January 13, 2009

O eba! O eba! When shall I see dodo...

...Ireti give us food o
When shall I see ila and egusi
I will never forget pomo!!!!

I just started singing this song today as I thought about what to blog about. I'm back from Nigeria. I thank God for travelling mercies. The last leg of my flight seemed extraaaaaaa long. Maybe because it was the last... vs the 1st leg when I was going to Lagos.

I enjoyed my trip even though I didnt do so so much. I miss home. I miss my mom. It's just different. In Nigeria, whether you want to or not, you're always surrounded by people and I think that's what I miss. There was always someone at the gate and when I asked "Who is it?", the response was always "It's me". LOL. Me who?

I didnt get to eat everything I wanted but I ate out alot! I didnt get to try asun (goat meat suya?) but I did get to eat suya my first night. I didnt get to eat Isi-ewu... maybe next time. I didnt eat so much of my mom's cooking... which I wish I did... gosh... why am I talking about food..

The economic crunch going on in the states doesnt seem to have affected Nigeria at all... except you own stocks and stuff and are heavily into trading you may not even notice. It is hot and humid. It is overpopulated. But it is home and I miss it and I think I'd like to move back... with the right incentives ofcourse... because I dont know that I can stand the heat for too long.

anyways... I just wanted to seize this opportunity to wish all of you a Blessed 2009. May all your hearts desires... even those you cant quite articulate... may they all come to pass according to God's Will.



Good Naija Girl said...

Welcome back from Nigeria!

I've never heard this song before...I think you will have to record yourself singing it for me (or maybe for all of blogville!).

Mmm...your talk of food has my mouth watering. I had asun...yummy. I love meat sha...

disgodkidd said...

happy new year. wish we could have met.

chichi said...

funny blog title. ur post has made me more homesick, i want school term over asap!!!lol

happy new year.

simeone said...

have a wonderful 2009 too..
its me....me who..? really funny..
you always hav people around..plenty uninvited..
hav fun..

kuesooM said...

Welcome back....well, I miss ATL, so what to do! But I guess in everything give thanks!

You must have more stories from 9ja!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Have a beautiful year..

OluwaDee said...

Happy new year dear!
Wishing you all this best this new year.

In my head and around me said...

Happy New Year...Oh eba, Oh garri, when shall I see kpomo? so la fa ti re so!

Isi said...

happy new year dear!
glad u enjoyed ur hols!

Fanny said...

Sure we didn't attend the same boarding school? lol. Happy new year dear

The Answers said...

Happy New Year!

Love your blog, make sure you check out our new one!


Kafo said...

i remember that song we used to sing it on the school bus

i'm glad your trip went well

Pearl Creations said...

love you to support us too!