May 12, 2009

Special dedication... and Gratitude

This is dedicated to my mother and to my friend, who recently gave birth to a healthy and gorgeous princess and to all my friends and family that are mothers/mothers to be. Mothers are very special. It can be the best of relationships or the worst of relationships. I am blessed that mine is the best and I'm so thankful that God saw it fit to bless me with a woman that is filled with soooooo much love for God... and so much love for me... and if your mother is no longer here, take a moment to reminisce about the goodness and love that was in her... that's now in you

This song is an oldie... but always a goodie (and it's also in french!)
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Also, in the month of April, I'd like to give special thanks to Rinsola and GoodNaijaGirl who afforded me the opportunity to be the recipient of two special gift packages.

Remember the contest GNG held to commemorate her one year blog birthday? She had a contest where you had to write a 40 word essay on why you should win a particular gift and I won! Click HERE for my winning entry. Well I got my prize in the mail and can I tell you how excited I was. I wasnt sure what I was going to get and when you think about getting a free gift... you just take it as it comes... if it comes... To my delight, it came!!! what I did get was simply beautiful... I thought perhaps I'd only get a necklace but imagine my surprise when I saw earrings in the package!!!!! infact...I've asked if she works on unique designs and she does so I will hopefully be ordering something from her soon!!! You simply have to see the jewelry... you MUST check out her website!!! I am very grateful to GNG for the contest and also a special thanks goes to the talented Jewelry designer Anne. Please check out her website HERE

As if that wasnt enough, Rinsola... wanting to surprise me, sent me my favorite chocolate... Ferrero Rocher..TWO boxes!!! and Woodin material with the matching gele... she tooo dooooooo o! But I am thankful to her... Big kiss for you my dear!

oh... another blogger sent me a box of chocolate too... all the way from London london london (think Fergie)... the chocolate, not the blogger... it was a surprise... and just in time for Easter... I love surprises! My cousins and myself enjoyed the whole box.... them more than me o..... so thank you thank you thank you...

Here's a pic of all that I received
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(sorry.. no pics of the empty boxes of chocolate... didnt think that would be right abi? click the picture to expand) :-)


OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

hi nice that u show appreciation
BTW lovely jewelery u so lucky
appreciate my mum too shes my go-to woman, multipurpose mummy.

and yes

justdoyin said...

lovely; the post/d fact that u r appreciative/d gifts...nice 1!

rinsola said...

Thank God for your mum and your friends' baby. Awwww, Ms D. aren't u the sweetest. I appreciate you and you sef you too do. But come to think about it, who is teaching u all these talks? hmn..... i can guess.

Jaycee said...

You had to go and put all the bling bling out there, abi? Rin Rin darling...I want my own too o. LOL...just kidding. I'm glad you got surprised and u loved ur gifts Diamond...that's a beautiful thing in itself. Muah!!!

Good Naija Girl said...

I'm so pleased that you're happy with Anne's prize...I love the pieces she made for you! It was so generous of her to donate a gift to my contest. She's awesome!

I'm also glad you have such a great relationship with your mother. Moms are such special people and I am constantly grateful for my own mummy.

Are Ferrero Rochers available in the States?

DiAmOnD hawk said...

Optimistic Alyzzz... congrats o... a pack of choco-milo for you!

Thanks JustDoyin... hope you're good!

Yes o Rinsola... I am the sweetest... send me more chocolate and more materials to validate it! LOL

Dont jealous me o Jaycee... LOL. Maybe if you're nice to Rin Rin.. she'll get you somn too! :-)

Of course o GNG... I'm not even sure how I stumbled upon it sef... but I love it! You're free to send it to me too :-)

downtheaisle said...

now I'm jealous, especially for d chocolates