April 7, 2010

Random thoughts: Life

Is life worth it

The pain

The tears

When moments like this come, it’s hard to see the laughter

Hard to remember the good times

When confusion sets in

And no word is heard from above

What do you do then?

Maybe you need to turn left

But indecision makes you take a right

Is life still worth it?

Sticks and stones may not break my bones

But words do have a way of stripping and shaming you

Shaming me

When is enough, enough?

When is just a little bit, too much?

Every day… the journey…

What is it all worth?

Something? Everything?

Sometimes no…

Sometimes yes…

That’s just life I guess


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sosexy said...

Times like that, I just wonder where my help would come from and how fast.
Great post.

Purple Streak said...

great post, babes! dat really is life ... *sigh*