February 20, 2009

what IS going ON

Today is Friday... and I am thankful that it's the weekend. So many things have been going through my mind. This weekend is my girlfriend's birthday. She's 30. We're all getting older to the glory of God. I want us to have a girls night out... actually a night in... a sleep over. I think it'll be fun... we can all talk about boys and stuff and what happened during Valentine's day.

I love a good love story. I love all the fluttery feelings and anxious buzz that you get when you're with that special someone. I love it especially when guys go all out for their lady. There's just something oh so charming about it. Vera, (vera I did the green just for you o) to the envy and jealousy of some, recently had a fab val's day. I think she should spread the love and send me some Ferrero Rocher chocolate... I also like Lindt's Lindor Truffles milk chocolate :-). I think the best thing about gift giving is the surprise. But anyways I digress. (speaking of Digress, there's a book I read in highschool... either in French or English class... where if you were talking, the students would yell "digress" or somn to that effect... if you know it from my rather obscure description here... feel free to leave a comment about the name)... so back to the LOVE STORY.

I remember I read this story in a "chicken soup" book... I'm sure of it... or perhaps I saw it online but I'm pretty sure I read it first. The couple was also featured on Oprah. The man met his wife in a concentration camp... he was a prisoner... and she wasnt ... but every day she would bring him an apple and some bread. This happened for 7 months until he was transferred to another camp. During the course of those seven months, they never spoke, else they wouldve risked getting shot by the guards. Decades later, they met by chance on a blind date and after some getting to know you conversation, they each realized who the other person was... she realized he was the prisoner she had given an apple to all those years ago and he realized she was the angel that had fed him during one of the worst times in the History of the world. How amazing is that. He proposed to her right there and then and they've now been married for 50 years... Isnt that a beautiful love story? One that makes you go "aaawwwww" and one that maybe has you wishing that your story is even a quarter as interesting and as awwwish as that.... Here's a brief clip I found on youtube about it.... you just HAVE TO check it out

So imagine my shock, my INCREDULITY when I saw THIS clip:> CLIP

they get awarded a BIG FAT HISS. Infact... I think Im going to start doing that... the BFH awards.

You know... my views on abuse have sometimes been controversial. I remember I blogged about how a man can truly be provoked... not that Im condoning anything but I am admitting that you can provoke someone into acting... go and poke a lion and see what happens... so when the story about Chris Brown came out... I really didnt know what to make of it. He's so young and then of course Rihanna wasnt saying much... HOWEVER... the picture on Perez Hilton's site shows a beat up Riri and let me tell you... I would give Mr. Brown another type of award but as I dont want to advocate any kind of physical abuse... he also gets the BFH award. Nonsense! He needs to get himself together... and I dont buy that "he saw abuse growing up" ish... When you know better, you do better!!! click HERE to view the picture

So on this week on FB... (think soap opera episode ppl) 3 people from my past have added me, including an ex-boyfriend o. Well he's sortof an ex. He's now married. Seeing his pic, I just thought about how the most random person you see can be the most freakiest person and you would never know just by looking at them. I guess that's a good thing... but I've come to realize that Nigerian men are a freaky bunch... so all those dudes that you're squashed up with on the bus and stuff... that you're passing on the street and you think this person is a nobody... look very well... DONT BE FOOLED O... that may just be the person to rock your world!

Im planning to have a great weekend... are you?
ciao ppls!

February 12, 2009


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