November 30, 2007

30 Days of Thankfulness 2 - Day 30

Wow! What a month!!

I thought of tagging people for this month... months ago... I was waiting eagerly for November to come to do this again and then when it came I felt like maybe I shouldnt do it... because I didnt necessarily get the response I was expecting... but I thought to myself... no one else should affect my plans in such a way as to discard them...

I really appreciate everyone that took the time out to participate in this tag... the tag officially ends today but of course being Thankful continues beyond the scope of this blog/tag. I tried to read everyone's post... not sure if I missed any...

remain blessed
Ms D


I started day 1 with a poem by an unknown author and today Im ending it with one from Oracle (from day 24) which was simply wonderful...


I really don’t know how to start thanking you
Because you know everything I’m going through
Your power makes the earth tremble
Day and night, I’m in your temple
The birds sing sweet melody of praise
The blood in my veins is evidence of your Grace
I was designed to praise your name
My Life has never been the same

You’ve given me so much to be thankful for
Through my path of destiny, you are the door
Even when i think I want more
I’ve got more than i bargained for
I have only you to thank

A thousand tongues, not enough to thank you
Your works and wonders can never be repaid
You delivered me from the lethal claws of death
I cannot but dedicate my being to you.

I’ve search for the sweetest words
The finest poetry
To express my appreciation to you,
But none can truly express my innermost feelings
My true desire to love you like you’ve loved me
I just have to tell you somehow,
that i recognise your supremacy
I’m subject to your Sovereignty.

You are more than who we think you are
You are bigger than I ever imagined
Ever Loving, ever faithful father and friend
Your works are too wonderful to be ignored

Time would never be enough to describe you
Words can never really tell of your Greatness
But the little we can express and show our Love

and appreciation to you, we would
You are higher than the highest mountain,
Deeper than the deepest ocean
I do not only thank you, but I praise you.

Your mighty acts cannot go unappreciated.
You are the creator of the universe
The maker of my soul
You are GOD.

You are most richly appreciated
“Dalu Chim” (Thank you God)
All I wanna say is thank you Lord.


I just want to say a Big Thank You to everyone that participated and grew this chain...

Certainly it doesnt end today... I challenge everyone to find something to be thankful for everyday. Distractions will come... Fear is always lurking... but in Everything give Thanks... stand firm in the word of God that says the plans he has for you are great... plans to prosper you... tears will come... but so will the laughter... disappointment/failures are lessons of life that prepare us for the success that is sure to follow...

A lot has happened... especially with me the past couple of days... I'll probably share later.. but I just want to continue to Thank God for my future... it is secure in Him... I know... I confess it in Jesus' name.... Amen and I thank You God

Have a great weekend people


November 24, 2007

30 Days of Thankfulness 2 - Day 24 ( by my sister)

My sister Shay, doesnt have a blog... but I asked her to write a Thankful post so that I could put it up here... I think that it's wonderful that in the midst of not so good news... you can still thank God... so Please join her in thanking God today...


This is my own thankful post. I almost thot I wouldnt be able to write about thanksgiving... especially today. Howev
er, I choose to be thankful. There's a lot I am thankful for. First will be for my family. I could not pick a better family to be a part of; their support & continual love have carried me thru out life. In good times and difficult times, I know that talking to a member of my family will mean me getting prayer, advise, encouragement and an opportunity to laugh (we laugh a lot in my family )

I thank God for my lovely sister, Diamond. I always wanted a younger sister, and God couldn't have blessed me with a better sister. She's also my friend and a great one at that! She's the most generous person I know and she has given me so much throughout the years. I am thankful that I can talk to her about whatever and she gives a listening ear. She challenges me and encourages me. She's lovely, beautiful in every way and I'm very blessed because I can call her MY SISTER....all mine!!!!

I am thankful for my mum. There's too much to say about this incredible woman but all I can say is I would be doing extremely well if I become a mother like her. She has never ceased to give an encouraging word. I KNOW she prays for me. She's my friend and another laughing partner (I told you we laugh in this family... heheheee).

Now, for the man that God has blessed me with; he's my friend, boyfriend, fiancé, husband-to-be (very soon), confidante, my dance partner..... I thank God for how He orchestrated our meeting; how He is guiding and strengthening our relationship every single day. I thank God for all the moments we have shared and that we can always look back to and smile or laugh. I thank God for our future together and the great and wonderful plans God has set in place.

I thank God for who He is- my Provider, my Father, my all. The One without whom there's no point existing. You have ALWAYS made a way for me.... ALWAYS! You've never left me on my lonesome; You've comforted me with your presence. Thank you for your Holy Spirit that leads and guides; your Spirit that comforts me when I am down. Thank you for your word that lifts me and assures me that ALL IS WELL! You're simply AMAZING. No one compares to You and I love you. Thank you for your patience with me; your constant grace and mercy. I am nothing without You.

Thanks again, Diamond, for challenging me to be thankful today. I love you!



Who else is thankful...

Day 22: Omosewa, Rinsola, Darkelcee, Daddy's Girl,

Day 23: Ex-School Nerd, Sparkle, Solomonsydelle, FantasyQueen, Disgodkidd, Pastor Emmanuel, Afrobabe, OrientatedNaijaBabe,

Day 24: Oracle,

p.s. if I've missed anyone, please let me know...

November 22, 2007

30 Days of Thankfulness - Day 22

Thanksgiving Day is a jewel, to set in the hearts of honest men; but be careful that you do not take the day, and leave out the gratitude.

-E.P. Powell

Happy Thanksgiving
much Love
Ms. D


Psalm 150:6 > Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord

Who's Thankful so far...

Day 18: Ted (2nd guy... yyaaaaayyyy!!!)

Day 19: Street Preacher, LondonBuki, Uzo, Bold n Beautiful, Zena, 30+

Day 20: Kokoletta, Aijay, Mommy, Olawunmi(3rd guy!!!),

Day 21: Princesa, WriteFreak, CatWalq, Ejura, Olamild, Allied, Olawunmi (again),

Day 22(today): JayBabe,

will continue to update....

November 19, 2007

30 Days of Thankfulness 2 - Day 19 [by UZO]

Uzo was tagged by both me and 36inches some days ago, and yesterday by TLK for today and here goes her post!!!


I find it strange to be doing a thankful post especially because i am thankful for everything in my life.....

I am thankful for my very existence. I am not greater or better than the people that passed on early on in their lives, or my age mates that have passed on. I am thankful that God sees fit to have me wakeup each and everyday to live life - to make mistakes, to laugh, to cry, to love, to fight, to work, to make choices...just for being here - i am thankful

I am thankful for EVERYONE in my life. I dont like people very much because i am impatient and have little time for pettiness and nonsense. But the fact that i have to interact with people everyday has taught me to be more patient, more intuitive about people, to be able to read body language, to know those that my spirit rejects and those to pull close. Every moment spent in the company of another person is a chance for me to learn and build my character

I am thankful for my inquisitive nature. My constant questions and need to know nature have done more than inform me.It has meant that ignorance is not mine. It means that i have the ability to see things from broader perspectives than other. It means that i dont follow blindly. I thank God for this because in this day and age of falseness everywhere, i can make informed decisions and not follow blindly.

Of course I am thankful for my family. For they set the foundation for who i am....Being thankful for family is a given so i wont dwell on that.

I am thankful for that extra something about me. I dont know what to call it....I find myself playing a caretaker role to people. I find that virtual strangers find it easy to talk to me, to confide in me and to take the words i say seriously. I am thankful to God for deeming it fit that i should be there for people - even when it seems unwanted. I am thankful that God has shown me that this extra something will shape the works of my hands in the years to come. I am thankful for the words that God allows me to speak at the right time and to the right people....

I am thankful for all the "mistakes" i have made in my life. I choose not to call them mistakes but rather lessons. They have been hard and so tough but i know now that they happened for a reason. See, i believe that my God is not a cruel God, nor does he take delight in my pain. Therefore, He makes things happen for a reason. So how can i call them mistakes or missteps?

I am thankful for my future. I know that God has plans for me. Big plans. Sometimes, i get so excited that i want to get into my future quickly so i can bask in the wonderfulness that is in store for me and my family. But it is a journey....

>>>>I would like everyone to listen to this song: Martha Munizzi - Plan for you<<<
[will place song on here when we find it or if anyone has it... please share!!!]



The following people were thankful on...

on Day 10: Ms.Opeke
on Day 17: Red Puree, 36 inches of Brown legs,
on Day 18: me!, TLK (he's the first guy to do it!!!! :-) ),

follow the chain...


Have a blessed week ahead... start dieting and exercising... Thanksgiving day is almost upon us!!!!

November 18, 2007

30 Days of Thankfulness 2 - Day 18

I was tagged by Red Puree

Ha! Didnt think I'd be tagged lol.. it's all good

I am thankful to God that Im alive today... for security... for health....
because I know there are so many steps that I could have taken that would have led to my demise... so many adverse actions... Thank you God!!! For His Grace... for His healing power.. for his mercy... for his favor... HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!! Glory to God

I am thankful to God for my mother
who is always encouraging... always praying for me... I miss her so much and I just pray that God will allow me to continue on and be a blessing to her as she has been to me. The strength of a woman is epitomized in the form & character of my mom... she is a beautiful woman... an inspiration... one of integrity... one who has taught me how to stand in the face of adversity... how to get up after a fall... she's never given up on me...

I am thankful to God for my sister
my sister is getting married very very soon and Im quadruply excited. I love that Im able to be there for her through this journey. Love that I was a part of the beginning. Wish I could be where she was right now. What a person... so soft spoken and so firm in her beliefs. So many laughters through the years... we're always laughing... I love her being my sister... I love her sooooooo much... God couldnt have given me a better sister... seriously SHAY... you're my number one... xoxo

I am thankful for my BlogFamily
I went to london earlier this year and my trip wouldnt have gone as great if not for LondonBuki and NubianSoul. They adopted me and took the time to make my stay wonderful. It had to have been predestined... even londonbuki and I shared a connection that we didnt realize until later... it's a truly small world. My TERC family... Bijou, Jaycee, Life of a stranger... these girl are just wonderful.... Take four strangers and put them together on a phone call... I am blessed to call them friends. Ebony and her relationship perspective.... definitely gave me food for thought... I just wanted to reach out and hug you... to my friend BADA for being really helpful in different times and once again what a small world.... to everyone else... **mmuuuaaaahhhhhh** you are all wonderful!

I am thankful to God for my job
in the times where you hear of mass layoffs... all I hear and all im claiming is promotion promotion promotion!!! Thank you Jesus!!! A couple of months ago we had to change our schedules around at work and they got mines wrong... and I immediately brought it to the attention of my superiors but they compromised and told me to see how it went. I just felt like it happened for a reason.. and boy was I right... I wouldnt be where I am now... if not for that unplanned move.. and Im looking forward to greater things God has in store for me


I am thankful to God for my husband, my marriage, for my beautiful and healthy and respectful and loving children, for all my promotions... for the elevation, for my family... for my future... for good health, sound mind and prosperous living... for my 50th birthday... for my 75th birthday... for my grandchildren, for my bloodline.... for a wonderfully supportive network of family and friends... there are so many things to thank God for... things in the past... things in the present and certainly things that are yet to come.... Thank you Father... Thank you for the Blood... Thank you God... I can have a thousand tongues and yet it wouldnt be enough... you are worthy to praised... Glory and Honor be on to your name... Thank you God that no matter what... You are God... and that's really all there is to it... YOU. ARE. GOD


thank you Red Puree for tagging me....
for Day 19, I tag StreetPreacher and LondonBuki

November 17, 2007

30 Days of Thankfulness 2 - Day 17

Im at a loss of words...
Im thanking God for being able to wake up this morning... Im thanking God for his healing power in my life

[Deuteronomy 7: 14 - 15
14. I will be blessed above all the nations of the earth; I will not be barren, not even my cattle
15. And the Lord will take away all my sickness and will not let me suffer any of the diseases of Egypt; He will give them all to my enemies
I am healed in Jesus' Name. Amen]

Im just thankful that Im here today... I woke up early this morning and somehow found myself doing a search for "thankful" and I found a couple of blogs that are on similar themes...
here are the links
Rebecca Writes ::: Carla Rolfe ::: Season of Gratitude :::

if you find any "thankful" list dont hesitate to share...

As for this chain.. so far...

I tagged Life of a Stranger for Day 14, who tagged TemmyTayo and Believer for Day 15

TemmyTayo tagged Bimbylads and Believer tagged Ebony and Allied for Day 16

and the chain keeps growing......

Be sure to check out their posts

p.s. if you've been tagged, provide a link to the person who tagged you and provide a link to the two people that you're tagging for the next day and dont forget to title your post in a similar fashion... :-)

you know what... so often we focus on the negatives... we let fear rule us... or rather I sometimes do... fear immobilizes you.... but it is important to refocus our energy on the more positives... to take courage... act/move forward inspite of our fears

I planned a team potluck for today... our thanksgiving potluck and yours truly is making the cornbread.. Jiffy anyone??? :-).. I am thankful for that... that the food will nourish our bodies and no one will get sick... thankful that we are all able to gather together at a time like this... thankful that people are actually participating....


November 15, 2007

dance dance dance :-)

Everytime I hear this song I just want to jump up and dance all around. I was at a singles thing where three girls did an impressive interpretive dance... I just wanted to go up and join them....

I love the part that states "cant you see him working on the outside, i can see him moving on the inside"

God is doing a great thing in me!!!!!

In church last sunday, the guest preacher states the best praise you can give is what you havent planned... one that's not orchestrated...

so let loose...

im excited today... just because Im here and the devil is a liar and so is his mother in law!!!!!!!!

November 14, 2007

Achmed, the dead terrorist

November 13, 2007

30 Days of Thankfulness 2 - Day 13

Happy Tuesday....

I just woke up... and my sister calls me... she and her family and coming to spend christmas with me. Should be interesting. We're not very close but hopefully we'll be good this christmas. She has kids... so I asked her what's on their christmas list so that I can start saving/shopping... She puts her son on the phone... and this is just a few things I could understand from his list.

He wants: an elf that he can play with, santa's phone number, a fake bible????, a Thomas train with a 1 on the back... very big so that he can ride it, he wants a picture with his friends, he wants a picture with santa and his parents...

I was like okay? me and my big mouth... Where will I find an elf? lol.... I asked right? Being an aunt is quite expensive sometimes. The other day one little one called me... "Aunty Diamond, can you make a donation for blah blah blah"... Im like gosh... these schools really know how to work it... How will I say No... especially when they sound so cute and they look so cute and innocent... it's a trap i tell you.. so you have to buy the magazines, the cookies and whatever else they're selling so they can win whatever it is the think is soooooo important or they can attain whatever position/goal that has been set....

But all in all I have to say I am thankful for Family. I love the hugs and kisses that come with that. I love being a part of the kids' lives and just watching them grow and knowing that I have some kind of impact on them... hopefully it's positive... I love knowing that Im someone they know they can always come to... even when I do get strict with them when they're misbehaving... and for the adults... even when we dont see each other... I love the fact that they'll call me to make sure Im doing okay... I love the love they display.... and I have no doubt that they would be there for me in whatever situation... Everyone has their quirks... but it's all good... ..

What are you thankful for today... Im tagging Uzo and Life of a stranger for tomorrow!!!!

p.s. here are a couple of videos that made me laugh... check them out

This first one... Excited to be married is hilarious...

November 9, 2007

TGIF - quick update

what's poppin people?

These two things are my new phrases... I dont know how it started... Im always saying Hola! What's poppin...

Continuing with the Thankfulness chain....

the rules:
  1. Each tagged person should complete the purpose of the tag on the assigned day
  2. Title the post similar to this (i.e. 30 days of thankfulness 2: day ????) but with the right day (e.g. november 10 would be day 10)
  3. Tag at least two other people for the next day and let them know why they're being tagged
  4. Kindly provide a link to the person that tagged you previously and Let us know who you're tagging next so we can follow the chain
  5. repost the rules i guess...

yesterday, KAFO was thankful... check out her entry HERE

and for today she tagged Jaycee and KM, check out their entries HERE and HERE respectively

.... wonder who will be next on the chain

TERC was wonderful today.. if you missed it... plan to be there next week.. you will be truly blessed. But you can also check out the TERC blog to read up on some of our past sessions..

on monday... I've tapped on LondonBuki's shoulder to do a Thankful Post for Day 12.. so be sure to check out Mommy Monday then

ciao people... have a great weekend!

p.s. Ijoba Orun mp3

November 8, 2007

Many thanks to NaijaBloke for the translation

Ijoba Orun - Lara George The kingdom of God(Heaven)

Ijoba Orun lere (ni ere) oni gbagbo o 2x
Heaven is the utmost reward for all believers

Ma je kin kuna o baba
Don’t let me miss it or fall on the way

Mu mi de ile o
Help me get home/there repeat

Owo ti mo ni, ko le mu mi de ile o
My money cannot take me home/there

Moto ti mo ri ra, ko le wa mi de ile o
My cars cannot take me home/there

Ore ti mo ni, ko le sin mi de ile o
My friends cannot take me home

Gbogbo iwe ti mo ri ka, wan o le gbe mire ile o
My education cannot take me home/there

Ma je kin kuna baba
Don’t let me miss it or fall on the way
Mu mi de ile o
Help me get home/there

Kin ma ku si ajo bi efin
Don’t let me die in this world like smoke
Mu mi de ile o
Help me get home/there

Aiye loja, orun ni ile
This world is a market/journey, heaven is home
Mu mi de ile o
Help me get home/there repeat

Mu mi de ile o 8x
Help me get home/there

Ma ma je kin kuna
Don’t let me miss it or fall on the way

Mu mi de ile o... repeats
Help me get home/there

Ile ogo , Ile ayo, Ile ayo , Ile alafia 2x
Home of glory, home of joy and peace

Ijoba Orun lere (ni ere) oni gbagbo o 2x
Heaven is the utmost reward for all believers

Ma je kin kuna o
Don’t let me miss it or fall on the way

November 7, 2007

30 Days of Thankfulness 2 - Day 7

7... the number of completion..

Yesterday I went to work... just busy doing stuff... and then my team mates and I got called into the exec room for a meeting. I knew something bad had happened. The last time something like that happened, one of my team mates had passed away... and this was no different... one of our own had died the night before. Very shocking... Because he was young... had to be early twenties or so. He looked healthy... Very well dressed, nice spoken.. person.. I talked to him a couple of times.. nothing major... but it was just sad to hear it... The mood changed of course in the office. everyone silently reflecting on that... or other things... some people crying... some people went home...

It got me thinking... really what is it worth? The grudge you're holding with someone else... What is it worth... The smile that you didnt give to someone just because of something they may know nothing about... The malice you're keeping... what is it all worth... When someone dies we mourn their loss but really what did we do with them when they were alive. I was thinking about that yesterday.... we're one less... one less smile... one less conversation... one less phone call... one less person.... I pray for the soul of the departed... that it rest in peace... pray for our soul here... that it lives in peace....

Today I am ever so thankful for Life... It may sometimes not be what I want but I am still thankful for it. Each moment is precious. When I talk to my parents... I dont miss a chance to tell them I Love You... after most of our conversations anyways... What are you doing with your life right now...

Im sure there a few bloggers that are thankful...

let's see who... Ive tapped on Kafo and Olawunmi's shoulder for tomorrow...
so be sure to check out their blogs for Day 8... number of new beginnings... :-)

What are you thankful for today?

by the way the TERC blog has been updated... check it out

November 5, 2007

30 Days of Thankfulness 2 - Day 5

5... the number of Grace
what I am thankful for today? Im not quite sure. It's easy to say Im thankful for my life... Im very grateful for that no doubt but more and more this psalm is what Im focused on. It's the psalm of David... Ive posted it before... tearfully prayed it to God today... Im thanking God for His forgiveness. The things Ive done or said... or thought... that I shouldnt have.. and more and more I just pray that God doesnt take His HolySpirit away from me. see the psalm on a previous post HERE

Yesterday I was at this small church... for a singles fellowship thing... I got lost trying to get there. I had directions o... but I printed out what I thought would be the correct directions and MY directions got me lost... the original directions given to me would have taken me to the right place without wasting fuel... isnt that just like us though... We have a manual (the bible), we have directions but we go do our own thing and when that doesnt work, we return back to the original... and finally get to the destination we were meant to get to...

At the church yesterday, I was wondering how anyone would find this church... it's one of those old baptist churches... well my friend that invited me found it somehow... so I guess there's always a connection somehow... but I just remembered an incident that happened a couple of years ago.

A friend and I were invited by another friend to her church. There was this lady there from another state by way of Nigeria I think... It was a week long event and we decided we'd go for this particular event. The lady started talking and I felt veryyyyyyyyyy uncomfortable. As in... I felt something was not right... naturally Im a suspicious person and I just knew this lady was going to call on me and I was praying that she wouldnt call on me... infact I tried not to make any kind of eye contact... but alas... she called me even when I tried to deflect... she was like YOU IN THE HOOPS or I think she said Big Earrings... lol... she then proceeded to pray for me and what not... honestly I dont know what she said anymore... but she was asking me how I felt and I was like "I feel good"... not sure if that was the answer she was looking for.. but anyways the thing continues o... she starts calling on people... meanwhile Im back in my seat and Im praying over myself and my two other friends... the lady starts saying stuff... like she called this guy out and said his mom went to a Herbal Doctor to get him or something... the mother was in the audience o... She now called the mother and asked where she took the son... the mother said NOWHERE... this woman said YOU'VE FORGOTTEN!!! LOL... How will she forget such a thing.. and then she started praying over this little boy...

Unbeknownst to me, my friends felt the same way o... that something wasnt right and they too had been praying... and when she laid hands on that little boy... meeennnn my friend was firing away some attacking prayers o... as in just covering that boy in Jesus' Name... my friend said that may have been the purpose of us going.. just for that little boy... soon after we left... keep in mind neither of us knew that each of us felt the way we did or that we were each praying or anything... we didnt talk about it until we got to the car... we went straight to my friends house and told them what happened... men... see prayers over us... my friends mom.... her uncle(also my cousin)... men we all prayed over us o... I called my mom in Naija to tell her. We were warned not to attend churches just like that... especially small churches... not saying there's anything against small churches... cuz Im sure such does happen in bigger churches... the whole thing was that we shouldnt just be going to anyone's church just like that... and dont just let anyone be touching your head and your stomach anyhow... she didnt touch me there sha... we thank God for that... but if she tried to deposit anything in me it failed.

Also my friend had tested her... she was like if she's the real deal let her confirm something... as in she said this in her prayers... so they were calling everyone up to pray for them... and the lady was given them a word... but when it came to this my friend all she could say is God Bless You...

The next day, this friend that invited us came over to visit and brought the tapes of the service... that we left early and the pastor wanted us to have it.... it went straight into the trash! as in one of my friends didnt even hide it.. she just threw it in there... so when I threw mine out, I made sure it was hidden in there so this friend that invited us wouldnt see it or get offended...

Be careful out there... lots of sheep clothing going around

Happy Monday...
what are you thankful for today?
my tagging thing is partially working...NOT... lol... so I decided to just continue it on my own... will randomly tag people along the way if they wanna do it!


take a moment to check out the TERC blog... it will be updated shortly.... take some time to check out some of our previous posts... we're also featuring a few tracks by Lara George!!! Thanks to Uzo for introducing this wonderful artist's music to me :-)

November 1, 2007

30 days of Thankfulness 2 - Day 1

aaaahhhh... it's november again... Thanksgiving time. It's amazing how this year as flown by. So many things have happened... good... some stuff Im still trying to decide if they're good or bad...... but all in all I am grateful to God for seeing another year.

Last year I started this 30day of thankfulness... I wanted to put into the atmosphere something that I wanted... I didnt just want to pray that I would get it... I wanted to act like I already had it by giving Thanks for it... and if you read my blog, you'll realize that it came to fruition.. [check out november 2006 archives]

Anyways this year I thought Id do a chain of thanksgiving type thing... where I'd start off... tag two people for the next day... who would in turn tag two people each for the next day and so on... but not sure how that will work out... I may have to tag people myself and just share it on my blog... we'll see how it goes...

I thought about what I wanted to be thankful for. My life is one of them. Ive had some scary moments that I havent shared with anyone but God and my mom... and so far so good... each day is a blessing. Anyways, I started to think about christmas... this year my family is flying in to spend it with me... and the local ones will also be around... my father ordained it... and I thought about my dad and how our relationship as evolved over the years

Growing up... I was daddy's girl hands down. I loved my daddy.. He was my hero. Whenever he would travel he would come back through Amsterdam to get my cheese.... And then things changed. I swear I hated my dad. I just thought he was the meanest father on earth... such a strict man... I was used to a free life living with my mom... and here I was in the actual land of the free and I felt caged. I was full of so much resentment over a lot of things. I would cry myself to sleep, my older brother would try to console me... I would cry so that no one would hear... I would wish vile things and then immediately become remorseful... I even went as far as trying to falsely accuse my dad of.... well let's just say that God is good and my head is mostly correct... There are things that I wish would... could... should have been done differently... but alas I cannot change the past... I cant even change some of the stuff that's happening... but I can learn from everything... forge a better path... look to the future..

Today.. I am thankful for my father. I am thankful that he is alive and will walk me down the aisle and bounce all my beautiful healthy children on his knee and indulge them in a way only a grandparent can... I am thankful for the healthier relationship we now have... I am thankful that each person as they get older has recognized the need to continue to express love. You realize as each day passes that tomorrow is not guaranteed so why waste the present....

What are you thankful for today

For day 2, I tag: Pea and Ugo
be sure to check out their blogs tomorrow!!!

  • Each tagged person should complete the purpose of the tag on the assigned day
  • Title the post similar to this but with the right day (e.g. november 10 would be day 10)
  • Tag at least two other people for the next day and let them know why they're being tagged
  • Kindly provide a link to the person that tagged you previously and Let us know who you're tagging next so we can follow the chain
  • repost the rules i guess...
  • I'll tag people if others dont... I want to see if I can find at least 30 people on blogger that are thankful for something

so we'll see how this goes....

Happy November people...

Here's something I found on being thankful


Be Thankful

Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire,
If you did, what would there be to look forward to?

Be thankful when you don't know something
For it gives you the opportunity to learn.

Be thankful for the difficult times.
During those times you grow.

Be thankful for your limitations
Because they give you opportunities for improvement.

Be thankful for each new challenge
Because it will build your strength and character.

Be thankful for your mistakes
They will teach you valuable lessons.

Be thankful when you're tired and weary
Because it means you've made a difference.

It is easy to be thankful for the good things.
A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who are
also thankful for the setbacks.

GRATITUDE can turn a negative into a positive.
Find a way to be thankful for your troubles
and they can become your blessings.

~ Author Unknown ~