March 25, 2010

Happy Thursday

Hola Everyone! What a week this has been... can you believe the first quarter of the year is almost through? As I get older, time seems to zoom by. This really just means that we need to make each day count. Here in Georgia, the weather has been having some epileptic episodes going from hot to cold to snow to rain all within the space of 48 hours. I guess the Spring memo hasn't been made available... but I'm not complaining.... it means less allergies... I think... I hope.

Some updates:

The In My Dreams, It Was Simpler's blog will be updated this Friday with Titi's story. Titi is the mistress we all love to hate so be sure to show your support.

TERC will continue it's weekly bible study session on Friday morning as well. It'd be nice for you to join us as we (bloggers and non-bloggers) share in the Word of God. Visit the TERC blog for details on how to join in the conversation

This Saturday, Verastically Speakin' Talk Radio, will be graced with my presence. :-) Naijabloke and a friend of mine, Segun, will join Vera and I as we discuss the issue of friends/relatives giving their two cents in a relationship/marriage. What are your thoughts? If you knew your friend's partner was trifling, would you tell? Be sure to tune in on Saturday from 10am - 12noon EST (2pm - 4pm UK; 3pm - 5pm Nigeria)


This past Monday, I stumbled on this song via It seems that the Music/Entertainment sector in Nigeria is growing by leaps and bounds. Kudos to them... I don't really follow the music like I did in the past.... It seems there's a heavier western influence on the music now and it's interesting to see some of the new talents that pop up and even the impressive quality of some of the music videos. I have a few friends that try to keep me in the know... can't really say I like them all. I thought this guy's voice was reminiscent of Asa... do you agree?

Enjoy! and don't forget to bookmark/set up reminders for the updates listed above!


Good Naija Girl said...

Nice to hear from you and I'm probably late to the party but I like the new template and header.

Jaycee said...

Hey darlinggggg,

You forgot to include TERC links :). And yeah I already told you I loved the template so much...and Ooooh la la...shd be on the Verastic show if nothing prevents go girlie!

Jaycee said...

ps: I meant inside the post (as per the TERC link), I know it's on ur Men, I'm digging this design...I can just stay here all day, supposing there was nothing else to do...swimming in the black, grey and red. #Okthanksbye

DiAmOnD hawk said...

Thanks GNG. I hope you're doing well.

It was actually deliberate on my part Jaycee but I have since changed it and put the link on there! :-)