September 7, 2008

He said... She said... 2b

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Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.
Kahlil Gibran

He said...

Saturday, 3 A.M.

My eyes flew open.
Was it real this time?
I looked quickly to my side. No, Nike was not the one lying beside me.
I sighed and rubbed my eyes.
Omo, this was really getting sad. I had to either stop these dreams or do something about their main subject.

I placed my hands behind my head and stared blankly at the patterns on my bedroom ceiling. I was awake once again and couldn’t go back to sleep.
How had my life turned out like this?
Karma, answered that little voice in my head.
I hated that voice and it had really grown more annoying over the past year.
Karma must truly be a bitch. I muttered under my breath as I turned to look at the woman next to me.

A year ago, I was happy and planning to propose to the love of my life. Now, I’m lying next to a woman I don't love and planning a wedding I've already cancelled once. I wish I could wake up from this nightmare and find myself exactly where I was before Busola barged in through my door and Nike walked out my life.

I sighed as I thought about Nike.
Young, sweet, caring and all I had hoped for in a wife. Yet, I had messed it up big time and it was now probably too late to do anything. How had it all gone so wrong? One minute I was planning a surprise for Nike and the next she stepped out of my life and never looked back.

I slipped out of bed to get something to drink and the lady beside me wakes up.
“Baby, where are you going now? You know I don’t like when you move around in the bed.”
“Sorry, Busola. Just go back to sleep.”
Dammit. Even in her sleep she was nagging me. I picked up my cell phone and walked out of the bedroom.

I got to the kitchen and sat at the counter with a drink in one hand and my phone in the other. This decision has been plaguing me for weeks now and I knew I had to make up my mind before it was too late to change anything. As I stared at the phone in my hand, my mind inevitably started to replay the events of that fateful day a year ago.

I had tried calling Nike’s cell phone several times that afternoon but it was turned off so I called her dorm room. Her roommate - Megan, had answered the phone and unable to hold the secret had informed me that Nike was on her way to pay me a surprise visit. I remembered smiling when I heard the information; Megan could not be trusted with a secret.
Armed with this information, I planned a counter-surprise of a romantic evening at my apartment. I left work early, cleaned up my messy apartment, lit some candles and started playing our favorite CD. I was going to take a shower and wait for my angel. I couldn’t wait to see the surprised look on her face when she got to my apartment. Then, just an hour or so before Nike was supposed to arrive at my place I heard a knock on my door and everything went downhill.

I placed my head in my hand as I thought of that moment. If I could turn back time, I would never have answered the door.

When I opened the door, Busola was on the other side crying and looking distraught. She pushed past me into the apartment and threw herself on my couch. She cried uncontrollably for some time and after consoling her she revealed she was upset because she just found out her fiancé was cheating on her. Their wedding was just five months away and she had just seen him with another lady at his apartment.

I smiled wryly at that thought. We had done the exact same thing to Nike.

It wasn’t unusual that Busola had come to me for comfort. We were very good friends and had helped each other through difficult situations in the past. Truth be told, we had indulged in a steamy summer affair in our college days before Nike started at the school. At the end of that summer, we had both agreed it wasn’t working out and had stopped the sexual relationship but still remained good friends. For some reason, neither of us mentioned our previous relationship to Nike and things had worked out fine until we gave in to our old lusts.

My thoughts turned back to that evening with Busola. I still didn’t know how it happened but one moment she was cursing her fiancé and the next she was tugging at my clothes begging me to take her. Of course I had resisted but she kept pleading with me to help her get even with her fiancé. When I continued to refuse, she got angry and reminded me of how she had been there for me during a previous break up while we were in college. She went back and forth between pleading and getting angry until I had finally started to weaken. Immediately Busola saw my resolve had weakened, she was all over me. I struggled to get us to the bedroom and barely just made it there before we collapsed to the floor.

I sighed to myself again. How the hell had I agreed with the rationale of a hurt woman?
Lust. That little voice said again.
I knew the little voice was right because old memories of Busola and I had played in my mind the whole time she had been begging me. I had let the idea of temporary relief from frustration override my loyalty to Nike.
I clearly made the wrong choice and am now paying for it dearly. From the look of things, I might be paying for the rest of my life.

I rubbed my eyes and took a sip from my cup.
I would never forget the hurt in Nike’s voice and the look in her eyes as she stood over our bodies. I still hated myself for what I had done to her but there was nothing I could do to change the past. I had tried reaching her for several months after the incident but had stopped when Busola came back with news that she was pregnant.

Pregnant, ke? After just one lousy time? It didn’t even count for one whole time sef. The big man upstairs was not giving me any rope to maneuver at all.

I had been confused after hearing the news and had decided I couldn’t continue to pursue Nike until I had sorted out the issue with Busola. We discussed several options but at the end could not go through with them. So, we decided to get married.
Three months later, after the invitations had been sent and wedding preparations fully underway, she confessed that she wasn’t really pregnant.

What? Not pregnant? How could she have done that to me? To Nike?

I immediately cancelled the wedding and prepared to tell our parents. But, no, Busola was not going to let that happen. She pleaded with me, cried and threatened to do harm to herself and once again, I foolishly gave in to her.

Now, the wedding was coming up in less than two months and I knew in my heart that she was the wrong woman for me. I could probably never have Nike again, but that did not mean I had to settle for Busola.

I rubbed my eyes for what seemed like the hundredth time and glanced at the phone on the table. It was looking back at me, daring me to make the call.

I get up from the kitchen counter, pick up the phone and pace around the kitchen. What should I do? Should I call Nike? What if she rejects me once again?

3:30 A.M.

After staring endlessly at the phone in my hand, I decided it was now or never. I had nothing to lose and all to gain. Rejection or not, I was going to give this one final try and maybe she would at least stop hating me.

I dial Nike’s number and subconsciously hold my breath.

Please God, let her pick up her phone.


Anonymous said...

Firsssssssttttt! :o)


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

who is this anonymous..... I should be first. Im off to read now..

DiAmOnD hawk said...

well let me leave my own comment...

first off... if he truly truly wants Nike back why is he still sleeping with Busola... me thinks Mr. Kola wants to have his cake and eat it too. Who's to say if Nike takes him back he wont start sleeping with Busola on the side since apparently Busola is good at swaying his decisions...

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

They say they were lying in the same bed, nothing to say they are actually sleeping together..hehe.. the romantic in me, wants to believe that it HAS to work between kola and Nike. ........

@Miss D comment, somehow I doubt he would want to go back to busola.. there is a thin line between love and hate, and me thinks he hates her.. at this rate if they marry he may end up doing her harm..

Rita said...

I pity Busola because if Nike is cooperative small, he will leave her... which kind of pregnancy lie did she lie...

friend of a friend said...

hmmmm love is complicated!!

Temite said...

Chai, what is wrong with this Busola gurl sef. I hope Nike doesnt take that Idiot back, what an ass. I hope Nike moves on, there will be others, who will love her better.

Favoured Girl said...

Gosh this is complicated, but that Kola guy is weak sha! How could he give in to Busola's temptations when he knew his fiancee was on her way to visit him? It serves him right I suppose. Losing something worthwhile over a few minutes of rash lust.

Now I want a happy ending for Nike, but I don't believe Nike should take him back. Can't wait to read the rest!

DiAmOnD hawk said...

I totally see where you're coming from with that Favored Girl... I mean... this is the kind of guy that will cheat during marriage because he's so weak... I think if Nike takes him back he needs deliverance

Vera Ezimora said...

When is the next installment coming??????????????? I wanna read. I wanna read!

Kola was, probably still is weak. He shouldn't have let the thing with Busola get this far. If she threatens to hurt herself, then by all means, she should go ahead. She wouldn't be the first or the last. Her case surely won't make history....unless she kills herself, wakes up, and kills herself again. lol.

Kafo said...

this is sooo sad, now that i know the full story but still there are deep wounds and the distrust that Nike must feel would be hard to overcome for the sake of Love.


i dunno

some people can forgive
others might not be able to

simeoneomobaba said...

sad and intresting....
that kola ia a weak weak guy..dont think they can totally get rid of the past if nike takes him back..
but nike does not seem to wanna get a life outside kola...thats the telling factor

Mz. Dee said...

omg.. u shud write a book already!!!!

I love stories lyk these... nike shud plz 4give him..

In my head and around me said...

I left a long comment before. I see it did not post. Let me try and remember what I said.

Some things you can forgive, others you can't. I think that continued weakness is one of those things that one should not forgive. I do not expect that one should remain strong all the time but Kola no try. He still stayed with Busola? And he called for 3 months? What happened to hopping on a plane to win back the heart of the one you love.

This man does not know his own mind. I hope she does not go back to him. This does not mean that he does not genuinely love her. Just not commited enough to that love.


see wahala? Okay, I need to catch up on the installments I missed and read the next one...

OluwaDee said...

Okay so I don't get the whole thing as I have being away.

9cly written.

Fanwest said...

Diamond hawk, this write up is a master piece. Kudos. About the content ...its complicated. They need repentance and forgiveness but don't go into a lifetime of dissatisfaction.