May 6, 2009

25 Random things

  1. I like meat (chicken more like) and tend to eat it first before anything else on the plate. If you ever meet me... just watch. I just actually realized it late last year... and it wasnt until someone pointed it out to me
  2. I'm all about being romantic without talking too much. Actions always speak louder than words with me... If your words are in form of poetry... a song... cool but other than that... it's all about what you do (as per trying to be romantic)... and being romantic is not a one day a year thing...
  3. In college I used to laugh exactly this way --> hehehehehehe... seriously. just thought it'd be an interesting way to laugh... it was kinda funny... go ahead... amuse yourself... try it! hehehe
  4. I love to reverse to park. I love to do anything that people deem complicated and make it seem easy
  5. I love to read. I read the end of the book before the beginning to determine if I like the end enough to buy the whole thing... see #6.
  6. I am obssessed with passionate about romance novels. I love the idea of happily ever after... and during... and before
  7. I think I like shopping more than I realized. I always said I didnt like shopping but it's actually kinda fun... just not for too long
  8. I love cartoons! Any Jimmy Neutron and Fairly Odd Parents fan out there?
  9. I like to try out new recipes... especially when it comes to desserts. I want to learn how to make a kick ass bread pudding and apple/peach cobbler... yum! I think it'd be great to introduce this to the Nigerian Market
  10. My favorite dessert is apple pie with some melting vanilla icecream over it... double/triple/quadruple yum!!!! If you're ever in ColdStones... try their apple pie a la mode icecream!
  11. I dont like spaghetti or mac n' cheese... no matter how many people tell me "until you try mine"... i still dont like it... or yours!
  12. I find that my favorite colors change... I still stick with red, since it was my first :-) but lately I've been feeling purple... and it's a really cool color on me too.
  13. I love traditional attires in Nigeria. So vibrant/colorful... they're always so pretty looking
  14. I wanted to get married to an Italian when I was younger... so we could drink wine and have lots of kids and raise them in a rich/loving household... maybe romance novels have something to do with this
  15. I want to get a tattoo of a hawk perched on a diamond... right behind my left shoulder
  16. I want to learn to play golf...
  17. I want to learn to play the guitar
  18. I love love songs... I try to save all the unique ones I hear... when Im driving... I try to always have a pen and pad in the car because whenever I hear anything I like, I write it down and go home and search for the song... it's how I found Jason Mraz, Anthony David... really good male artists!
  19. My primary love language is gift-giving... If you love me... or want me to love you... give me a gift! :-) and it doesnt have to be extragavant... but it shouldnt also be senseless... 
  20. I think Igbo is a lovely language... and hausa and yoruba.... I really love when sweet-somethings are whispered in my ear in yoruba... nice way to get me warmed up!
  21. Girls always gush about how they've dreamed about their wedding...their gown and all that from the time they could imagine things... I never did. I wonder if this is weird.
  22. I dont like to wear heels because I think it would make me too tall but there is a certain confidence that comes from it though.
  23. I apparently like Musicals. A friend mentioned it to me the other day... I guess it's true. I love Rent (always makes me cry... love the soundtrack)... High School Music 1, 2, 3, HairSpray... is Sound of Music a musical? LOL... I like that too I guess
  24. I love Jesus! I love Jesus! He's my friend, He's my friend! (singing this to the tune of Frère Jacques)... is this an actual song?... I seem to think it is but dont know the end of it... the Jesus song I mean.... not the Frère Jacques
  25. I use a lot of dots when I'm typing...  (see?)... and I think man boobs are very unattractive! (how's that for Random)
  26. and just to give you a bonus.... because it's something that occured to me recently... I love driving on newly tarred roads... it's like velvet

It's almost embarrassing how long this took. I made up another list on fb but I didnt want to duplicate it on here... Do you know something random about me? What about you?  What's random about you?

I hope you have a blessed day! :-)


simeone said...

i use an unreasonable number of dots too...and i love it..wanna learn the guitar too...and,..i dont like jumpin to the end of a movie or novel,,...
nice post..have fun..

OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

you just gave me inspiration for apost i am going back to write mine

OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

PS love cartoons to

downtheaisle said...

1. My fav color changes per season, My color for this season is purple, purple purple.

2. And I hate to reverse to park, "I am not a formula four driver" he!he!!he!!!he!!!! read uzezi's last post.

3. I also read the end of the book before the beginning.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

Ahhhh... Simeone you are first... a pack of tom tom for u my friend!

Optimistic Alyzzz... thank you for the rest of the lyrics... I thought it had the "He will never leave me" part but couldnt figure out how it ended. Looking forward to your post

DowntheAisle... yyaaayyy for purple!!! You know when I think about it, i have always had something purple around me... I think it's a relaxing color

simeone said...

tom..tom..? sld i be saying thanks and jumpin up..:-),,,..?
jusst wanted to add that i love jesu too..

THIRTY + said...

Miss Sweet tooth, I am with so you on no 21.

UnderCover07 said...

I love sweet things too, but funny enuff am crazy about chocolate.

-I'm short but I dnt like wearing heels either, I prefer my flats...but u're ryt about the confidence thing.

-And I like using dots too!!!

Nice getting to know ya!...Check out mine..."Did u know that..."

PS:its a long read tho'

UnderCover07 said...

*NOT crazy about chocolate.

Favoured Girl said...

I enjoyed reading this! We've got a few things in common too! I love reading novels but I very rarely skip to the end first cos I want to go on the journey the writer intended...
I love cartoons too, Powerpuff Girls rock!
I'm a dessert person too, gosh... I'm trying to cut back now so I only eat sweet things in moderation.
Funny enough, I too never had those "ever-since-I-was-a-little-girl-dreams" about my wedding, even after I got engaged and stuff. So you are not weird at all.

And I love JESUS too!

kuesooM said...

I'm with u on #1 and #4 (esp now my car has the sensor thingy so I dont crash!) and of course #7. Wanted to get a tattoo in the low part of my back years ago......but got too scared! and # 23.

BTW, can u send me ur email address, in ATL for a few days and need some urgent info!

justdoyin said...

nice one...4 sum1 who's romantic n likes romance novels, no. 21 seems a bit "strange"...also love using dots...prefer them to comas...I'd like to know the story behind this diamond/hawk thingy, I love Jesus too...He's my friend n my brother, n yes, my Lord too...

Rinsola said...

Lol @ #14, are you serious about the having lots of kids part? I love dots and cartoons also. I'm so with you on #26. How're you doing?

Lady A said...

Love #1,7,8,9,13(I only have one authentic Nigerian attire:o(
@19, lol!
24, yahhh, me too!
25, lol, lol YECK! I agree! Makes me sick!

naijagirl said...

hahaha interesting random things....I tried the hehehehe and it sure is funny

Omo Oba said...

i agree with u about#7. and on #2, I just recently realized that about myself. and yea, I LOVE LOVE the movie HAIRSPRAY!