February 27, 2007

NaijaBlogger Bachelorette - THE REVEAL... finally!!!!

Is it only me or did this thing dddddrrrrrraaaaaaaggggggg out! I didnt mean it to....LOL... the true story is management didnt want to pay us our salary o and no pay no work... yall know how it is now... anyways enough of my dry jokes.....this is it .... UZO has chosen who she wants....

A big thank you to all my bachelors that participated. You guys are awesome and it was fun reading and critiquing ur answers. If you're were around me, Id cater a special dinner just for you guys! Please show all my bachelors love people!!!

Special thank you to OMODUDU for the old school music and his wonderful commentary, naughty BIJOU for trying to steal the Bachelors away on the DL, NILLA and LIFE OF A STRANGER for rigging the votes and Nubian Soul who scared all the bachelors away by keeping it real and giving the nitty gritty analysis...so much so that I had to bribe some of them to show face for this reveal!!!

And to MY special Bachelor...wherever you are...I think you're great and even though you're not perfect, I blindly think you're perfect for me and I know the same is true the day we're eye to eye.... :-)

After the reveal - My thoughts
I am doing this based on the fantasy date post so here goes

Bachelor I:
My favorite of the responses for the simple reason that he did his homework. I think after he found out who I was, he took the time to go thru my blog to pick up the little hints of me in there that make me tick. I dont eat breakfast but I love the apron touch (naked- em I would laugh about that) and the reference to coffee which I love.- For you I will. Lovely. I love the fact that he made it a day long affair. I can imagine the anticipation I would be feeling especially since the morning would have gotten on to a fantastic start. I am not a morning person but I would be more than happy to give a morning a chance with attention like this.

Roses at work - appealing to the old fashioned romantic side of me. The fact that its 3 dozen red roses - a little over the top but not predictable. A dozen roses would be blase but a single rose or a whole ton - yes oh. And then, since he is doing the whole delivering them at work thing, it's a public declaration that I am crazy about this woman and I want the whole world to know it. Not bad.

I love the clues and the notes. Appealing to the playful side of me that also loves surprises. Its almost like this bachelor knows me. I love Diane Von Furstenburg dresses because she makes women look like women. All soft, feminine and sexy - and then wrap dresses - to show a hint of skin now and again. He plays to my love of shoes and once again, he had to have read my blog really well because he honed in on Escada. I may love fragrances but I love, love Escada scents. I am not sure about men trying to dress me but since this is a fantasy date, I would be more than willing to let this go. Especially since he made such marvelous choices.

Tuning in to the radio station is so sweet. I would have preferred for the song playing to be one of my favorites and not his but oh well. My love for jewellery is at play here. A Tiffany charm bracelet? I love charm bracelets. When he finally shows up with a yellow carnation - carnations are simple flowers and yellow in flowers is about friendship, I can honestly say that I would be in tears at this point. Italian restaurant - scores major points here - Italian is the way to go for me and I have mentioned something about that on my blog.

Bringing Ms Ndegocello in here is just so right. He is catering to me and I like that. He mentions my name here. See its almost like he is relating this experience to me. Not for Diamond and blogsville but me. He knows some of her songs which is a huge plus. He introduces a spa experience and he must sense how harassed I am right at this moment because that just sounds so nice.

The nightcap - I can imagine being deliciously tired and giddy as hell and then to walk on rose petals - once again - the element of surprise: not just red petals but white and red - a private suite, candles, a hot tub, Champagne (I dont drink but tonight would be an exception), Victoria's Secret lingerie - divine. Now the Kama Sutra book being left for me is tacky and of course the bath and lingerie tell me where he wants this to end but the last line gives me a say in the matter. I like that

Bachelor II:
A close second for me. I didnt choose this bachelor because bachelor 1 personalized the experience more - put bits of me in there.

I like the idea of going away to a secluded island resort. This is a bachelor that appreciates the little things that others would take for granted - spectacular views, beautiful beaches, violin music. Nice. A bit like me. He has a way with words and I will be honest - the moment I read this, I KNEW who it was. Immediately. LOL
He pays attention to detail - arriving at dusk when the sun has gone down, having dinner till it sets completely and all thats left is candlelight.

Arriving by private jet shows that this man likes good, luxury things. He is interested in catering to me - being able to order what I want, being able to stop the movie when I want to nap. At this point, I would have liked more interaction. Something about holding me as I took the nap or talking or something.

He almost had me with the part about the pilot flying as low as allowed. Wow. Talk about attention to detail. This would have had me in total awe. Unbelievable. Driving in a convertible - LOL. My hair had better be in braids for this escapade. Walking on the beach - one of the things that I love to do in real life but cant.
This man can cook or knows his food because he describes in such great detail the menu for the night. He is also health conscious cos he just had to bring the fruit in here. Again, I would have loved there to have been more interaction - feeding each other or something. I mean he had it with the sinful tiramisu - I expected some innuendo here but I was sorely disappointed. I especially loved the points on the discreet waiters and waiting hand and foot on the special companion...

Not a bad date. Pretty good actually - it just felt distant. Not about me in particular. In addition, since I know who this is, I also know he has a legion of fans and I really don't want to start getting hate mail. LOL

Bachelor III:
Ah. This one. Bachelor number 3 worried me a bit. The first line - I AM NOT AN EARLY RISER. LOL. I like the lavender rose - different and so sweet. Kem is one of my favorite artists so its not a bad way to get up. No breakfast for me but still so sweet.

The Maserati tells me that this man likes very good things - now I am not sure about the bit about his new cd. I assume from this that he must be a singer? It's a show of narcissm if he plays me his own cd right? I would assume that if we are together, I would have been part of the song writing process and cd making process - not involved actively but be aware of everything as it plays out and I would probably know all his songs too. I would have preferred if he had written something new for me.

I love the fact that there is pampering at play here. Manolo Blahnik himself to design shoes for me? Fantastic. The line about not needing the beauty clinic scored this bachelor about a 100 more points. I love the touch of flowers here as well.

Arranging to meet the 3 people I have always wanted to meet. .A great idea but not for this day. See I would get so wrapped up in talking to Oprah and Mr Yunus and oogling Gary, that I might get distracted and it would end up ruining the day he has planned.

The hair appointment with Errol Douglas? I don't know who this is but I assume he has to be one of the best in the
business and the fact that nothing is too good for me...not a bad sentiment.

This bachelor has good taste I can tell. Diana Krall? Fabulous. I get to blindfold myself too? I like that. I love surprises and I get to a yacht? Efizzy man...Ahn Ahn. Blue roses? I love the sentiment behind this and since I like flowers, he is doing well. He has taken the time to read my blog though with the ruff endz song there so that's a plus.
Sailing to St Tropez? I would be totally overwhelmed. Then I have dinner that he makes himself? At this point, if the yacht turned into a plane and took off, I wouldn't be surprised. Ah wait - there is a helipad with candles and music and dancing - dreamy.

My favorite part of the date with Bachelor 3 are the words he reads at midnight. So sweet. The movie with pictures and clips of family members? Wow. The forehead kiss - ah......

Okay - here's the thing Bachelor 3 would overwhelm me on this date. Everything is so perfectly thought out and a bit over the top for my taste. I like things toned down a bit - more intimate. Not a bad try though.

Bachelor IV:
Once again, a plane ride to an exotic destination. Well I am easy and I like to travel so not a bad idea.
The stallion is very original but I would have preferred a white one. Don't ask me why. I get naked almost immediately...LOL. Its so very presumptuous of this bachelor. LOL. So we have dinner after the nakedness? Ehm. Not liking that very much. I like the idea of the pianist - once again since I love music, this will work for me. After dinner on the balcony would be fine except for the alcohol thing. I don't drink usually and I especially do not wine. The finalizing of this date just put me off completely. This isn't a fantasy date. It's a sexcapade. LOL. So it doesn't work.

Bachelor V:
Another trip away. Havent been to this island so I think I would enjoy it. I love the white concept of that R Kelly video so this might be fun. But I would have thought that the cruise boat thing would have worked better at night.

Lunch and dancing - the salsa dancing is different and so fun. I would like that and then the walk by the beach. Dinner by the sea...not bad as well. It would be very interesting I think. So I like seafood but I don't think lobster is a very romantic thing to have on a date. Oysters are an aphrodisiac so could this be the aim of the whole date? Excessive seafood will make me smell all fishy. Not cool at all.

Going to be a long night? I assume this is not because we will be watching bollywood movies. Again, this last line just put me off.


the winner is.....
the person who will intermittently serenade Uzo on her blog.....
the person who can proudly claim to be the NaijaBlogger Bachelor of the year 2007 is.....


please claim your award
(check back later today for the other awards)

please offer him your congratulations
visit his blog HERE

in the meantime...now that Uzo has chosen...
*clears throat*

Bachelor III...I'm an early riser...let me see you privately please for a word or more... LOL


Bachelor 1-Azuka (you're too funny...I thot ur responses were cute...dont worry Im going to find someone just for you)

Bachelor 2-Miguel also Bachelor A and Bachelor III (im waiting for u in my office o...just going by ur responses I think ud make a wonderful Bachelor to a very lucky Bachelorette...u follow instructions pretty well...LOL...i wouldnt be overwhelmed if some things were edited out...like the part that involves OTHER ppl...lol...although KEMs music also makes me nauseous...I'd listen to you sing all day though :-) )

Bachelor 3-Davidylan (by the way I thot u were great. I loved your tiger icon.I was seriously rooting for you..Im on the look out for a Bachelor...you're definitely a front runner...)

Bachelor 4-NaijaDude also Bachelor B and Bachelor I (you're the winner...what else is there to add. Congrats babe!)

Bachelor 5-Olawunmi also Bachelor C and Bachelor II (loved your sister response...i thot u were goin to be a little wild though with your intro)

Bachelor 6-UnNaked (my dear dear friend...*wink*)

Bachelor 7-NaijaBloke also Bachelor D and Bachelor IV (you're funny...but we need to change ur gragra ways....Im making up a romance manual just for you)

Bachelor 8-Anthony also Bachelor E and Bachelor V (I hope you enjoyed being a bachelor and it restored certain things w/in you. You're funny...and this process was interesting...now be a good guy and STOP trying to bribe me LOL)

Bachelor 9-ChiefO (missing in action guy. Thanks for agreeing to participate)

so.....WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK...surprised about who the bachelors are?


February 26, 2007

And the Bachelor is....

Sorry guys...

Uzo will reveal it tomorrow... it's between 2 bachelors and she's seeking Soul's help to decide... so please be patient. We have put up some music for you to enjoy
*singing* you may kiss the bride mmmmwwwwwaaaaahhhhh... LOL
Also check out Bassey's Poem, Homeward on the side bar

Thank you for your understanding and patience
Management NBIBS

February 22, 2007

Music Im Feeling: Nelly Furtado (acoustic)

It's been brought to my attention by some of my blogfriends offline that I havent been blogging....I thot it best to stay the course w/Bachelorette...and after the reveal I'll share some of what's been going on with you guys and part of it includes a happily ever after type story....so anyways....

Right now I dont have much to say in words. Alot of times I think in music...kinda like speaking a different language. Ask my friends. they'll be chatting or talking to me all of a sudden this song pops in my head brought up by a word...a phrase...Ive got all these lyrics and melodies floating in my head...

I didnt really like this song until I heard this version. I didnt hate the song...it just really didnt appeal to me...too much background noise. Music can be interpreted in different ways...you can like one version of a song done by one person but hate it when the same thing is sung by someone else...u dig? Like I like the not so popular version of Aint no sunshine by Lighthouse family and the version of If I aint got u with Alicia Keys and Usher...

Now what got me about this music video - is the guy....his sound effects...the way he echoes himself....tight tight tight....PAY ATTENTION and Nelly Furtado really can sing...honestly i wish i had this on CD so i can put it on nonstop play and finish synchronizing my special dance steps with the hair brush mic and pouted lips and funny head movements.....

so what do you think????

by the way I'll wait until Uzo chooses her guy before revealing who the Bachelors are....so stay tuned till monday

dont forget TERC is tomorrow at 5am - 6am us eastern standard time
Dial in #: 605- 990- 0100
Access Code: 161292#

February 21, 2007

Notice Board

hey yall. I forgot that I was to reveal who the bachelors were. So I'll do that by tomorrow or friday

Today is Ash wednesday....
this begins the lenten season...
no meat today!

Uzo will be revealing who the Bachelor is on Monday..maybe i should just wait until then...I think some of them may surprise you....

dont forget to watch American Idol tonight

and of course you can watch my church service live at 7pm EST tonight
click the link below the videographer to watch it

this friday is the weekly TERC meeting.... a group of bloggers get together to share the word. Check out Bijou's blog for more details

Jaycee as always is ur bloginspirational daily/weekly vitamin so be sure to get nourished and visit her site

need a laugh?
you guys must check out this blog (skip his Interesting Articles)
it's 3Ts of Tunde

and Miguel has found her?
like her her? HER????? HER?????????
we need details...i refuse to believe he's referring to an inanimate object

im out. gotta run...and it's RAINING
showers of blessing...
if you've never fasted for 40days before
why dont u try it...do you know what 40 represents?

February 19, 2007

NaijaBlogger Bachelorette - The Finale

It's the moment yall have been waiting for....
questions were asked. answers were given. votes were cast
it was all leading to

*Drum roll*

T H E * F I N A L E

this is going to be a looong post....but all I can say is ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY

Ive got to tell you...its been fun doing this. I've enjoyed getting a glimpse into the lives of the bachelors...tried to get a guest artist on here...Tony Tetuila...but it wasnt destined to happen....

I cant reveal to you guys who my personal favorite is but I've gotta tell u that even me myself wants to be a Bachelorette cuz I'd choose him all the time and I mean even beyond Blogger. I tell you the power of words....hmmmmm... :-)

Kudos to Taurean Minx...she successfully guessed who the Bachelors were...missed only 1...that's one G right there...so she gets the G award. I'll be sending that her way shortly so please make sure you congratulate her

Before the Bachelorette (Uzo) decides, there's one more challenging question we've asked. We've tested their styles (car), we asked them to reveal who they were to us (intro), we've tested their family values (sister), Now let's see how they do when they come to wooing the Bachelorette. You know Nigerian Brothers are known for their raps....in all of the world, there isnt a more persistent guy with wonderful lyrics to go with all that so we had to put it to the test..and Im telling you guys they did NOT disappoint

without further ado....
the bachelors have been asked to create the Perfect Fantasy Date. There shud only be 3 bachelors but we here at NBIBS decided we would allow all 5 to show us what they've got...


My Fantasy date with the you will be a day-long affair.

In the morning, y wioull wake up to the scent of fresh coffee and toast and eggs just the way you like them. I'll serve you breakfast in bed completely naked except for an apron with boldly written letters "For You I Will". When you're at work, I'll have three dozen long stemmed red roses sent to you... with a little note "The beauty of these roses pale in comparison to you".

I'll leave a note in your car telling you where to go right after work. When you get there... you'll find a gorgeous red Diane Von Furstenburg wrap-dress with some black Christian Louboutin Heels and your favourite Escada perfume that I'd want you to wear for our date. At this location, you'll receive another clue... you'll have to tune into a certain radio station at 6pm on the dot... because at that exact moment, I'll be calling in to dedicate my favorite song "Endless Love" to serenade you while you drive home.

When you get home, I'll have a delivery man dressed as a police officer to deliver a gorgeous tiffany charm bracelet inscribed 'my heart' and you'll be given another clue... to be ready in two hours.

By 8.30pm, looking debonair with a chauffeured limo, I'll show up at your house with a single yellow carnation and whisk you off to a romantic dinner at your favourite Italian Restaurant. There, we will have words and flowers and food and candles and champagne.

I know you're a big Me'shell Ndegeocello fan, so I'll surprise you Uzo, by arranging for Me'shell to give us an intimate performance- singing "Wild Night", "Call Me" among others.

After the beauty of music has washed over us, I'll have the driver take us to a private room in your favorite spa. There we could indulge ourselves with relaxing aromatherapy massages.

For the nightcap... I'll take you to a five-star hotel where I'd have arranged for white and red rose petals trailing up our private suite. The room will be lit up with apple cinnamon candles. We'll kiss for a while, then I'll lead you into the hot tub and hand you a flute of champagne. When you step out of the hot tub, I'll towel you dry and lead you to the bed. There, you'll find some gorgeous Victoria Secret lingerie and a Kama Sutra book on the nightstan... then we'll see how the rest of the night unfolds...

i'd love to have dinner on the top of one of those peaks on a secluded island resort in the Caribbean. why the Caribbean? Because when the weather is good, the views are spectacular. So its dinner on a terrace overlooking the ocean, with miles of beautiful beach and water dominating a breath-taking scenery, and soft violin music playing in the background. we would arrive at dusk, when the sun's heat is no longer at its fiercest, and dine whilst the sun slowly journeyed across the sky, until the only left was the soft glow of candles protected by clear glass shades.

we'd arrive by private jet, with comfortable seats for just us two, so that we can relax and arrive refreshed. picture being able to order whatever you want at any point during the flight, and stopping the inflight entertainment when you need to nap, so that you can resume exactly where you left off. i'd have the pilot fly as low as we're allowed, so we can enjoy the views of the island from the air, taking the longer, scenic route - no rush. then we'd drive up to the hilltop villa in a convertible so we can continue enjoying the lush environment as we go up to our residence. on arrival, we'd take a walk on the beach for a while, to work up our appetites, and then go out to the terrace for the meal.

our meal would be italian, cooked by a highly talented chef. i was thinking salad and freshly baked bread for starters; fresh spicy meatballs for seconds; and pasta and a rich creamy carbonara and pancetta sauce as the main course; sinful tiramisu for dessert, and some fruits to even things out. all served with a selection of excellent wines. the waiters would serve each course and disappear, only to magically emerge at the right moments, guaranteeing our privacy. togther though, we would all wait on my special companion, making it clear that she alone is the guest of honour.

dinner by candlelight, a breath-taking environment and a beautiful woman, what more could a man ask?

The perfect date starts when you wake up... hopefully like me you are an early riser.
By your side is a lavender rose (signifying the fact that I am falling in love with you)
The sound of KEM's "Inside" is playing as you stretch and smile at the sight of the rose
As your arise to leave the room, my queen, your reign is about to begin.

7:00A.M: I've set the tub for you to soak in; helped in picking out what you should wear for the day.

8:00A.M: I prepare and serve you breakfast

9:00A.M: As you walk outside, my chauffeur-driven Maserati quattroporte pulls up...As you enter into the sound of my New CD "Just for you"

10:00A.M- Noon: The chauffeur drops you off @ Neiman Marcus to meet your private dresser (Tom Ford)...by the way I took the liberty of flying Manolo blahnik into the country. He'll work on designing your own personal shoes; a special one for tonight

1:00PM: Your beauty consultants are here to take you to the beauty clinic... I must say I doubt there's any use for this...your beauty exceeds any addition they can make. You receive a bouquet of deep pink roses...thank you for choosing to spend this day with me.

2:00PM -3PM: I arrange for you to meet the three people you've always dreamt of meeting - Oprah, Mohammed Yunus, Gary Dourdan

4:00PM-5:00PM: You have a hair appointment with Errol Douglas

6:00PM: You return home to ready-up for our night of romance...Diana Krall's "Besame Mucho" is playing in the background

7:00PM: Dressed and ready, you receive a text from me...tie the red scarf beside you around your eyes as the chauffeur brings you to our dinner spot.

8:00PM: As you arrive on the yacht, there are blue roses awaiting you (signifying the rarity and almost impossibility of finding a lady like you) and a 12 man band playing Ruff Endz's "will you be mine"

8:15PM: The captain comes up to you to enquire where you'd love to sail to...I hear St Tropez!

9:00PM: I walk out of the kitchen ready to serve you a four course meal specially prepared by me. We sit and eat while the band plays and we sail into the night.

10:00PM-11:00 PM: Dinner is over; we walk up to the top of the yacht (the helipad to be precise)...the circle is lit with candles...the moon shines bright... I take your hands and we dance the night away

Midnight: I read this to you

"Your beauty fills my day…your smile my world

Your strength fills my passion...your words my heart

I gazed into this day as a child, hoping for a special lady like you

To my shock I not only have a special lady but one that can never be duplicated

Your grace is unmatchable, "what a waste!" DaVinci would have said of the Mona Lisa if he had seen you.

As I stand wondering what else to give, I realize the world not enough."

12:30AM: I lift you into the bedroom, I lay you down, whisper sweet nothings into your ears, hand you a red rose (symbolizing my love for you), I slip into the DVD player a movie... it's a compilation of clips and pictures from friends and family of you growing up... at that point I kiss your forehead and whisper "sweet dreams my heart".

The date will start with me sending a hand delivered package containing,a rose with a note to meet the driver downstairs to take her to the airport where a private jet is waiting for her.The pilot has been instructed to fly her to a secluded island in the bahamas,cos the whole idea is for us to be alone for the day.I will meet her up at the landing strip on a black stallion and we will ride back to my villa where we will first have a bubble bath with scented candles all over the bathroom.After the bath and all dressed up,we will move to the dining room where I already have a pianist to serenade us while we have dinner.After dinner we will retire to the balcony sipping on a 1967 Valcon red wine to watch the sun go to bed.The date will be finalized with us moving to the bedroom to explore each intellectually,emotionally and physically

Meeting place is Madrid Airport at 8:00am. We then take a chopper to the Spanish Island of Grand Canarie. A big white cruiseboat (like that used in R. Kelly's Step in the name of love, lights embellishing it and all) will be ready to pick us up by 10:30am. Destination is Balearic Island, a land where the sea is always blue and the pearls are as beautiful as the early morning sun in the horizon.
We go check in at La Grand Hotel situated right by the seaside. There's a salsa dance session for 2:00pm - 4pm. So right before then we go have lunch.
After that we go enjoy the breeze by the sea until sundown.
A table for two has been prepared for us at the dining whose end is open to the seashore. We'll sit down & pour out our hearts as the night sea breeze caresses our skins.
The dinner hall is aesthetically lit with colourful candles. On the menu are delicacies with oysters, lobsters and Don Perignone to wine with.

It's going to be a looooooonnnnnnngggggg night.....

okay yall...so there you have it. No voting today but of course your opinions/analysis/critiques are always welcome!!!

so who do you think Uzo should pick?

February 16, 2007





and just for LondonBuki & co....
it's MONDAY 19/2

February 15, 2007

NaijaBlogger Bachelorette - EPISODE 6 - Cast your vote!!!

How was everyone's Valentine? Okay yall confess... what happened???? Were you disappointed? Pleasantly surprised? As for me...lets just say my chocolate craving was satisfied! It was a good day. *Deep Sigh*

This is the final episode before the FINALE guys...gosh...I cant believe how far we've come. Can you guys believe it? I am just impressed by all the bachelors. Very impressed. I wasnt sure what to expect when I started...They've all blown me away. I mean I feel almost like whoever doesnt make it through we should have a Bachelor auction...hmmm... cuz I know some ladies have been eyeing some of theM.

Anyhoo....enough of my random rantings. For this episode, we decided to let our Bachelorette take a breather and enjoy Val's day to the fullest. These bachelors have been clamoring around her since the reveal...but of course...why not... is she not beautiful....

Today, a fellow Blogger, with the approval of the Bachelorette, has decided to pose his own question...




Episode 6 question: What kind of man would you advise your sister to marry


Bachelor A
If I were to advise my sister about her choice of a life partner, I think first and foremost I’ll ask her to pick a man who LOVES God…Not a man who says he loves God but one who through his words, action and reputation is about serving and worshipping God; A man that truly loves God would love you unconditionally. Secondly, I’ll advise her to seek a man with potential rather than a made man. There’s something about a woman who can speak to helping the man reach his true potential. Finally I’ll advise her to pick a man, who she enjoys communicating with…don’t be moved by looks or physical stature for all that will fade away someday and if that’s all attracting her to the man, it’s the same thing that would attract other women to him.

Bachelor B
I really cant advise her to marry any kind of man, but she should pray she marry a man that will appreciate and love her unconditionally, a man that will love her for who she is not what she is. A man that is God-fearing, for the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. A caring individual with a compassionate heart! God help us all in choosing the right partner!

Bachelor C
My sister, precious as treasure itself. what kind of man would i advise her to marry? a man who is first and foremost Christian, and God-fearing, who understands that loving and respecting God is essential to life. A man who loves her, and understands that love means respecting the one that you're with, placing her above every other person, regardless who they are. A man who adores her and treasures her and makes her happiness his priority. Someone who loves his family and cares enough to provide the very best, regardless the sacrifices that entails. I'd hope that she finds a man who is intelligent and informed; driven and ambitious, without being ruthless in his pursuit of his goals. How about a man who is kind and compassionate, and friendly? I'd love for her to marry a man who is strong and mature enough to deal with the challenges and trials that life would throw at them, without losing sight of the most important parts of being alive. A man who is strong enough to protect his family, without being a tyrant. A real man then. It would be perfect if she found a man who fit this bill exactly, but such qualities are rare to find in one person, so I'd advise my sister to marry someone who comes as close to these ideals as possible.

Bachelor D
I will always advise my sister to marry a man that is a friend,understanding,down to earth and patient person that will be willing to the extra mile for her when she needs someone to support.

Bachelor E
I would always advise my sister to marry a faithful man both to her & to God. It doesn't matter if he's 'churchy' & doesn't know how girate in social circles. As long as he loves her, he's faithful & commited, he's the BOMB. No matter how nice a man is, if he's a player there's trouble ahead, cos there's no way you can take that pimping attitude away from a player. Once a player always a player, even at old age.
As long as she feels comfortable with a faithful man, I'll tell her to propose to him even if he is wasting! Men who don't play around aren't many in this world. PIMPS self are trying to assasinate them, 'cos they are spoiling business for them.


February 14, 2007

NaijaBlogger Bachelorette - Happy V-Day


Hey yall. Sorry for the break in transmission. Things have been going crazy backstage/behind-the-scenes for a minute ever since I introduced the Bachelorette o.... These bachelors sef... Anyways they're all good guys and every single one of them is great. I can personally vouch for them

This is my favorite valentine commercial. Watch it and tell me what you think

IT WASNT EASY SIFTING THROUGH THE VOTES... infact, Bijou and I had to get some Divine Intervention on this one.... so after counting and recounting and accepting bribes

The top 5 Bachelors that have made it so far are


Bachelors 2 4 5 7 and 8.
so please congratulate them.

a Big THANK YOU to Bachelors 1, 3, 6 and 9 for a job well done
ladies, if you're interested in any of them...you only need to holla

The next episode is scheduled to air soon...so be on the lookout!!!

Today is Valentine's day...so I wanted to dedicate this piece to ALL my bachelors....but most especially to MY #1 Bachelor ....this is for you


The strength of a man isn't seen in the width of his shoulders.
It's seen in the width of his arms that circle you.

The strength of a man isn't in the deep tone of his voice.
It's in the gentle words he whispers.

The strength of a man isn't how many buddies he has.
It's how good a buddy he is with his kids.

The strength of a man isn't in how respected he is at work.
It's in how respected he is at home.

The strength of a man isn't in how hard he hits.
It's in how tender he touches.

The strength of a man isn't in the hair on his chest.
It's in his Heart...that lies within his chest.

The strength of a man isn't how many women he's loved.
It's in how he can be true to one woman.

The strength of a man isn't in the weight he can lift.
It's in the burdens he can carry.

- by Jacqueline Marie Griffiths


please check out this article: ROMANCE IN NIGERIA and this as well DATING A NIGERIAN MAN
she's got some nice music on there too

February 11, 2007

NaijaBlogger Bachelorette - Episode 5 - The reveal - Special guest artist

hey yall...this is a late episode...sorry about that. I promised you guys a special guest artist and I had to deliver o. My PR people were chasing this guy down...anyways we finally caught up with him as you can hear....



go ahead and scratch it off.....you know you've been waiting!!!



anyways this is the final episode where all the bachelors will be together. Bachelor #9 is MIA. And be careful who you vote for...cuz the Bachelors may just NOT be retaining their original #s.... We've got our very own Omodudu again giving us his opinions and we've added a feminine voice to this as well...she's going to analyze the guy from a female perspective....


Bachelorette question 5: If you were a car, what kind would you be and would you be a 5-speed or automatic?


Bachelor 1: A hybrid (whatever that means). Sometimes I like to go smoothly, othertimes I prefer the rugged approach.

[Omodudu says...Forward looking, very thoughtful answer]

[SHE says... Rugged approach? Hmmm, say what…? That’s a turn off o. This one sounds like a correct smooth operator (read: playa), a fast pretender that’s not ready for commitment anytime soon.]

Bachelor 2: I'll be a Maserati Quattroporte – A perfect blend of style, performance, emotion and business. I'll be a 5 speed – other than its fuel efficiency, the 5 speed offers the driver more direct involvement and wayyyy better performance.

[Omodudu says... My vote is for Bachelor 2, all that horse-power.]

[SHE says... Hmmm, this one got me thinking a lil’ bit. Now which girl doesn’t want a guy with style, performance, a heart of gold (not a cry, cry baby o) who can handle his own territory? I’m liking this one o. Definitely a mature one, who has been thru the ups and downs of life.]

[Diamond says... loving the direct involvement..loving the uniqueness of your choice]

Bachelor 3: If i were given a choice to be a car, i'd prefer to come as a mercedez benz M class jeep. now you must have guessed that's my favorite car. i love the car, its classy.

[Omodudu says... Mercedes will tow the line, not an independent, chances are not very artistic either.]

[SHE says... Can somebody shout P-L-A-Y-A. Another playa in the house that is all about the looks. It’s classy abi? Sit down there o, don’t u know some Domitillas on Allen Avenue have class too? ]

Bachelor 4: If I were a car, I'd be a BENZ or a BUICK! It has prestige and prosperity subtly written all over it. Gives ppl something to smile about. and yeah I'd be a 5-speed, human are not meant to operate in an automatic world. Life itself is not fair, throws different punches at different times, then you'd adjust to the speed that it comes at you.

[Omodudu says... Another Mercedes benz person, conformist]

[SHE says... Mehn! U hit the nail on the head. This is another mature mind that has seen life. Those cars do have prestige and prosperity written over ‘em to some degree. Then again, u have to sit back to see the not so pleasant things they’ve (previous models) been thru to be as refined as they are. We’re not wired as robots, u’ve gotta be flexible at times and deal with each person as they come. This one sounds like a Mr. Efiko that’s a critical thinker. Bros, shey if the bachelorette chooses u, u won’t be blowing grammar all day in her ears o?]

Bachelor 5: i'd be a bright red ferrari F430, a thoroughbred sports car that would appeal to men and women alike. dripping sexiness and desirability, the men would want to own me, because the women would find me totally irresistible. i'd be a guaranteed pantie-dropper. ferraris have a mystique that draws people in, even people who know nothing about cars think they are beautiful. they turn men and women on, and thats why the most successful people own one at some point. they exist at the point where mechanical engineering, passion and human lust converge. they are fast and powerful, and rare, because they cost so much that the average person could only ever dream of owning one. that would be me then, exotic and sexy. i'd have the F1 gearbox, with paddles behind the steering wheel, like the most exotic racing cars, because manuals are just not special enough.

[Omodudu says...Independent, showy, paddle gear box oh my oh my, you don win o.]

[SHE says... This one sounds conceited o! Chei! Blowing his own trumpet. You know what they say about empty vessels? Hmmm… Nuff said! ]

[Diamond says.... Ah! O ga ju!!!]

Bachelor 6: A BMW. Automatic with tiptronic. It's sexy (both femine and masculine in one) and its got speed and class

[Omodudu says... If I were a woman, I'd date a BMW driving guy, has taste, sense of style and form is on point]

[SHE says... Too short, maybe he's tryna hide his wild side or he's just too "shy"]

Bachelor 7: If I were a car,I will definately be a sedan,a BMW 550i cos the car oozes confidence and it does not look domineering like its older brother the 750i or the 760Li.I will definately be a 5-speed manual car cos I always want to downshift,slow down and take a step back at my own pace when things seems to be going too fast,confusing and overwhelming to analyse the situation.

[Omodudu says... Nice, I am all for a guy that goes with BMW, luxurious yet understated. #7 is most likely artistic, and well dressed too. ]

[SHE says... Okay, this one’s definitely got what it takes to woo and keep the bachelorette. Say wetin happen? This bros don ready to settle down o, doesn’t have time for games anymore. He’s been there, done it all and knows it’s not all about the gra gra (fronting) and cockroaches in ur tummy (feelings). A deep thinker for shizzle.]

[Diamond says...WOW!!! Very impressed...especially since Im inlove love love with the BMW family]

Bachelor 8: If I ever came as a car, I would definitely jump into the Mercedes family. The G-class metallic jeep automatic with cruise control is like butter on hot bread. The feeling can't be fully expressed except you experience it. Ever tried it in bumps, pot-holes, bends or ditches? Fo'Shizzle My Nizzle, it's off da shizzles!! It's smooth sailing all the way...

[Omodudu says... Another Mercedes answer, in crowd kind of person]

[SHE says... Pray this bachelor doesn’t cruise u to … My friend, don’t u know wooing and keeping the bachelorette is not smooth-sailing. It’s not a bed of roses o, so abeg step back small, no gra gra here. But for real, this bobo sounds like a romantic. And they say Naija men aren’t romantic, eh]

Bachelor 9: [ MIA ] we dont know where he's run off to o...
[SHE says... Looks like our bachelor don chicken out. The heat oozing from the bachelorette was too hot for him to handle, hehehe ]

OMODUDU'S RATINGS SO FAR: 6, 7, 2, 5, 1, 8, 3, 4 in that order. Have I made enough enemies yet... do yall agree?




February 10, 2007

NaijaBlogger Bachelorette - Bonus Episode - Vote Now!!!

hey yall.....how's your day going. Sorry for the break in transmission yesterday but we here at NBIBS are making up for it by giving you a BONUS episode...with special commentary from our very own Omodudu. He gives us the low down of the guys so far based on their introduction and their responses to the first question...so make sure you go back and review what they said so you know what he's talking about

If you havent heard....NaijaBlogger Bachelorette is the name of the show. It's not too late to get into the groove of things. View the Season Premiere and Episode 2 and acquaint yourself with our bachelors.

I found the results to be..... interesting... to say the least... It seems INEC has taken hold of the voting process and as such the Votes had to be nulled!!!! Sorry!!!


Bachelorette Question 3: If you could be on any magazine cover which would it be
Bachelorette Question 4: What is your favorite season of the year and why? What do you like to do most in that season


Bachelor 1
Episode 3: I wouldn't want to be on any magazine cover. I couldn't handle the attention.

Episdoe 4: Winter. I get to stay under the covers and keep warm.

[Omodudu says... Typical Naija man very strong knows what he wants and he will not move. The 'abrupt' in his statement caught my attention. That equal, I am not good at expressing my feeling, el represente musto malos Nigerianos. Thumbs up, it is what it is.]

Bachelor 2
Episode 3: If I could be on the cover of any magazine, it would have to be the Times magazine. Being on the cover of that magazine is an indication of how much news you made around the world (positive or negative). In my case, I’ll like to be on there for positive reasons; as the face of change in Africa foremost, and the world as a whole.

Episode 4: Favorite season of the year- autumn. I love the fact that its neither too cold nor hot. I love the leaves on the trees, the cool morning breeze that comes with it and the rich blue sky.
I like the colors and style that comes with fashion during the season and also depending on my location, the ability to indulge in a couple of my favorite pastime – driving around the country and long walks.

[Omodudu says... This one na correct guy he has nice rhymes. He is on point. He might be a player though. Thumbs up go ahead boy.]

Bachelor 3
Episode 3: i think that would be Time magazine. I would love to be remembered as a scientist who gave his all to the service of humanity! I'm sure i will remember being Time magazine's man of the yr for ages to come. Who wouldnt!

Episode 4: My favorite season of the year? Of course its summer! For those like me who are condemned to the harshest of winters in the northeast USA, temperatures of 60 degrees is excellent. Not too hot, not too cold, not that much rain to ruin a perfect picnic. Low humidity.
Just the perfect thing to take long walks. The thing i enjoy most about the summer months is being able to go on hiking trips or going to the park to hang out with friends on a picnic.

[Omodudu says... This one hmmm he would do anything to get the girl. He would shed a tear if he had to but really ehn ehn this guy is hard as steel. Thumbs up, Make em pay.]

Bachelor 4
Episode 3: A whole humble me grace a magazine cover? Yea that'd be any magazine provided it has a positive influence on the readers. Not a magazine secluded for just a select group of people or organization or society. Something that will appeal to every one, man, woman, young and old. Have a positive impact in their lives. I want to be the representation of who younger ones look upto.

Episode 4: My fav season is the SPRING. No doubt. It signifies the transition of two very different seasons. By being calm and gentle, flowers start to bloom, grass comes to life, everyone tends to marvel in the sweet smell. It brings joy and hope and aspirations to that favorable weather everyone longs for, for quite awhile. It signifies joy, makes people look forward to something nice and lovely. Brings the peace and tranquility that a lovely weather is just around the corner..yeah spring does it for me

[Omodudu says... this guy is older and composed he has done most of his playing I think he is ready to settle down. Thumbs up, I respect o.]

Bachelor 5
Episode 3: TIME Magazine. Its one of the most widely-read news publications in the world, if not the most popular. it celebrates all manner of human endeavour, whether in business, politics, entertainment, and humanitarian work generally. sadly, they also feature the occasional villain (read Hitler, 1938's Man of the Year), but for the most part Time covers feature the sort of people whom i would like to be. i'd love to be on the cover for my positive achievements as a human being. for me it would be a form of affirmation that i had succeeded in my life's work, which intends to focus on making a difference to the world and its people.

Episode 4: I love the summer. i love to party, and play in the sun. i skate, play football, run, and have good barbecues and picnics. its great weather for walking and untold, uninhibited mischief. its also a great time for fashion and dressing up, and you can see this in all the brightly-dressed people on the streets. other seasons are too cold, or too wet to truly be comfortable, but in the summer everything is just so laid back, so its great for having fun with friends. i also love to travel in the summer, and explore new places. heck, even sex is better in the summer.

[Omodudu says... Too many adjectives, definitely doesn't know what he wants. Straight out of the novels this one will love you for one month and his heart will move away, when the next God fearing, intellingent, lovable, what what what comes along. Thumbs down.]

Bachelor 6
Episode 3: GQ because it is the sexiest & trendiest magazine in the history of sexy and trendy magazine for men... also because am hot, on & off any cover... *wink*

Episode 4: Spring. It's the only time of the year where I feel I can do anything and make it through...Replenish lost energy (sex, food, water, travel) and revaluate my life

[Omodudu says... His posts are too short, he is hiding something. Hmm I am undecided not enough information.]

Bachelor 7
Episode 3:IT would be nice to grace the cover of Ebony magazine as long as am gracing the cover with my wife and they are showing how we complement each other.

Episode 4: I don't really have a favorite season of the year,but if I have to choose I will have to choose spring cos that thatz when the flowers and plants start to come out and the weather is always beautiful then as well. I always like to be outdoors or travelling with someone that I care about enjoying the scenery.

[Omodudu says... Also a matured guy, Thumbs up, if the bachelorette is ready to make a family choose this one. He has seen the world. Thumbs up.]

Bachelor 8
Episode 3: Definitely a christian magazine, 'cos we all need role models in our lives. Many peeps have been misled by vague/vain models. I particularly like to be on the female magazine for Deeper Life (can't remember the name now) 'cos the pics they use suck. At least for a change, those ladies need to be unleashed

Episode 4: Winter/Harmattan. I feel cozy when tryna sleep. Sleeping is a different exprerience then. Waking up feels like a heavenly experience.

[Omodudu says... He is not yet ready to settle jare, he would take anything, for the meantime. By the way which kinda woman is academic O. Efiko abi, boooooring. Thumbs down right there.]

Bachelor 9
Episode 3: if i could be on the cover of a magazine, it would be worldsoccer magazine. reason being, for me to be on the front cover, i'll be a soccer star and would be eligible to earn $100,000 a week like spice boy beckham and have the lovely bachelorette by my side to be in charge of inveSPENDing all the money.

Episode 4: the spring and fall seasons would be my favorite. its not too hot neither is it as cold as it is right now. love the outdoors, love to barbeque but i cant barbeque in the winter. actually i could if i really wanted my steak well done almost burnt but hey the frost bite wont allow me hold down my fork to eat the stake anyway.

[Omodudu says... I am shy ke, and needs a woman that can carry a conversation. This guy may run from responsibility o. Undecided about him, not enough info. ]

okay okay okay....abeg recant your abuses and hisses o. The votes were NOT nulled. Here they are

Bachelor 8 came out on top with 24% of all votes cast, he earns 10points. he was followed by Bachelor 7 with 19% of all votes so he earns 8ponts. For a while Bachelor 2 was up there with the votes but he finished 3rd with 17% of all votes cast which earned him 7points. Bachelor 4 earned 13% of the votes so he ends up with 6points. Bachelor 9 has 5 points and everyone else has earned 3points

Based on the results so far, Bachelors 4, 7 & 8 are tied for 1st place, followed by Bachelor 9 and then Bachelor 2...



There will be a special guest artist performing tomorrow...so dont miss it!!!

February 9, 2007

NaijaBlogger Bachelorette - it's all about the Bachelors today!!!

We here at NaijaBlogger Internet Broadcasting Studio (NBIBS) would like to take an episode off as our "moment of silence" for the sudden and indeed shocking death of Anna Nicole Smith.

Well actually the Bachelors are trying to regroup. You know this competition has taken alot out of them...so we need to give them some time to regroup as we get closer and closer to the finale.
give it up for all our brave bachelors people

*applause* *applause* *applause*

Yesterday's voting results will be released tomorrow morning. So please check back later.


As you know we have a total of 9 Bachelors, each trying to win the hands of our lovely bachelorette and win the title of Bachelor of the Year.

Did you miss out on the last NaijaBlogger Awards by TaureanMinx?

Do you want another chance at getting an award?

Well here's your chance to win something. The G award will be presented to whoever can most correctly figure out who is who. Dont worry, You have some help

Here's a List of 15 male bloggers
Only 9 of them are part of our esteemed bachelor group
If you've never read/seen their pages....this is an opportunity to check out their blogs...and see if you can figure it out

Post your responses in the comment section



if you have any specific question you'd like to be answered by any or all of our Bachelors...then please leave that in the comment section or you can email me and it will be forwarded to them and answered accordingly

oh i almost forgot

tune in tomorrow for a brand new episode!!!

February 8, 2007

NaijaBlogger Bachelorette - Episode 2 - Cast your votes

Thanks to all who voted yesterday. We were even graced with the presence of a BlogCelebrity....notably Bella Naija. :-) I'd like to thank my PR people for making this possible. Also a big thank you to Cherub for her behind-the-scenes efforts!

if you're just joining us....NaijaBlogger Bachelorette is the name of the show
We have several bachelors in Blogsville vying for the hands of our lovely Bachelorette who is yet to be revealed. You can familiarize yourserlf with the Bachelors HERE.
Each day the Bachelors are asked a question and their responses are voted on.
The votes they receive will determine if they continue on or are eliminated

We had a late start this morning. There was a party last night for all our Bachelors...as you can tell, Bachelor 1 and 5 had way too much fun and are getting a late start today

It seems that the competition was between Bachelor 4 and 7.

Bachelorette question: If there was ONE thing you wanted me to know about you what would it be and why. Who is your ideal woman?

Bachelor 1 :
About me: I'm more interested in the beauty of the soul than in outwardbeauty. I never believe I'll fail but I know I have my shortcomings. I'moften curt and abrupt but I still show I care in many ways. I courtcriticism because it's the only way I grow.I

deal Woman: I like confidence. I completely adore soft eyes. I likesomeone who's very communicative because that's the only type of womanwho can get me to open up. I love someone who isn't afraid to stand upto me when she believes something, and who knows when she's wrong andapologizes.

Bachelor 2:
If there was ONE thing that I want you to know about me is that I am a PACKAGE! I am a package because like the wrap of a package, I am easy to open but I require precision. Like a package, I come with the works...from laughts to screams, to joyful tears and depending on the package, I lead to intellectual conversations all the way to romantic moments bringing about the security (spiritually, physically and emotionally) every woman desires in a man.

My ideal woman is a woman after God's heart, who understands that loving God isnt just a proclamation but also a lifestyle. She's passionate about everything she's involved in...from me, work, family, even her career. She's independent without being INDEPENDENT!!! She's secure about herself, future, goals and decisions. She's what the bible calls a virtuous woman.

[diamond says....ladies ladies ladies....what do you think of THIS...Im quite impressed to tell you the truth..infact I think....hmmm...let me keep my thoughts to myself for now..]

Bachelor 3:
Im very emotional
Perhaps the one thing that made me a little different from my younger brother s growing up was the fact that i was the only one who was easily prone to tears. I dont find it embarrassing, i think its good to have a good cry once in a while. and who said tears were only meant for women anyway?
Ok so i daydream once in a while and i am pretty intense when i'm in a relationship... not a bad one really.

My ideal woman...
Now that's a pretty difficult question to answer because quite a few times the criteria for identifying my ideal woman has had to change with new experiences.
My ideal woman is independent, strong, a career woman, great with kids.
able to hold her own among her peers. Loving, caring and above all God fearing.
What do i look for in a woman when i first meet her? Her choice of words, the way she reasons, her level of intelligence, err need i add that she must be cute?

[diamond says...no worries mate...our Bachelorette is cute...did you see her introduction yesterday?]

Bachelor 4:
The one thing I would love you to know about me is my POSITIVE nature. We as human beings tend to encounter so many things in our life, mostly things tend to work in our favor but we always make reservation for that time it wouldnt go as planned. Keep the positive spirit which will obviously sail you thru, no matter what. And that might be a silent inspiration for someone you dont intend to positively influence.

My ideal woman? It isnt all about physical attributes, left to me, I'd say all women are fabulous in their own way. But that ideal woman will have to some particular aura to them, high self-esteem, self-respect, while not being self-centred. Someone that believes in herself, in their sexuality. did I mention that she has to be a career minded woman as well?
[diamond says...I love that you're so positive....this is what woman want to hear...it's not all about the physical attributes....preach on!!!]

Bachelor 5
I want you to know that i am a genuine person. in this world of fake, evil and self-centred, inconsiderate, pretentious people, i think the quality of being real is invaluable. i am a good person, and that comes across. being genuine means that i am honest and down to earth in my personality, about my strengths, beliefs and flaws as a human being. it means that i am emotional, without pretense. that's who i am, real. i fight for what i believe in, because in the end that matters.

do you have an hour? okay. my ideal woman is intelligent, beautiful and God-fearing; humble, driven, ambitious and kind-hearted. she is a strong, compassionate woman who shares my passion for life and the pleasures which exist in the little things. she is a human being who knows that she isn't perfect, but tries as much as she can to be the best person that she could possible be. i'd love for her to be an optimist, because that glass really is half full, which is good for the future, rather than half empty, which is bad. she must be fun! and down for whatever, because we need to light up the sky!

Bachelor 6:
I could be very very very vulnerable when in love...
My ideal woman is one whose fire burns as hot as mine...
[diamond says....okkkkkkkk....]

Bachelor 7 :
The ONE thing you need to know about me is that "I am very passionate about life and God and Im also an understanding person that will always support his partner 100%.

My ideal woman is someone who is God-fearing,understanding and also is ready to support me in anyway if and when i need it.
[diamond says...short and sweet]

Bachelor 8
The one things is....I have found out I'm adaptable to situations (not someone I want though).

My ideal woman should be educated, wise, neat, academic, caring, homely, friendly, someone who has the fear of God and can be randy. She must be able to have a mind of her own & not be a calculator.

Size and color doesn't matter though, the content of the body matters most. Utmost, she must have the understanding that things work only if we want them to work.

[diamond says...I guess Im trying to understand the calculator...]

Bachelor 9
Im "shy"

My ideal woman is a good conversationist, doesnt have to talk a lot but must be able to carry a conversation. i dont expect her to cook and clean 24/7, neither do i expect her to be all about a career. someone who would understand me even when i dont want to be understood.

[diamond says....im totally feeling the "dont expect her to cook and clean...]

(the voting poll is on the left of your screen and there's no limit on who you can vote for)
There shouldnt be any problems with voting today but as always...you can leave a comment :-)

Results are as follows: Bachelor #4 came out ontop with yesterday's episode...He had 33% of all votes cast so he earns 10points. Bachelor #7 didnt do too bad either...he had 24% of the votes, earning him 8points followed distantly by Bachelor #9 14% (7points) and Bachelor #8 with 9% of all votes..so he earns 6points. Everyone else was tied and each had approximately 5% of the votes and have each earned 3points. Seems like some Bachelors need to step their game up

***by the way...the Bachelorette's Identity will be revealed this weekend(sunday)...at which point only the TOP five Bachelors will go on...so keep tuning in***

????who can guess who the bachelors are????

February 7, 2007

A message from the Bachelorette [CAST YOUR VOTE]

My heart was beating with anticipation this morning. I am so excited. Finally, I can join the ranks of Vera and TMinx...I'll have a man to call my own...with a prestigious title no less....Bachelor of the Year...I think this will definitely raise me in the ranks...what do you think?
Since you bachelors have so graciously given a brief and I must say a creative introduction, I thought it only fair to do the same...I'll continue from my previous thoughts....

Naughty but oh so nice
Sweet but not to be taken for granted
Loves to laugh out loud and is not afraid to laugh at herself
Classy and ladylike with a smile to die for
Don't be fooled though,
As my lips speak soft words, so can they rip to shreds
A hopeless romantic but a realist
Able to lose herself in a movie or a good book
But is also content to do nothing
Not a fan of clubs and bars
But can shake her groove thang with the rest of them
So smart and curious - financial reports? Not a problem
But can be caught watching X-Men cartoons on a Saturday morning
Very focused but gives in to confusion now and again
A mind that is sure to challenge
A personality to adore
A tease
A flirt
A lover of life
Just a teaser about me.......

I have my eye on #9. I do have a couple of questions of my own for all of you. First thing is if you wanted me to know just one thing about you, what would it be and why? Also, I want to know who your ideal woman is...looking forward to your responses....

[diamond says... if anyone is having problems voting, please leave your votes in the comment section and they will be calcuated at the end of the day...and yes...that means you too Nilla and Life of a Stranger :-)]

NaijaBlogger Bachelorette - Season Premiere



*applause* *applause* *applause*

This is the time NaijaBloggers around the bloglobe have been waiting for. We searched high and lo....and all around so that Nothing but the best of the best Blogger Bachelors would be presented to you. The question now is...who will win Bachelor of the Year...who will win the hands of our lovely Bachelorette.... Yes...she is still going to remain anonymous...but only for a little while longer. We dont feel that you guys will be able to handle it all at once....

Ladies and Gentlemen...Boys and Girls...our esteemed Bachelors have been asked to give an introduction using no more than FIVE words and because a picture is worth a thousand words, they've been asked to provide a picture that represents them....

Please vote for your favorite....else they get voted off....without further ado...I present to you.....

Bachelor #1:
Maintains eye contact, crew cut
[diamond says...sounds like someone in the Marines...hmmm...wonder who?]

Bachelor #2:
4'3"bowlegged conversationalist with a hump!
[diamond says...hmmm.... a hump...well we can work with that]

Bachelor #3:
Beware the tiger's tail!
[diamond says....now this definitely has some possibilites]

Bachelor #4:
Nice down-to-mars personality, cheerful, craves intelligent conversation, witty and pretty amibitious, religious
[diamond says....I couldve sworn there was a FIVE word limit....]

Bachelor #5:
Reflective, Fun, free-spirited, eccentric freak
[diamond says...hard shell, soft heart???...I guess we'll see]

Bachelor #6:
Good Listener, Love all things trendy, Smile-a-lot, Worries-a-lot, take the day as it comes...
[diamond says...well we all love a good listener but somehow I wonder since this was to be limited to FIVE words...way to go with the good listening!!!]

Bachelor #7:
Hardworking, Caring, Strong willed, calm and could definately throw down in the Kitchen... and in the rest of the house
[diamond says....What? a Phil Collins look alike that is domesticated? too good to be true?]

Bachelor #8:
simple open optimistic realist mystique
[diamond says...mystique? mystique?? mystigue??? someone get me a dictionary AND IS THAT A NUN?]

Bachelor #9:
cooker, listener, woman-wrapper, nutt sack, smiley...
[diamond says...well at least he says he can cook...whether it tastes good or not we dont know...at least you'll get served with a smile]

okay ppl....what do you make of these introductions? see anything worthy to woo the Bachelorette. vote your choices and leave a comment...

the Bachelorette will be back later in day with a few words so be sure to check back!