November 24, 2007

30 Days of Thankfulness 2 - Day 24 ( by my sister)

My sister Shay, doesnt have a blog... but I asked her to write a Thankful post so that I could put it up here... I think that it's wonderful that in the midst of not so good news... you can still thank God... so Please join her in thanking God today...


This is my own thankful post. I almost thot I wouldnt be able to write about thanksgiving... especially today. Howev
er, I choose to be thankful. There's a lot I am thankful for. First will be for my family. I could not pick a better family to be a part of; their support & continual love have carried me thru out life. In good times and difficult times, I know that talking to a member of my family will mean me getting prayer, advise, encouragement and an opportunity to laugh (we laugh a lot in my family )

I thank God for my lovely sister, Diamond. I always wanted a younger sister, and God couldn't have blessed me with a better sister. She's also my friend and a great one at that! She's the most generous person I know and she has given me so much throughout the years. I am thankful that I can talk to her about whatever and she gives a listening ear. She challenges me and encourages me. She's lovely, beautiful in every way and I'm very blessed because I can call her MY SISTER....all mine!!!!

I am thankful for my mum. There's too much to say about this incredible woman but all I can say is I would be doing extremely well if I become a mother like her. She has never ceased to give an encouraging word. I KNOW she prays for me. She's my friend and another laughing partner (I told you we laugh in this family... heheheee).

Now, for the man that God has blessed me with; he's my friend, boyfriend, fiancé, husband-to-be (very soon), confidante, my dance partner..... I thank God for how He orchestrated our meeting; how He is guiding and strengthening our relationship every single day. I thank God for all the moments we have shared and that we can always look back to and smile or laugh. I thank God for our future together and the great and wonderful plans God has set in place.

I thank God for who He is- my Provider, my Father, my all. The One without whom there's no point existing. You have ALWAYS made a way for me.... ALWAYS! You've never left me on my lonesome; You've comforted me with your presence. Thank you for your Holy Spirit that leads and guides; your Spirit that comforts me when I am down. Thank you for your word that lifts me and assures me that ALL IS WELL! You're simply AMAZING. No one compares to You and I love you. Thank you for your patience with me; your constant grace and mercy. I am nothing without You.

Thanks again, Diamond, for challenging me to be thankful today. I love you!



Who else is thankful...

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p.s. if I've missed anyone, please let me know...


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

This post really touched me. God is just wonderful.

Jaycee said...

I'm can just imagine u blushing so hard when ur sister thanked God for a beaurrriful sister like


Ugo Daniels said...

Great stuff :)