January 21, 2009

2009 Prophecies

Sometimes I sit and wonder what I really did in Nigeria for a month... sometimes I feel like I did nothing but it's amazing how full one day can become with so much activity.

I had the opportunity to visit the Redeemed camp while in Nigeria. That place is quite impressive. It's just amazing what God is doing through Pastor Adeboye. I read in the papers that he was listed in Newsweek as one of the 50 most influential people in the world... one who hasnt being plagued by any scandal. To God be the Glory... I pray that God will continue to strengthen him and keep him safe so that he can continue to do that which he has been ordained to do.

I thought I'd share with you, the prophecies that he shared with us at the camp...

  1. This will be the year of Joy to the wise
  2. As stars @ midnight, the economic gloom coming upon the world will produce some very bright spots. Inspite of the economic crunch some children of God will have fantastic financial breakthroughs
  3. Every year has its ups & downs. 2009 will be no exception. However for the children of God, the Ups will outweigh the downs in magnitude and frequency
  4. Concentrated prayers are needed to reduce the frequency and intensity of natural disasters
  5. Pray against assassination attempts against world leaders

  1. Intensify prayers for the President
  2. Nigeria will be given a new opportunity for peace & tranquility. Pray it wont be wasted
  3. Those who have made money their god, will discover it has strong wings
  4. Problems will drive many back to God with the end result of Heavenly Joy
  5. Pray against suicide among the high & mighty

Thank God for yesterday. I didnt think I would get emotional but I did. I hope for the best for myself... I hope for the best of this great nation... and for my country Nigeria

In your church, what was this year declared as... any shared prophecies?.... do share!

Have a great rest of your week!


Believer said...

Thanks for this post, in KICC 2009 has been declared as our year of POSSIBILITIES

My own personal prophecy for this year is that it is one of ACHIEVEMENT and FULFILLING DESTINY.

How u doing..

Kafo said...

amen ooooooo

disgodkidd said...

pastor chris prophesied 2009 as the year of the 7-fold increase. which means increase in grace, ability, knowledge, wisdom, fortune, speed and accuracy.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

In my Church, Pastor Ogunleye declared that this is the year of Divine Revelations

My own personal prophesy is that this is the year of longings fulfilled.

Mimi said...

:) Ditto on all the personal references,

year of longings fulfilled, fulfilment (or at least start of destiny being fulfilled)

From church though; Year of His Presence and Rest in His Covenant