February 29, 2008

I am an Obamacan!!!


and just incase you are one of the few that missed the first video.. YES WE CAN...
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... do yourself a favor.... check it out....

February 13, 2008

Music Im Feeling: Anthony David - Words (featuring India Arie)

I heard he was India's best friend... all I know is I heard the beginning bars of this song and I fell in love. I tried to remember the song just from listening to it on the radio so I could search for it at home but I couldnt... then the other day I heard it again while I was driving home from a very very long day on the road... I grabbed a postit note and hurriedly looked for a pen in my bag to write some of the words down. It wasnt easy finding the song... but I thank God I did... as in when I heard the song I was like... this song I must use for my wedding for sure. I dont know why Ive never heard of him before. Apparently this song came out back in 2006... thanks to a fellow blogger that blogged about it... that is what saved the madness I was running into because of my search... I dont know if you guys will feel this the way I do but Im absolutely feeling this TEN HUNDRED percent sef.... I say this over and over again... simple words can have great impact and produce a likewise effect... I. Love. This. ( I think Belle might too... I dont know why.. but she kinda popped into my head as someone that might)

Enjoy and abeg appreciate the work it took to showcase it to you guys! :-)
infact let me set it up for you

Imagine a dark night... maybe you're in your car... driving... nothing but passing headlights and your thoughts to keep you company... maybe the low hum of the radio... and then you hear the beginning bars of this song (maybe played at a slightly slower tempo)... played low enough to create an intimate mood, high enough to bring back memories of pure love.... you know.. the innocence of it... the first crush... the moment before the first apprehensive kiss... how you would smile when you thought of that one person....

abeg come in here with me....

TELL ME... am I feeling this song too much? lol

I believe that
Heaven must be like this
Ray of sunshine
Kissed upon your skin
Just say you love me
Make my day go good
Pot of gold at the
End of the rainbow

Can't tell you nothin you aint already heard
No matter what I say it's nothin but words
Just let me prove to you what I know is real
Let me express to you the way that I feel

I believe that
Love is synonymous
With heaven
Such a sensual bliss
The way you touch me
Makes this life so good
A reward at the
End of the long road



Fairy tales can be
Real if you just believe
Got my mind made
I don't plan to leave
Cuz you were meant for me
Simple that may be
Why be complex
Loving you is so easy



February 6, 2008

My sister and her husband

I hosted Christmas this past year. My sister and her family flew in and to be honest I was a bit apprehensive about it. My sister and I werent the best of friends. She's the oldest and Im the youngest and there are quite a few years between us. We used to physically fight when we lived together... and it just wasnt a good situation with both of us living together at any time... Infact when I would talk about my sister to our other siblings... I would refer to her as "your" sister... like "how's your sister doing"...

I had time to reflect this past christmas. There were things that I may have said and done in the past that would have hurt... and really, both of us were just acting out on past hurts and disappointments. Things I said, I regret and Im so glad some of what I said didnt come true. She's married now and with a couple of kids and a wonderful husband.

On christmas day we all sat together... me, my sister and her family and my dad... we read the bible... we did some praise and worship songs and then my sister's husband decided to read a letter that my sister had written him the night before. It was just an emotional time for me. I couldnt stop crying as he read the letter. I was so happy about the love displayed between them... It was so beautiful. I was so happy that my sister had found someone to truly make her happy... a wonderful husband and a great father... and just a wonderful friend/brother-in-law. Watching them made me realize that above all else, it is important to find a man who truly loves God. A friend of mine had told me that before.... I think it was Ola or BK...

He's such a wonderful man really. As could be expected there was a lot of cooking going on in my house. My father has got to be the best chef there is out there... and to my surprise my brother-in-law cleaned up the kitchen one day... I actually thought it was my sister but nope... it was him... and then on christmas night... when everyone else had retired... I decided to put all the dishes together and clean up... trying to decide if I wanted to clean up tonight and do it in the morning and he came to me and said you cooked all day... you go rest and I'll do it... I was WOWed and while he was doing that, we started to talk... and he told me about his life... his life with my sister and how he got to the point of proposing to her and what not... He told me about how he'd promised God that if he gave him a good wife that he would keep her holy (Ephesians 5:26 niv) and his commitment to that has been unwavering. I noticed they read the bible everyday and I had asked both him and my sister if it's something they do together all the time... She said yes. Each year they decide how they're going to read the bible and talk about it. He told me that it didnt matter what my sister did, but he would keep the commitment he made to God concerning her. He would keep her holy. Something happened within their marriage earlier on and when they both relay the events I just shake my head at what happened... but Im also thanking God... for it is only a man of God that would have stood firm and not flipped out... He truly is a treasure from God

Christmas has since passed but the lessons I came away with will remain. I realized that I still act like a brat sometimes. I learned that I wanted a love like my sister's. I mean after several years of marriage, they still hold hands in the car.. when they're walking... you can actually see them as "one". I realized that I loved my sister regardless of anything and we dont have to talk everyday or email each other to prove that the love is there... It just is. I realized that if you wait on what God has for you.. life will be golden... no one should be restricted/hindered by age (ex: I have to get married by 25) and like I mentioned above... I realized above all else that if you find a man who Loves God with all his heart and is committed to Him and His ways... you'll be just fine!

I will be just fine! :-)

Hope your week is going well so far... voted yesterday... and my candidate won! :-) and a friend of mine is in from Bean town... so it's all good! and I apologize if you commented on the previous post (below) and it got deleted... the whole post got deleted :-( and then I reposted it... so sowwwwyyyy :-)