October 23, 2009

Music Im Feeling: AiRis - Without You

Happy October.

How's everyone doing out there.... As for me I'm just thankful to be alive and well. About two weeks ago I clocked another year and celebrated it in the UK with my boyfriend, now my fiance. I just thank God for everything and how far he's brought me. I remember when I blogged about him being my ex.... you can only guess as to how many times we've broken up... or actually how often I've broken up with him. I just have to realize that no one is perfect... which is easier said.

Hope you guys are great. I fell in love with this song when I first heard it... dedicated it to Bob... hope you enjoy it too. Enjoy your weekend!

btw... the In your dreams... blog has been updated... this week I posted a story about Folake, the beautiful but wronged wife... check it out HERE after listening to the song!