May 31, 2007

Psalm 23 (a fresh perspective)

this was shared with me by my father...

The Lord is my Shepherd That's Relationship!
I shall not want That's Supply!
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures That's Rest!
He leadeth me beside the still waters That's Refreshment!
He restoreth my soul That's Healing!
He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness That's Guidance!
For His name sake That's Purpose!
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death That's Testing!
I will fear no evil That's Faithfulness!

For Thou art with me That's Protection!
Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me That's Discipline!
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies That's Hope!
Thou anointest my head with oil That's Consecration!
My cup runneth over That's Abundance!
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life That's Blessing!
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord That's Security!
Forever = That's Eternity!

Face it, the Lord is crazy about you.

What is most valuable, is not what we have in our lives, but WHO we have in our lives!


Thank God for bringing us to the end of the month. This year is FLYING by... dont procrastinate... forget you'll start tomorrow and start whatever it is you want to do TODAY!!!!!!


Set your ALARM!!!!!

TERC is tomorrow from 5am to 6am EST
and YOU are invited to take part in the discussion
It's all about learning more about the Word of God from each other and improving your personal relationship with Christ. Give it a try this friday!!!

For Ugo, Ms.May and other interested parties.... these are the TERC instructions:

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Also, 1b of Hesaid Shesaid will be published tomorrow...

in the interim... check out this video... could this be my BlogFiance trying to serenade me?...
LOL...I think this is funny

and if you didnt get a chance to hear the funny pastor and interpreter, review Tuesday's post

May 29, 2007

The Nigerian Proclamation/Why do we need a government

The Nigerian Pledge

I pledge to Nigeria my country
To be faithful, loyal, and honest
To serve Nigeria with all my st

To defend her unity
And uphold her honor and glory

So help me God

In recent history, Nigerians have been overwhelmingly betrayed by those charged with addressing their needs. Instead of serving the people, some elected officials have served themselves to the detriment of the masses. The result is a nation lacking adequate infrastructure, organization and security

The ineffectiveness of Nigerian Leaders indicates a lack of accountability to the constituents. Nigerians are no longer relevant to the leaders, thus, leaders do not feel responsible to them.


in posting this up... I thought about what to write today. I was going to write on "Why do we need a government" but I find that I dont have the desire to do so at this time... and that's partly because I dont think Im that well informed on the topic... but really WHY DO WE NEED A GOVERNMENT. I thought to myself, the private sector seems to be able to take care of things but then I figured if you put them in power, they'd be just as useless.Then I thought about the word "useless"... if really I should be using that word. I shared my thought with a friend who stated "well u need to put into perspective that the people we call government are the same people running the private sector. they r just using the government to enrich their private sector business"

aderinola :: BBC article :: and another one :: Ijebuman's views :: NaijaBloke's thoughts :: Nigerian Discussion Series :: Olawunmi's statement ::

This is funny... it's a pastor with a yoruba interpreter
you've really got to listen to this interpreter!!!

May 25, 2007

He said... She said... 1a

for every relationship, there is a beginning...

She said...

so i finally met him. Him that I had talked to for the better part of a year. Him that I would fall asleep talking to on the phone and he would stay on... dozing...waiting for me to wake up. Him that volunteered to be my sugar daddy. He wasnt that old.. it was simply a joke... He wanted to take care of me.

He flew to Atlanta for a conference. I had been long aware that he was coming but never had the intention of meeting him so didnt really care. We really never discussed meeting. Perhaps he knew I was a bit apprehensive. Why was I apprehensive really... we'd talked about alot of things over the months. I was quite comfortable with him. He called me when he arrived. I called him when he checked in to his hotel. Talked to him as I prepared my dinner. I was preparing all of his favorite dishes. Nothing spectacular. Just some soft fried plantains with jollof rice and goat meat. I just wanted to share it with him... kinda... even though he wouldnt be here to eat it... we could kinda talk as I did everyting. We talked and talked. I knew where he was. What hotel he was staying in. It was about a half hour from me. He knew where I was. We'd been mailing each other things for quite a while now. But still we never discussed meeting. I was secure in my comfort zone.


It wasnt that late. The phone rang at about 9pm. I picked up my phone... a little groggy but still aware. I said a soft hello... you could hear the pleasure in my voice.

"Hey D"
as always... i took a moment to inhale that deep rich baritone voice.

"I know we never discussed meeting but do you mind if we met"

Moment of truth
what would meeting do? would it shatter the beautiful casing that I'd enclosed us in? He could tell I was hesistant. I cleared my throat... thinking my answer through as I spoke

"You really want to meet me" I spoke in soft caress

He laughed. He had this annoyingly arrogant way of laughing. it's hard to describe. It just irked me sometimes.

"You know I hate it when you laugh like that" I was about to start sulking like a baby.

"Awwww babe. Come on. It's not like that." He tried to console and cajole me. "I just dont want to miss out on this opportunity"

I dont know why but I had the sudden urge to peer out my window... and I see this car.. and something tells me... that's him. He's here. Parked just outside my house...

"I dont think meeting is a good idea. Im sorry." I was straight to the point. My mind was spinning though. He's HERE? Should I get mad... or should I seize the opportunity. "Let me call you back in like three minutes" I hang up quickly before he starts protesting and I continue to stare out my window. It's dark... He cant see me... All of a sudden, he comes out the car. I see him looking right at my house... right at me I think. My breath catches and I draw back quickly... afraid that he knows that I've discovered him. I feel like Im about to start hyperventilating. I cautiously peer out again... He gives one last look and gets back in his car and just sits there for a moment... then he starts his car. I go into panic mode. I cant just let him leave. Without any more thought than stopping him I rush downstairs and outside and just as he's about to take off... I bang the trunk of his car several times.

Im crazy. There I am... standing in the street.. nothing on my feet... breathing hard and trying to catch my breath. He stops his car and I just stand there looking... one hand against my chest... the other on my mouth... trying to regulate my breathing. And then I start to cry. I dont know why. I just start crying. It was so bizarre. He comes out of the car and just walks right up to me and envelopes me in this great big bear hug. Not a word is said. Everything seems to be communicated in that hug. The Hello. The Response. The silly little pleasantries we're taught to say... everything was there. I felt.. warm. secure. I stopped crying. I allowed the scent of his masculinity and his arms to be my haven. He felt so good. It was just a weird meeting. Surreal... that's the word.

Then I come to my senses. And I start laughing as I pull away. Now Im shy. I cant even look him in the eye without blushing. Oh silly silly me.

"There's no way I could have come to this city and not see you."

It's still hard for me to look up in his eye... so he uses his thumb to tilt my head up to meet up with him. I want to look down so bad and I tried to evade him... but he's quicker and takes his two hands and holds my face and then he says "Good evening" and he looks at me and gives me a kiss on the forehead

I inhale him again and give a little sigh. pure pleasure...that's what it felt like. "Would you like to come in?" We were holding hands now. I giggled. I guess it was part excitement.. part nervousness... part whatever...

He stares deep into me. "Would you like me to come in?"

Somehow I knew the question went beyond the words

I asked Him to write his part... and He will be doing so.. so be on the look out for 1b and have a great weekend. God Bless

click HERE for part 2

May 24, 2007

sign of the times...

Yesterday I had a battle... but it started on sunday

I woke up on sunday morning to go to church... right around 5am... did all the lovely things to get ready... all of a sudden... right about 6am... trying to decide what to wear... I get a headache... I feel so weak... so I lay down and decide Im not going to church... I will watch it online. So I called my mother... she later called me and asked me if I was at church and explained to her why I wasnt. She got upset and hung up on me... she said it's the Devil's plan and all that... She doesnt like that I dont always go to church... and it's interesting because before the pastor started preaching.. he said he understands about technology these days but forsake not the assembly....(Hebrews 10:25) I decided on that day that I'd go to church on wednesday....

On monday... while still mulling things over, I realized that going to church on wednesday would prevent me from watching the American Idol finale. I started to debate with myself on whether I should go to church and miss the finale... and then I started to question why I was debating on whether I should go to church or stay home. I tell you until wednesday... I was still thinking things over...

This is bad. Then I remembered something the pastor had preached about months ago... about the different gods we worship. Who is my god. Who do I worship. What is that thing that takes precedence over my life. What are those things that make me put God aside for a minute... Somehow Ive been feeling that Im disconnected from God but I realize that it's not that Im disconnected... it's that im not properly positioned... I need to realign myself... so God help me. Im going to try and focus on the book of Hebrews in the bible

I was thinking it'd be great to have an accountability partner... someone that could encourage me... check up on me... someone I could talk to and all that good stuff... but since I do NOT... I still have to keep moving...

May 20, 2007

A whisper (shhhhh)

I used to dig you
your style...
just you...

I loved the way you engaged the rules of grammar
I wanted to be the words that you wrote...
Hoped that when you wrote "you"
that "you" was me
I wanted to use my teeth...
graze your bottom lip
and softly pull u to me...
so I could inhale
each syllable... each fragment of thought

I wanted to be your instrument of pleasure
a guitar...
I wanted you to cradle me...
strum your fingers in different octaves
wind me up
and hear my different melodies.

When u wrestled with time...
watched it as it ticked through the night
I wanted to be that wave that you could ride
That would wash over and soothe your soul
I wanted to be your muse
I wanted to be like you
with you
wanted to capture your thoughts
reason through the complexities of your mind

but I think it was only meant to go so far
you have your demons...
and I...
cant fight them...
when I...

I was meant to want, not have
The physical was never meant to mingle
even when the opportunity was there...
And I find that I am at peace
It's nice to want...
was nice
even when it threatened the equilibrium
that was previously established by another
...It may not have been as nice to have

So Stranger
from your words and to the first hello
and from the comments to the blog you inspired...

This is a whisper
that I hope reverberates within you...
through your imagined indifference....
to say
Thank you and
hopefully not forever but Id be okay with that.
Ive let go and
Im learning to appreciate seasons :-)

May 16, 2007

Music Im feeling: Mary J Blige

I love Mary J Blige. I cant say how or when we got introduced. I just know that Ive always had a connection with her through her music. I like how she's risen above her struggles and I love her style...

Last year, I bought a CD of hers. Well my dad did. He was shopping for me and I included all the CDs I wanted to get in his cart... :-). I didnt really listen to it but recently I had the urge to hear it again on my way to work. I start my car... and soon the words to the different songs start to flow through my mind. Im singing and Im reminscing... interesting how I remember all the words..

I remember "Real Love" only too well... remember vaguely the guy I was crushing on back then... I think it was Ahmad. He used to drool when he slept on the school bus... but He was such a gentleman. Maybe it was Patrick... anyways who really cares... I remember listening to "My Love"... somehow I knew this was an old song but I love the feeling that Mary put into it and then I remember when Family Affair came out... I remember "Im Going Down"....Mary is just it... she will always be a favorite of mine

Listening to the CD, there was one song that I didnt recognize... I was just about to skip past it to one of my favorites but something held me back... I thought let me just listen through all the songs... and ever since then... that particular song has been playing repeatedly in my car.... infact I listen to it every morning before I leave for work... when I wake up... in the shower.. then again through the 10minute mad drive to work

I love the words. Ive had the song playing on my blog for a couple of days now. I read through the lyrics and I remember the words I wrote for my husband HERE. Everytime I hear it, I think what a wonderful story it is... I think how this fits pefectly the thoughts that I have. I know that Im not meant to walk this world alone. I just want to be with my husband... I want to create our own utopia. Lately I've been sitting doing random things or nothing at all and all of a sudden a "cozy" thought will steal across my mind and I'll start smiling... smiling almost to the point of being so happy to the point of even shedding some tears... I just know... KNOW.. that I will have a wonderful partnership with the man God has ordained for me to marry and I almost cant wait... Im not ready though... Im slowly learning not to hate myself...fighting my inner demons... Cant fully love someone else while Im busy hating me right?

Anyways hope you like the song...

The lyrics are below

King & Queen with John Legend

From the very first time back when I met you at school
I looked in your eyes saw something special in you
We inspire the we
We'll be american dream
Escape this reality come start a new one with me
We could be neighbourhood royalty
Or much more than that u'll see
We're makin history
We'll go to the mass
Fly to heaven and back
The highest heights imagine
Yes we can do all of that baby

Lalalalalalalalalalalaaa we could be king and queen someday
Lalalalalalalalalalalaaa we'll never throw our dreams away

We'll make this picture complete
Start a new family
A boy that looks just like you
A girl that looks just like me
And each day that they grow
We'll teach them all that we know
Help me show them the way
We'll show them we're not afraid to be free
The only thing that should be
The flyest fantasies
The highest they can dream
Grab hold to my hand
Say that you'll be my man
Someday you'll be my king
And baby I'm your queen to be

Lalalalalalalalalalalaaa we could be king and queen someday
Lalalalalalalalalalalaaa we'll never throw our dreams away

Cities may cumble
The world is in trouble
But we'll be in love and
We'll rise above it
Each of our people
Pray for a leader
I know we will be someday

Someday, Someday, Someday, Someday

Lalalalalalalalalalalaaa we'll never throw our dreams away
Lalalalalalalalalalalaaa we could be king and queen someday


Immigration news (an overhaul plan): check out HERE and HERE

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May 15, 2007