September 28, 2008

Cant make it to church today?

click HERE to watch my church LIVE
(if you live outside Metro Atlanta)
7:00am EST and 10:30am EST
(london/nigeria time: 12pm and 3:30pm)

NewBirth Missionary Baptist Church
Lithonia, GA



Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

im in the astl also, hope u dont mind the drive by, chk me out one day if u can


Abujamaiden said...

New Birth??? Deshawn Snow of Real housewives of Atlanta goes there right? I live 2.5hrs from Atlanta so I just stick with my local chapel for lack of a car. Enjoying the music now!

DiAmOnD hawk said...

lol... i guess because of your blog name/title I thought you were in Abuja...

I'm looking foward to seeing the Atlanta version of The RealHousewives although technically the people featured dont actually live in atlanta... I've heard it's not really that good but I guess we'll wait and see....

Abujamaiden said...

Live in Abuja. Just attend to school here!