November 17, 2007

30 Days of Thankfulness 2 - Day 17

Im at a loss of words...
Im thanking God for being able to wake up this morning... Im thanking God for his healing power in my life

[Deuteronomy 7: 14 - 15
14. I will be blessed above all the nations of the earth; I will not be barren, not even my cattle
15. And the Lord will take away all my sickness and will not let me suffer any of the diseases of Egypt; He will give them all to my enemies
I am healed in Jesus' Name. Amen]

Im just thankful that Im here today... I woke up early this morning and somehow found myself doing a search for "thankful" and I found a couple of blogs that are on similar themes...
here are the links
Rebecca Writes ::: Carla Rolfe ::: Season of Gratitude :::

if you find any "thankful" list dont hesitate to share...

As for this chain.. so far...

I tagged Life of a Stranger for Day 14, who tagged TemmyTayo and Believer for Day 15

TemmyTayo tagged Bimbylads and Believer tagged Ebony and Allied for Day 16

and the chain keeps growing......

Be sure to check out their posts

p.s. if you've been tagged, provide a link to the person who tagged you and provide a link to the two people that you're tagging for the next day and dont forget to title your post in a similar fashion... :-)

you know what... so often we focus on the negatives... we let fear rule us... or rather I sometimes do... fear immobilizes you.... but it is important to refocus our energy on the more positives... to take courage... act/move forward inspite of our fears

I planned a team potluck for today... our thanksgiving potluck and yours truly is making the cornbread.. Jiffy anyone??? :-).. I am thankful for that... that the food will nourish our bodies and no one will get sick... thankful that we are all able to gather together at a time like this... thankful that people are actually participating....


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