November 30, 2007

30 Days of Thankfulness 2 - Day 30

Wow! What a month!!

I thought of tagging people for this month... months ago... I was waiting eagerly for November to come to do this again and then when it came I felt like maybe I shouldnt do it... because I didnt necessarily get the response I was expecting... but I thought to myself... no one else should affect my plans in such a way as to discard them...

I really appreciate everyone that took the time out to participate in this tag... the tag officially ends today but of course being Thankful continues beyond the scope of this blog/tag. I tried to read everyone's post... not sure if I missed any...

remain blessed
Ms D


I started day 1 with a poem by an unknown author and today Im ending it with one from Oracle (from day 24) which was simply wonderful...


I really don’t know how to start thanking you
Because you know everything I’m going through
Your power makes the earth tremble
Day and night, I’m in your temple
The birds sing sweet melody of praise
The blood in my veins is evidence of your Grace
I was designed to praise your name
My Life has never been the same

You’ve given me so much to be thankful for
Through my path of destiny, you are the door
Even when i think I want more
I’ve got more than i bargained for
I have only you to thank

A thousand tongues, not enough to thank you
Your works and wonders can never be repaid
You delivered me from the lethal claws of death
I cannot but dedicate my being to you.

I’ve search for the sweetest words
The finest poetry
To express my appreciation to you,
But none can truly express my innermost feelings
My true desire to love you like you’ve loved me
I just have to tell you somehow,
that i recognise your supremacy
I’m subject to your Sovereignty.

You are more than who we think you are
You are bigger than I ever imagined
Ever Loving, ever faithful father and friend
Your works are too wonderful to be ignored

Time would never be enough to describe you
Words can never really tell of your Greatness
But the little we can express and show our Love

and appreciation to you, we would
You are higher than the highest mountain,
Deeper than the deepest ocean
I do not only thank you, but I praise you.

Your mighty acts cannot go unappreciated.
You are the creator of the universe
The maker of my soul
You are GOD.

You are most richly appreciated
“Dalu Chim” (Thank you God)
All I wanna say is thank you Lord.


I just want to say a Big Thank You to everyone that participated and grew this chain...

Certainly it doesnt end today... I challenge everyone to find something to be thankful for everyday. Distractions will come... Fear is always lurking... but in Everything give Thanks... stand firm in the word of God that says the plans he has for you are great... plans to prosper you... tears will come... but so will the laughter... disappointment/failures are lessons of life that prepare us for the success that is sure to follow...

A lot has happened... especially with me the past couple of days... I'll probably share later.. but I just want to continue to Thank God for my future... it is secure in Him... I know... I confess it in Jesus' name.... Amen and I thank You God

Have a great weekend people



Believer said...

Thank you Diamond, for making us press beyond our day to day existence and count our blessings. Isn't it funny that when you really decide to give God thanks, the enemy comes to brew up a storm as if to say "I thought you were thankful for x,y,z". But like you said, he is a liar and so is his mother-in-law and I will continue to praise the Lord. Remain blessed and highly favoured.

temmy tayo said...

Tagging us all was a great idea Ms D, it gave us all the chance to thank God and magnify His name.

Jaycee said...

AMEN to the prayers...

I pray God opens my eyes to always see the "good in the midst of the bad" each day. You see, there's always a "good" in every "bad," but the thing is we don't see it like tis everyday.

Thank you so much for the challenge to always be thankful for something each day. I'm motivated to start a personal chain of thankfulness. Starting from today (yay, it's december 1st). Thank God I read this. I better start looking.

Allied said...

I am so glad you did tagg people.. you can imagine how it grew. God is awesome!!!

Olamild said...

More of God's grace in your life

What u started was a beautiful thing and u see God's awesome.