July 25, 2007

Ciao - Hola - Salut

Hey yall. Been away for a minute... I understand the last time when Belle closed her blog and stated she didnt have anything else to say... I totally get that... cuz I feel like Im emptied out. Well to everything there is a season... I will blog from time to time... especially in November... I'll be doing something similar to what I did last year but with a twist... Right now Im battling a sore throat... my eyes are tearing up and I have a headache... but Im still in good spirits! :-). Im starting a new position at work... we Thank God for that... hopefully this will lead to better things... also looking into going back to school... yikes!!!! school that I said I dont like... It's time... I actually feel ready... just need to conquer that GMAT first... but that wont be a problem by God's Grace...

Anyways... I thought Id share some of my random thoughts.. and maybe on a later date, I'll share the Love Letter Vera sent to me a couple of months back :-)...

Being the "other" wife:
check out words from the First Wife
I wonder how it feels to be the 2nd or 3rd wife... One of my muslim uncles contends that truly you cannot love each wife equally so indirectly the quoran doesnt advocate multiwives???? I wonder how it starts off... Do you go into marriage accepting that this is a possibility. Is this something you discuss prior to marriage if you're the first wife... and being the 2nd wife and so forth... do you feel any differently... I thought about asking someone that I know... but feel she might be defensive/offended... so I just wonder is all... if anyone is in any of these positions.. 1st w/a possibility of a 2nd or... 2nd and beyond... and would like to share... please do so... id really like to know

Pimp my car:
seriously... there must be an age limit to this. I was watching Xzibit the other day and watching as they pimped different types of car... and I started to wonder about my car... being close to 30years old... I somehow dont think it is befitting for me to pimp my car... Somehow I imagine that my colleagues wouldnt take me seriously if I arrived to work in a pimped out car... nevertheless... I think I'll will submit my car anyways... just to see if I get chosen... interested? go to Pimp My Ride

Guilty until proven innocent:
It's really disheartening to see the way Animal Right Activists are lobbying against a man [Michael Vick] that should be considered innocent until proven otherwise. But then again, he is a public figure and perhaps should be held to higher standards????? Until he's proven otherwise... Im standing by him. Reminds me of people who are against "illegal" immigrants and go protesting like they have nothing better to do with their time... i can understand the protests some of the time... but the things they say when protesting... u realize this is the opportunity to show how discriminatory people are

Love is..... a decision?
Eevn I have said that Love is a decision. But I truly wonder. Can you really control how you feel about a person. What if you find yourself liking someone that has qualities that you've always disliked in others... or rather... traits that you would prefer not to have in a partner. Lets say... you really would prefer not to be with a short guy... then you start hanging out with this guy... and he's short... but it's all good right? but then you start liking him... more and more... understandably... hanging with him is the decision... but liking/loving him? can you really dictate your emotions?

Why do you have sex? (boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever buddies)
In marriage, Ive had it described as an act of worship... glorifying God.. and for a minute I was like... "EHN????? COME AGAIN?????" I thought about this recently because one of my cousin's page on Facebook, she asks a question "must sex exist in a loving relationship(boyfriend n galfriend)"... some replied with "it depends"... on how strong ur religion is... on what you're trying to get out of a relationship... some said YES... no one said NO... so I just wanted to know... in a non-marital relationship... why do you have sex? What is the purpose of sex in that relationship? just curious is all