March 1, 2010

Righteous Woman

A friend, TB, sent/dedicated this to me recently.. I thought it was sweet... and I'm putting it on here.. cuz I need a place other than email to keep it... so why not share? :-)

This came from a book she was reading (will get the name later for proper credit)
I dedicate this to all the Righteous women out there... Happy New Month...

Righteous Woman

The moon and the stars glow at night

It’s their purpose and their God given right

Flowers and roses are appealing to a woman’s sight

As a still ray if sunlight shines so bright

Giving them color, stability, and light

It’s their purpose and their God given right

It was God’s every intention to create a woman like you

Giving you the ability to support, like a dark sky supports the stars the night,

giving them the opportunity to shine so bright

Support is a power that you have

Keeping the strong man from crying at night

It’s your purpose and your God given right

Jesus was simply born to die for you

So that you can receive the rights that God has for you

You have a right to be free from bondages such as shame, guilt, and worry

As you stand tall so proudly, boldly with your hands caressing your hips

As the words “I have victory”

Falls like a drop of honey from your candy coated lips

You are the righteous of God and that’s the truth

What’s going on in the world today doesn’t affect you

Because heaven has already labeled you as recession proof

If you sin, miss the mark , or fall short that’s ok

God’s grace has already made a way

The pain, the hurt, the embarrassment

This is why the blood was scattered to stop harassment

Use your rights that God has purposed for you

You can do anything, have anything and be anything

Success doesn’t come without a fight

And definitely doesn’t come over night

You are a queen who happens to rule and reign

Nothing can stop you but you

Because you understand the rights that God has given to you.


Jaycee said...

Nice poem! "Keeping the strong man from crying at night" Deep!

Favor's Heart said...

Beautiful...and simple. Thanks for sharing

downtheaisle said...

Grace speaks for us all d time!!!
Good stuff!

F said...

"Support is a power that you have/ Keeping the strong man from crying at night/ It’s your purpose and your God given right"

That was the part that got me... I think we all forget that we were placed on this Earth to help one another- the man vs. woman angst is not necessary... I guess now we have to pray for that "strong man" who truly deserves our support... :)