November 19, 2007

30 Days of Thankfulness 2 - Day 19 [by UZO]

Uzo was tagged by both me and 36inches some days ago, and yesterday by TLK for today and here goes her post!!!


I find it strange to be doing a thankful post especially because i am thankful for everything in my life.....

I am thankful for my very existence. I am not greater or better than the people that passed on early on in their lives, or my age mates that have passed on. I am thankful that God sees fit to have me wakeup each and everyday to live life - to make mistakes, to laugh, to cry, to love, to fight, to work, to make choices...just for being here - i am thankful

I am thankful for EVERYONE in my life. I dont like people very much because i am impatient and have little time for pettiness and nonsense. But the fact that i have to interact with people everyday has taught me to be more patient, more intuitive about people, to be able to read body language, to know those that my spirit rejects and those to pull close. Every moment spent in the company of another person is a chance for me to learn and build my character

I am thankful for my inquisitive nature. My constant questions and need to know nature have done more than inform me.It has meant that ignorance is not mine. It means that i have the ability to see things from broader perspectives than other. It means that i dont follow blindly. I thank God for this because in this day and age of falseness everywhere, i can make informed decisions and not follow blindly.

Of course I am thankful for my family. For they set the foundation for who i am....Being thankful for family is a given so i wont dwell on that.

I am thankful for that extra something about me. I dont know what to call it....I find myself playing a caretaker role to people. I find that virtual strangers find it easy to talk to me, to confide in me and to take the words i say seriously. I am thankful to God for deeming it fit that i should be there for people - even when it seems unwanted. I am thankful that God has shown me that this extra something will shape the works of my hands in the years to come. I am thankful for the words that God allows me to speak at the right time and to the right people....

I am thankful for all the "mistakes" i have made in my life. I choose not to call them mistakes but rather lessons. They have been hard and so tough but i know now that they happened for a reason. See, i believe that my God is not a cruel God, nor does he take delight in my pain. Therefore, He makes things happen for a reason. So how can i call them mistakes or missteps?

I am thankful for my future. I know that God has plans for me. Big plans. Sometimes, i get so excited that i want to get into my future quickly so i can bask in the wonderfulness that is in store for me and my family. But it is a journey....

>>>>I would like everyone to listen to this song: Martha Munizzi - Plan for you<<<
[will place song on here when we find it or if anyone has it... please share!!!]



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Have a blessed week ahead... start dieting and exercising... Thanksgiving day is almost upon us!!!!


jummy said...

Girl pls tell me am first

1st time on ur blog and i must say u have a way with words

I love the way u write effortlessly yet deep

Me love love love this thankfullness post esp the making well informed decisions in this age of falseness

Well written u have a brand new fan


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

In all things I give God the praise.