April 9, 2009

Kids and Social life

I'm excited about this weekend! It's Easter and some of my cousins are coming in to town. I will be hosting them on one of the days and it should be interesting. I get to hang out with the kids... that's what I'm most looking forward to.

I went grocery shopping and driving home I remembered the day before when I had seen a friend. I almost invited her over to my house this weekend as well but something stopped me. I'm sure the invitation would have been graciously declined, however I am not the kind of person to put something out there if I dont really want/mean it. My friend has 5 kids... or maybe it's now 6 and I just thought about not wanting to cater to all of that crowd. I almost laughed at myself because I'd like to have a big family but it just made me wonder if the number of kids you have could impede your social life. Would having a social life even register on your radar when you have so many kids? My friend says, "One child is cute, two children is plenty". Once you start having more than one child, it's like you enter into a different zone... you go from being a girl/lady with a child to a woman with kids

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By now we've all heard about the octo-mom. First off, I cant imagine having 8 children inside your stomach... amazing! But one really has to wonder. A couple of months ago I almost did a re:blog on how many children is too many. I stumbled upon a blog that stated having more than 2 children is environmentally unfriendly. Read HERE. Speaking with my friend, who only has one child, she says you lose something when you have a child... that closeness that you had with your spouse/significant other. Could this be because one party isnt really helping that much? I'm sure that having a child changes the dynamics of a relationship but that's something that can be worked through for the betterment of all parties involved right?

There are so many other things that have been going through my mind about children lately... but I'll share them on another day..

If you're reading this and have children and noticed a change in your social life, do share!


Just a little puzzle before I go... I love Rebus puzzles. A rebus is a picture that represents a name or phrase.

For example:
This translates to: Tickled Pink. Easy right?

See if you can solve these two: post your answers in the comment section.
Answers will be revealed in my next post!

Happy Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.
Any special plans for Easter?


Good Naija Girl said...

Happy Easter!!

Hmm, for these puzzles, all I can think of is two left feet for the second one.

Have a great time with your family!

Mimi said...

:) Happy Easter!

5/6 kids????

that's blessed oh! God give her grace.

Hello Diamond!

(yea 2 left feet, other one, 2 are 1, lol dont ask how i got to that conclusion...it's not very logical)

My World said...

9ice blog you got here....
Happy Easter.

downtheaisle said...

happy Easter, but did u say 5kids??? dats an handful ooo!!! I'm sure she has to deal with the kids first before social life is considered.

justdoyin said...

5 kids? waoh! bless her!
4d puzzles; 2 in 1? 3 feet? (2 left)
nice...berry nice...weldone!
is it my eyes? where is ur subscribe link/button?

Kafo said...

i couldn't solve the puzzles

but 1 kid is so different from 2 and 4
i am one of those aunts who is mistaken for the mom and yeah i totally get the whole transition from 1 kid to a car full of them

temmy tayo said...

5 kids!

May God bless them oh...Even with one i am already complaining.

Anonymous said...

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