July 24, 2009

I wanna dance...

While updating my love song playlist (it's a whitney houston day today!)... I started looking for a song by a friend of mine who used to blog.. his name is Sola... and he did a version of Crazy Love** that I loved... just him and his guitar... infact I told him that when I get married, he will be singing at my wedding. I didnt know him when we started chatting on blogger but come to find out days later that he was really good friends with my cousin... what a small world we live in... I cant find the youtube version of what he did... I thought I may have posted it on my blog but apparently not... what I did find... was an old post... I guess you could say this was the start of the blogger reality shows... or the blogger Bachelor show which I hosted on my blog.

Blogging used to be so much fun. I think I shared so much a part of who I was... the crazy parts... the loving parts... and the WTF parts... you know... all the things that make me human... but then I began to censor myself as I got to know more people and I guess as I got older. I guess that's just the way life is. There are even some posts that I go back to read and promptly put in the draft status...

but anyways... here's the post for your reading pleasure... you can tell how much fun we were having with ourselves... So I Was Just Thinking

The post was written a little less than 3 years ago... and wow.. how time flies... and how it changes as well... Im grateful for blogger and the friends that I've made. They have all in one way or another been an added blessing to my life.
**I've asked Sola to send me the youtube clip of him singing if he still has it... so you can hear the awesomeness of his voice!

as far as my playlist goes... as I stated earlier... it's a Whitney Houston day... I fell in love with track#2 when I first heard it so many years ago as a preteen... I think it goes along with loving Romance Novels... you gotta listen to the words... I was thinking how awesome it would be to have her sing track #3 on my playlist as I walk down the aisle... I can just imagine how powerful those moments would be or how track #1 would be a really good first dance song that could incorporate others towards the end... I'm really not into slow dances... My mind obviously is on weddings these days... I'm not getting married yet... when that time comes... and soon in Jesus' name... you will be updated accordingly. Anyways enjoy and have a great weekend!

July 15, 2009

Music Im Feeling: James Fortune - I Trust You

This song speaks to me... I almost cry when I hear this...

When the world has let you down... who do you turn to?
When it seems all hope is lost... and you're searching for something... just one thing... to hold on to... what is that thing?
When it feels like everyone around you is crazy and you're about to lose your mind... what/who keeps you grounded...

Well for me.. it's God
I fall and I get up and I'm grateful for His Grace... His unending mercy that helps me... lets me... get back up again... and even when times are hard... even when I dont understand what's going on... one thing that I will not waiver from... even if my actions sometimes belie my words...is my trust in God...


July 5, 2009

Revelations 19: 1

1 After these things I heard a loud voice of a great multitude in heaven, saying, “Alleluia! Salvation and glory and honor and power belong to the Lord our God!

6 And I heard, as it were, the voice of a great multitude, as the sound of many waters and as the sound of mighty thunderings, saying, “Alleluia! For the Lord God Omnipotent reigns!

This is one of my favorite songs. It just lifts me up from wherever I am. I sing this and I feel the warmness of God.

Today, I almost didnt go to church. I was going to catch it online but I woke up and even though I made it out of the house late, I went to church. and then the choir sang this song and I was in tears. I feel like for the past 3months I've just been drifiting... things are not working out the way I want but I have to stop and remember that it's not my will but THY will be done and I am hoping that my will is aligned with God's Will

I dont know so much. But I know this: God is God regardless of any situation and I have to be sure that no matter what season I'm making sure His name is glorified. As bad and as mad I wanna be... God is still God and I'm grateful that he's kept me thus far...

Some day soon... I'll talk about some of the things I've been going through... but for now... Im enjoying this song... enjoying my sunday... I feel renewed and refreshed... and I wish the same for you too!