January 31, 2008

Music Im Feeling: Ragga Remi - True Born Naija

Im having such a day today... Im exhausted... being angry is not easy... It takes up so much energy... And then my friend sent me a wonderful text... so random that I couldnt help but smile and then this song... while not necessarily one to lift up my day, is kinda nice... I like it... seems it been around awhile.. today was the first time I heard it though...

January 24, 2008


gosh... January is almost over and I havent even begun to scratch the surface of my wifely training o. This wasnt part of my new year's resolution but somewhere along the line Ive realized that if I intend to get married, I need to get into the right frame of mind for it...

For those not aware, Ive updated my relationship blog with a four part audio series about God being the ultimate matchmaker and in it the pastor talks about people who are wanting to get married and how they're not prepared...

How can you say you want to get married when you cant even keep your house clean... cook... be organized... things like that... and to be honest... Im good at organizing stuff... but I tend to get a little messy from time to time... I have books and paper everywhere... it's ridiculous. I just need to downsize on some of the things I have...

I want to get into the habit of making my bed every freaking morning no matter how late I get up... and cooking every week... trust me... this is NOT easy!.. Just last week I made some vegetable stew... I was actually quite proud of myself... because it's not something that I would normally do. I typically dont cook anything involving pepper (tomatoes/peppers/onions all blended)... cuz I just think it's a hassle... so I end up doing lots of stir fry vegetables and what not... Now... as I plan on marrying a Nigerian.. I dont know that this is going to fly too well... Im pretty good in the kitchen... it's just staying in there on a consistent basis that I have to work on... also want to try out some authentic nigerian recipes... you know... using all those exotic ingredients... but I dont think I can do the head of a fish... or whatever a roundabout is... it just doesnt seem too kosher

Anyways Im really learning alot about myself these days... I think it's definitely getting me where I want to be... You know what... it's not all about being a wife in training... it's really all about being the best Diamond I can be... and being malleable as far as life lessons... and I think once Im in that mindset... it's all gravy from there.... one day at a time...

first things first: need to regulate my sleeping pattern... and really need to get into this making bed thing

January 12, 2008

Music Im Feeling: Aretha Franklin - Baby I love you

up again so early in the morning... heard a song on TV by Aretha Franklin... the one that talk about "I never loved a man the way I love you"... then I listened to the rest of the lyrics... and I realized I wasnt totally feeling the whole song as per the words... but then I came across this song... Baby I Love you... and I remember hearing it on American Idol by Jennifer Hudson who did a fabulous job of it in my opinion... and during the audition process I believe a guy used it... my favorite line is "aint no doubt about it baby I love you" and I remember someone belting that out so powerfully... with so much soul... cant remember who... oh well


If you want my loving, if you really do
Don't be afraid, baby, just ask me
You know I'm gonna give it to you
Oh an' I do declare (I do), I wanna see you with it
Stretch out your arms, little boy, you're gonna get it
'Cos I love you, (baby baby baby I love you)
Ain't no doubt about it, baby I love you
(Baby baby baby I love you)
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, baby I love you

If you feel you wanna kiss me, go right ahead, I don't mind
All you got to do is snap your fingers
And I'll come a runnin', I ain't lyin' (I ain't lyin')
An' oh, what you want, little boy, you know you got it
I'd deny my own self before I see you without it
'Cos I love you, (baby baby baby I love you)
Ain't no doubt about it, baby I love you
(Baby baby baby I love you)
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, baby I love you

Some day you might want to run away
And leave me sittin' here a cryin'
But if it's all the same to you, baby
I'm gonna stop you from saying goodbye (goodbye)
Baby, I love you, baby I need you, baby I want you
Don't let your neighbors tell you I don't want you
Don't let your low down friends tell you I don't need you ....

January 8, 2008

Tuesday morning...

You can listen to my audio post or read below!

It's another tuesday... one week into the new year...
I started off the year... or rather ended last year feeling a bit sick... and I knew the exact moment it came on. My dad said it might be because I was working really hard over the holidays trying to get the house ready and make sure everything went well. I feel much better now. I was going to blog about something different but so many things are going on all around and Carrie Underwood's song came to mind... Jesus take the wheel.

I hope it ministers to you as it has to me... it's really about letting go and letting God... seriously... you just keep going and going until you realize there's nothing humanly possible you can do... and you pretty much have no choice at that point... and even when it seems that God is not listening... Im going to keep talking... praying my way through all the breakthroughs that will come about in Jesus' Name...

To my friend A... Jehovah Rapha
To B... God is a way maker and will make a way even where there seems to be no way...

to my blogfam! Hope your week has started off great...

Im going to see if I can get some sleep now... :-)

Have a happy tuesday and enjoy the song!

January 4, 2008

Music Im Feeling: Shawty Lo - Dey Know (remix)

maybe it's a southern thing... totally feeling this

January 1, 2008

A new beginning, a Glorious year

click play to listen to my audio post or you can read below!

The year of new beginnings is finally here! It's 2008!!

Im so excited about this year because I know a lot of great things will happen this year. I know it... I just feel it it... It's going to be big! It is a year of milestones within my family... even with Ebony who turns the big four-oh!

So, what are you plans for the new year? I have a personal list of 5 things that I want to accomplish that Ive submitted to God. I didnt want to make a long list, neither did I want to make a fantasy list. I thought long and hard about what I would write... I'm going to make it unto a business card to keep in my wallet so that I can constantly have it with me and review it as a reminder. Some people think that resolutions are lame... or it's a list that towards the end of January soon gets forgotten... and for a while I didnt make any resolutions... I just set about to do what I wanted to do... but when you put things down on paper, you're more likely to achieve it/work on it... so I implore you to do the same if you havent... dont make a long list... keep it short and simple...

I just want this to be the best year of my life thus far. And I know it's going to be. Im not sure when/where/how the shift occurred but it did. Im more aware of myself... aware of my worth and Im not willing to accept mediocrity... not willing to accept anything than what's best for me

Went to the first service yesterday. Kirk Franklin was the special guest artist... that guy is truly on fire.. he was jumping all around the stage... and going up and down the stairs... and he wasnt even out of breath... I think that will be by goal for the next 3 years... lol...

Below I have a playlist from Kirk Franklin that I hope you enjoy...

So here's to the 366 days that make up 2008!
Here's to realizing what we are worth and operating in that
Here's to us growing from glory to glory... to being Glory Carriers

Have a glorious 2008!

much love
Ms. D

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