March 27, 2010

On Air w/Verastically Livin' Talk Radio

Good Morning everyone!

I will be one of the three co-hosts on the show titled "I Object to this Marriage"
It starts at 10am and ends at 12pm EST. (2pm - 4pm GMT; 3pm - 5pm Nigerian time)

The premise of this show came when I heard something similar on the radio sometime last year and I asked Vera, if she'd do a show like that. She was gracious enough to agree. My friend Segun won't be there as I advised but he's been replaced by another blogger, Baroka.

Here's the line up: Me, Baroka, NaijaBloke and Vera. This is sure to be a great show!

There are two ways to listen in

online: You can also join in the chat, but to contribute to the chat you must register first!

via the phone: 1-646-929-1905 and if you'd like to contribute to the topic, and I hope you do, just press 1 and you will be placed in queue to speak with us.

You can also text your responses to the show: 1-443-834-9039 or email them to

Should you really tell a friend that you think their significant other is bad for them? Is it any of your business? If you want to know what my thoughts are on this topic, you'll have to join us! What are you waiting for? Go grab a quick snack and hop on over there, the show's soon to start!!!

p.s. If the chatroom doesn't come up and the show's started, refresh your screen!