December 19, 2008

Feeling hot hot HOT!!!

I dont recall Lagos being this hot. My theory is that the ever increasing population on top of the overpopulation is the cause of this. There are too many people occupying space... taking some of the wind that's meant for me away.... too many shops... EVERYBODY has a shop... everywhere you look... it's either you see a restaurant or a bank.

I've been here for a week and I now take at least two baths a day... cold! After the initial shock of the cold water, it's all good. I dont even bother putting on lotion. It'd be hard to be ashy when all you're doing is sweating. I dont know if this is something that one can get used to

I havent taken much pictures. Frankly I've gotten over the urge to take so many pictures especially if I'm not going to print them or it's something that I'm going to look at months from now and not care about. There's one picture I wanted to take but my boyfriend's windshield wasnt allowing for a clear picture. I do need to take more pictures with people.. but seriously my hair is a mess... as in... I can curl it up in the morning and it falls flat every time cuz I'm sweating so much... Thank God I thought enough to get a perm before I got here...

Ope o... as I'm typing this... Power has been restored. I'd love to have the generator on all day long but it's just not a practical thing. We'd be spending $100 a day on petrol and diesel, which is ridiculous. There's a schedule here... Power is restored for about an hour from 12noon... Then it's out for about 4-6 hours.. .then restored again until midnight. I try to hold out... I really do... but yesterday morning... I woke up... and after working out I put on the generator straight! I just couldnt take the heat. I mean even without working out I was sweating already. When exactly does winter (Hamattan) occur in Nigeria... I thought this was the season for it

Anyways I'm grateful to God for everything and everyone. People really are wonderful. I am thinking of relocating but when I think of all the inconveniences... really Im not motivated. I told my uncle my salary requirement and he just laughed and told me if I found/he gave me a postion earning N2mil less than what I was looking for I better accept it. He told me to give him my CV in the new year... the only thing is I havent served and I DONT WANT TO. Is there a way to bypass it?

anyways enough of that
I had suya my first night... I've finally tried this ofada rice everyone raves about... my thought on it... kini big deal?... Maybe it's because I'm not a rice-y person... as in I can go months without touching rice... but I love meat.. chicken... I went to Nandos... tried out Chicken Republic... paid the obligatory visit to Mr Biggs, Big Treat... infact all I've done is eat eat eat... to my mom's annoyance... Junk Food... that's what she calls all of it... I'm like... why is rice and chicken junk food? LOL Although, it would be nice for people to have more baked chicken... than fried

How has your week been? How are you preparing for Christmas?
If you want to get me a gift... I just want a Walmart giftcard... with money loaded on it o... not the card by itself... I'm always shopping there...

[if anyone in Lagos reading this knows of a place I can print out a small publication... within the next week, at a reasonable price.... approx 100-200 copies, please email me the details]

Have a blessed weekend everyone


Jaycee said...

Look at you...trying ofada rice, chicken republic, and all those thingies. I haven't had ofada rice before...shd I say I'm not missing anything?


simeone said...

this is our nigeria...have fun with it biggs food is so rubish these days...and chicken rep..
hav a fun weekend too

Good Naija Girl said...

This post gave me a real flavour of life in Nigeria again! It sounds like you're having fun despite the little annoyances that make Nigeria Nigeria.

lol at you giving your uncle your salary requirements and his reply!

kuesooM said...

Sounds like u r having fun. Have a blessed Christmas and try to keep cool. I'll hold ATL down for ya!

Vera Ezimora said...


I no dey envy you for the heat @ all sha. But babe, it's flipping freezing here! Although I'd rather be cold than hot sha. lol.