November 9, 2007

TGIF - quick update

what's poppin people?

These two things are my new phrases... I dont know how it started... Im always saying Hola! What's poppin...

Continuing with the Thankfulness chain....

the rules:
  1. Each tagged person should complete the purpose of the tag on the assigned day
  2. Title the post similar to this (i.e. 30 days of thankfulness 2: day ????) but with the right day (e.g. november 10 would be day 10)
  3. Tag at least two other people for the next day and let them know why they're being tagged
  4. Kindly provide a link to the person that tagged you previously and Let us know who you're tagging next so we can follow the chain
  5. repost the rules i guess...

yesterday, KAFO was thankful... check out her entry HERE

and for today she tagged Jaycee and KM, check out their entries HERE and HERE respectively

.... wonder who will be next on the chain

TERC was wonderful today.. if you missed it... plan to be there next week.. you will be truly blessed. But you can also check out the TERC blog to read up on some of our past sessions..

on monday... I've tapped on LondonBuki's shoulder to do a Thankful Post for Day 12.. so be sure to check out Mommy Monday then

ciao people... have a great weekend!

p.s. Ijoba Orun mp3


Niomo said...

Lovely Song.

KM said...

Hey Diamond,
I did my homework too, lol!

God bless; stay grateful,

DiAmOnD hawk said...

thanks KM... :-)

JJ said...

So i must be the most silent reader in blogville, but i just had to say you totally rocked my morning with this song download link you placed. I've been overdosing on it since i heard it on here last week. Thanks a lot.
Keeping in line of thankfulness..i'm thankful to God for another chance. I went to a Bible seminar last night and the preacher said the Lord is not a God of second chances but of another chance. I'm thankful for his mercies which are new every morning reminding me that he is a faithful God, never wavering and unchanging. Another chance to live right, to speak right and to act right. May we all receive his fresh mercies as we live each day for him in Jesus name. Amen.
Thanks again Diamond! You're one of my best bloggers.

Olamild said...

nice nice

Jaycee said...

Thank u so much for this "30 Days of Thankfulness" experience...

It's really a life-changer to sit there and think of what to thank God for, and then you find you really can't COUNT your find out that so many things have happened in your life, many twists and turns, and that God was there thru it all!

I tagged Ms. Opeke for today...not sure if she has posted yet. She was the first person I thought abt when I posted mine, so I went ahead and tagged her! (didn't know I was supposed to tag two

Thanks DIAMOND...u rawk!!!

Jaycee said...

Ms. Diamond Hawk....

So Ms. Opeke put up her "thankfulness" post...check it out. Kewwwwwlllll!!!! Yay!

Uzo said...

Hmm..So to say you really like Lara George would be an understatement right?

DiAmOnD hawk said...

Uzo... God bless you really for this... as in she's in my CD player in the car... and at home... I have to say I love the whole album... this song most especially... thank you once again!!!! :-)