspect of Lagos that some wouldn't otherwise be privy to. I am so grateful to the people that thought this idea up. This featured piece is part of a larger one that has been edited to focus on one subject, Eric Obuh. This is real Reality TV. Hopefully in the coming weeks, I'll be able to get some more tidbits and share with you all.

One thing I know for sure is that Nigerians are very resilient and are very enterprising... and this video certainly opened my eyes more to that fact... Have a look see and Enjoy!

side note: Visiting different blogs, I am actually surprised at the number of Nigerians that are not happy with this documentary. They should note that it is a series and they have only seen one of the programs in the series. They claim it does not show Lagos in a good light and refer to the rich parts of Nigeria/Lagos that weren't shown. However these rich places are not the true representation of Nigeria/Lagos and this documentary in no way sheds a bad light on the situation that these people are facing...

For those interested... here's the 1st programme in the series:


Anonymous said...

Wow...quite interesting/eye opening.

kuesooM said...

I so agree with you on this. It seems to me that people want the focus to be on the way about 5% o the people live.

To me, I love this documentary, as it shows the resillent nature o Nigerians.

When I visited Lagos earlier this year on a business trip, while I was quite impresssed with the changes and improvements that have occurred since I left, I was disappointed at the great divide that has only become greater between those that have and those that don't.

Street Preacher said...

I saw the documentary and look forward to the next programme today... I appreciate that it does reveal that a number of Nigerians make out of their lemons lemonades and though their jobs ain't fancy they make a honest living even out of trash

Anonymous said...

Here's the full video, guys.
Enjoy. ;-)

Anonymous said...

@koseusooM: these guys- the scavengers, beggars, bus-conductors, loggers, street traders, urchins- they are NOT just 5% of the population, they are actually the MAJORITY. We that have been to school, live in decent flats and houses and have jobs- we are the minority.
What we saw is the true face of Lagos.

Jenny said...

Here's the full episode http://www.metacafe.com/watch/4489671/lagos_full/

sosexy said...

Nice post.
But I think everyone has a reason for being for or against the show.Nice post