October 18, 2007

Music Im Feeling: Bryan Adams - When you love someone

Bryan Adams is amazing.
I love alot of his songs... when I got ready to this post... I wasnt sure what to choose.
It all started this morning. I was thinking about stuff.. being with that special person and what not... just being with that person really. And the song Have you ever really loved a woman came to mind. Then I remembered Straight from the Heart... which reminded me of the Raypower show on saturday mornings in Nigeria.. and then I stumbled on this song... dont know why Ive never heard this one before... but I love it!

but gosh... maybe i should rename myself LonelyGirl26 yeah? Ive been with my boyfriend for a while and it's not easy... and lately im feeling a bit lonely... which is kinda weird for me... I guess I can now understand when women get older and get almost desperate to get married... I can even understand older men in their quest for love and companionship staking out younger ladies... just hoping to find that person that will ward away feelings of loneliness. I guess we all go through stages. I never thought Id be here... and sometimes I wonder if it's because my sister is leaving the single life behind that im now thinking more about my own situation... I just want to throw all caution to the wind sometimes and see what happens when I do something free... something without necessarily thinking... my boyfriend tells me not to give up yet... after all these years of investing... dont give up just when you're about to see the return... but its getting harder especially when there are other interesting investment prospects out there yeah? lol... This life... so interesting... when you love someone

if you're feeling this from Bryan Adams... check out the rest of his Unplugged songs... such as I'll Always be right there, heaven, a little love...

October 15, 2007

Faith is an abstract noun...

We all get flashbacks...
a funny story from our childhood, a hurtful memory... a "why" incident... and I just remembered a story.

I went to a military school and the nature of my mother's job required her to travel a bit... so from time to time, I was left home with "care-takers". On this particular occasion my uncle J stayed home with me and would drop me off in the mornings and would pick me up after school if I chose not to stay for after-school lessons. If I did, then my uncle A would come get me.

Well the very first day, I decided to stay after school... so the deal was that Uncle A would come get me. The lessons I believe were over by 4 o'clock or so... not quite sure but it was late in the afternoon. Well I waited under the tree for hours after school and no one came to get me. The whole place was almost deserted. Once in a while a car would drive by looking for someone... One of my friends Christy was with me as well. She'd been forgotten. It was getting pretty late. So I decided to walk to the front of the barracks to attempt maybe take public transportation... the problem was I didnt know how to... wouldnt even know which way to go. I walked back to campus and again waited. I was getting a little tired. It just seemed there was no hope. I then decided Id walk to a different entrance of the baracks which was on the opposite end of the first entrance and also closer to the airport.

It was a very long walk. Thank goodness I still remembered the way to maneuver through the different houses and roads to get to the front. I made it out and started to walk in the direction of the local airport. My uncle A worked close to it. Im telling you it is far. If you're ever in Nigeria and you're driving to the international airport... guage the distance from the local airport to the Airforce base... FAR!!!... I would look in the distance and mentally reduce the distance to the airport. Kept telling myself that I was almost there... It was getting really late. the clouds had darkened... but I remained steadfast on my goal which to was to get to where Uncle A worked... Hoping maybe he'd be at work

Since it was late and I still wasnt home... Alarms were being raised. WHERE WAS DIAMOND. What would they tell my mother if I went missing... her baby. My Uncle J drove to school to look for me.. but I was nowhere... Uncle A was called.. and he had no idea that he had to pick me up... wonderful!

Meanwhile I was still walking... trudging on... very very tired... Id had no water or food for the past couple of hours... I was just weak... I was about 11 years old. I finally got to my destination... it was really dark by now... The military guys in front stopped me to ask me where I was going and I just started crying... They were a little soft with me seeing as I was just a young girl. Through my tears I managed to tell them my destination... They took me to the office and radioed Uncle A that someone was looking for him. I was just relieved to be somewhere... not outside... so I sat in a nice air conditioned room and the office staff waited on me... which was nice. I just waited... knowing that soon I would get home.. knowing that uncle A would come get me.

What is the point of this story?

I just realized something about Faith... and when I realized it, I remembered this story. The whole thing is I had to get home... I'd been waiting around with no results... I went one way and decided it was the wrong choice... so that plan failed... I went another one hoping that it would be a better choice... Basically I took action and forged a way to get home after much waiting...

I realized that Faith is an action word. It's a VERB...
read a devotional piece recently... by Dr. Frederick K Price... in it he states:
Everywhere you see faith expressed in the Bible you see action. In fact, faith is an action. It's acting on what you believe. Many people confuse belief or believing with faith. Believing is a starting point, but if you stop there, you'll wind up with nothing

I often use the example of a starving man being placed where food is and being asked if he believes that if he eats the food he will live. The man replies: "Do you think I am some kind of fool? Do you think I'm stupid or dumb? Certainly I believe that if I eat this food it will keep me from starving to death."

But he never lifts a hand to eat and dies on the spot. What the man believed was true. If he had eaten, it would have kept him from starving. But he died from starvation. Why? Because he never acted on what he believed. Believing is right, but it will never change the circumstances. Faith will change the circumstances.

I just always thought Faith was "believing".. and that is how the dictionary defines it... a noun... a belief system... but no.. I think that trusting in something is the belief... acting it out is the faith... so I believed I would get home... and it took faith in stepping out... if that makes sense...

anyways that's my new revelation
Faith is a VERB!!!

I went to see Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married... I recommend it... apart from the fake snow on the roof.. it was all good... I cried and laughed... the cried some more... PATHETIC really... lol

also saw Michael Clayton... SUPERB!!!! go see it if you havent


Happy Monday yall
I pray that we will all be favored this week in our going and our coming and in between and that God's Glory will be manifested in our lives. Amen.

October 11, 2007

Post-Birthday Notes


But Im still on a high from yesterday...

A few surprises... :-)

I got home last night and made a decision to reply EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. on facebook.. which is a bit tiring especially when you're sort of out of it already but I had to acknowledge everyone that took the time to wish me a happy birthday... little things like that go a long way

Uzo... naija's own bettyboop... thank you for the special shoutout on your blog. I was surprised to see it... that went a long way to making me feel special... but em... I hope you saved my gift o... im coming to collect it next year... that and the one for my housewarming... lol... I didnt forget! now i need for you to join facebook... you and LondonBuki!!!!!!!

Nubian Soul... the thing is I started writing what you wrote... then I took it off.. ma binu... thank you thank you thank you for the birthday wishes... er.. the wishes of Peace, love and chicken grease and em... also the palm oil and fufu and eba and ewedu all served by a man with a unibrow... WHY WHY WHY... LOL

LondonBuki... you were first... you're such a beautiful person in and out... thank you mami

Allied... where's your party going to be... AMEN to your prayers... infact I think Im going to write all the prayers down and keep them..

Ugo Daniels... thanks for the birthday wish... so you would have called me eh? Hmmmmm.. wonder how you sound...

Life of a Stranger... you're such a special person to me... and yes... you reminded everyone... thanks for that... so if there was another list going... you'd be the first... still waiting on your call though to sing me happy birthday

LondonNaijaChic... thanks babe. definitely looking forward to more years of happiness...

BK... you're are like that family member you just have to love love love... gerrout jo... my sister said "se u know you're now 26... no more asking for gifts..."... you're quite right.. whatever i dont get... will automatically roll over to christmas

Daddys Girl, 36 inches, Belle, Mrs Somebody... thank you and Amen.. really appreciate you guys stopping by...

Azuka... your elder brother along w/LondonBuki's brother must be really special... beautiful, smart, charismatic, all the good things that go with being born on the most perfect day of the year...

NaijaBloke... no one can coerce me into doing what I dont want to do... lol.. but I'll have a party.. just so you can come... and I'll be sure to have enough Emu in stock just for you :-).. Amen to your prayers

Rinsola... my raspberry cake... in no way can compete with your garri cake... lol.. A BIG RESOUNDING AMEN to your prayer o... i like that... thanks babe

my lovely NaijaDude... thank you babe... and will be waiting on my dedication... thanks for covering all the bases wishing me a happy birthday... you're too much... actually... no.... YOU'RE JUST RIGHT! :-)

yes o Ebony... if you hadnt stopped by I would have had beef with you o... lol... I was like WHERE IS EBONY... but you came FINALLY!!!! LOL. How's being a new aunty coming along. Hope you're good! :-)

*P*.. you're such a wonderful person... Im glad that you are my friend. Thank you sweetie. And yes that video relays such a powerful message

JayCee... I was pleasantly surprised when you called... you're too much... I hope we meet someday... if I wasnt already excited about my birthday... I woulda been just listening to you... lol. Thank you thank you!

and to EVERYONE ELSE... thank you for your phone calls, text messages, facebook messages... I know the gifts are soon to follow abi?

my little cousin called me yesterday... she said... "happy birthday aunty Diamond" and so I started grilling her... what did you get me... she said a "gift card"... I asked to where... she said "kroger!"... Kroger?? Um no... I dont think so... I told her what I wanted... so now.. her mom has to go get it now... gotta love kids... you can use them to get to their parents... :-)

thank you once again people...

much Love,
Ms D

October 10, 2007

It's all about ME today!!!


There are many things I could say today. But all I am is Thankful. On sunday we had a big deliverance service at church and if you watched the above clip, it was reenacted during the service and I wanted to share... I feel it relays such a potent message... liberating... Im so thankful to God for seeing me through all my mess... and there's plenty of that... seeing me through some of my addictions and slowly helping me overcome them. And while I struggle to be a better person and I feel like Im sinking back into my old destructive ways... Im glad that He's always there even if sometimes I feel like He's not. That's actually what I got out of watching it... He's Always there. Im just thankful to God for letting me see another day... another year and I know that maybe Im not all that he wants me to be yet... but God Im trying and I will be better!

so really it's my birthday but it's not really about me today... it's really about God... giving God the glory... thanking Him for the physical manifestation of his Love, Jesus Christ.... gosh... so many many things I could say... things I can wish for... but it all falls short when compared to giving Glory to God....

I went out late last night and got myself a little cake and candles... I've just been on this "high" .... went up and down the aisle looking for my favorite irish cream... but I didnt find any... I'll probably get some today. So many good things have happened this month... two of my friends gave birth recently... another one is due soon... October is the PERFECT MONTH... the tenth month... 10 represents perfection in divine order. Anyways... yall have a piece of this raspberry-swirl vanilla cake... and enjoy some drinks (emu, sprite, red wine or champagne) on me!!!

Biodun was first in wishing me a Happy Birthday on monday... ojoro... The lovely Jaycee called and sang me happy birthday and she sounded so lovely... . my friend *P* was the first official call I received... my room-mate, Ola send me a text message then rushed upstairs and sang me happy birthday and I wanted to cry.... and so far Ive received a couple of calls and text messages... but wait o... no gift... maybe these people didnt get my wish list....

haba! is that too much to ask for?
this list is way cheaper/smaller than last year's

Happy Birthday to all the beautiful people born in October... Allied on the 16th and Niyi, the great commenter a day after.... and If I remember from last year, LondonBuki's brother and NaijaBloke's cousin share this month with me.. so a special shout out to them

This is my theme song for the day It's by Hezekiah Walker and it's titled Grateful
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and this is my prayer for today
Isaiah 11:2->Father, incubate me in the spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, and the fear of the Lord, in Jesus' Name... Amen

Thanks for stopping by... and have a wonderful day
Love, Miss D

October 5, 2007

remember the little prince?

i just clicked on a random image from play.blogger.com and saw the picture of the Little Prince... How I loved to watched this show growing up as a kid... even had to read the book in french class back in high school. If you dont remember Le Petit Prince.. here's an episode courtesy of youtube to refresh your memory

and what about Jem... anyone ladies sing along with them?