October 10, 2007

It's all about ME today!!!


There are many things I could say today. But all I am is Thankful. On sunday we had a big deliverance service at church and if you watched the above clip, it was reenacted during the service and I wanted to share... I feel it relays such a potent message... liberating... Im so thankful to God for seeing me through all my mess... and there's plenty of that... seeing me through some of my addictions and slowly helping me overcome them. And while I struggle to be a better person and I feel like Im sinking back into my old destructive ways... Im glad that He's always there even if sometimes I feel like He's not. That's actually what I got out of watching it... He's Always there. Im just thankful to God for letting me see another day... another year and I know that maybe Im not all that he wants me to be yet... but God Im trying and I will be better!

so really it's my birthday but it's not really about me today... it's really about God... giving God the glory... thanking Him for the physical manifestation of his Love, Jesus Christ.... gosh... so many many things I could say... things I can wish for... but it all falls short when compared to giving Glory to God....

I went out late last night and got myself a little cake and candles... I've just been on this "high" .... went up and down the aisle looking for my favorite irish cream... but I didnt find any... I'll probably get some today. So many good things have happened this month... two of my friends gave birth recently... another one is due soon... October is the PERFECT MONTH... the tenth month... 10 represents perfection in divine order. Anyways... yall have a piece of this raspberry-swirl vanilla cake... and enjoy some drinks (emu, sprite, red wine or champagne) on me!!!

Biodun was first in wishing me a Happy Birthday on monday... ojoro... The lovely Jaycee called and sang me happy birthday and she sounded so lovely... . my friend *P* was the first official call I received... my room-mate, Ola send me a text message then rushed upstairs and sang me happy birthday and I wanted to cry.... and so far Ive received a couple of calls and text messages... but wait o... no gift... maybe these people didnt get my wish list....

haba! is that too much to ask for?
this list is way cheaper/smaller than last year's

Happy Birthday to all the beautiful people born in October... Allied on the 16th and Niyi, the great commenter a day after.... and If I remember from last year, LondonBuki's brother and NaijaBloke's cousin share this month with me.. so a special shout out to them

This is my theme song for the day It's by Hezekiah Walker and it's titled Grateful
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and this is my prayer for today
Isaiah 11:2->Father, incubate me in the spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, and the fear of the Lord, in Jesus' Name... Amen

Thanks for stopping by... and have a wonderful day
Love, Miss D


LondonBuki said...



HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR... call you soon x

Allied said...

Happy Birthday to you. I guess i am first for next year...LOL..

That skit made me cry. i was watching it and weeping.. God is so good.

A blogger (believer)shared with me that October is a month of increase. I pray the Lord will surely cause you to increase on all sides in Jesus name. Increase in knowledge, wisdom, peace, health, finances, favour, open doors in the mighty name of Jesus. He has called you and He will surely equip you for where He is taking you. Remember you are anointed.

Thanks for the shout out. Looking forward to mine.

Ugo Daniels said...

And a very warm buffday greetings to you. Unfortunately i can't call you like others...no number

Do have a lovely one! Cheers!!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

First of all biodun doesn't count cause the 8th is not your birthday, I've been doing the countdown and telling everyone that will listen so technically that position should be mine.

Plus the time difference, Ive been vsiting your blog and it wasn't up this morning.

The month of october signifies alot of things, but one thing is that the God who has started great and awsome things in your life will soon bring them to fruition. You'll see, today is not just you adding another year, but a new season of a supernatural dimension in your life. He alone is worthy to be praised in your life and as His words says in Jer 33 vs. 3 - He will continue to reveal to you more of the unsearchable things that you can never know. Happy birthday my darling, I thank God for your life and I too Im grateful to God for you.

Have a super day

londonnaijachic said...

happy birthday hun! Many more years to come of happiness, strength(in every area of your life), love and everything else you wish yourself. Enjoy and have a good one!

BK said...


Daddy's Girl said...

Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday Babes.

azuka said...

Happy Birthday. Today's my elder brother's too ;-)

NaijaBloke said...

Nne!!! U berra email,mailpost,download or anything u want to do my own cake and emu down here cos we try to coarse u into having a parry,but u no gree.

Anyway happy byday and many happy returns.May God grant u all ur heart desires in Jesus name.

Belle said...

happy birthday luv :)
God bless!

Rinsola said...

Happy Birthday missy, Wish you many more fruitful, funfilled and fufilled years ahead. And for your prayer for today I say an AMEN to it all, and i add one more, can u take it? May you become a TERROR to the kingdom of darkness. Have fun missy.

Mrs Somebody said...

Happy Birthday to you sweet diamond!!!
God bless and increase you.Amen.

Naijadude said...

Happy birthday!

Naijadude said...

I am still trying to get the song to dedicate to you ooh and I am feeling guilty I didnt say happy birthday first and didnt come until 2pm....
I will call you later...oops I dont knw if I have the number ooh :'(

Soul said...

I wished you happy birthday before the rest of these goons abi you don forget?
:) Happy birthday for the second time! I dunno whther you want blood oh! but I want my props! It's not blooming easy staying up late hoping to catch you on IM jut to wish you happy birthday hmmph!

ebony said...

Hey girl, am so glad I checked in today....blessings and more blessings to you. Wishing you a lovely year. God bless!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday again! Glad to see I was #1!!

I saw the video on a friends' FB page and I actually cried at the end. All I can say is 'Thank God for God'.


Jaycee said...

Love ya...hope u enjoyed ur birthday (and the birthday song I sang to u when I called...LOLLLLL...)

Keep celebrating YOU cos you're a beautiful person...the celebration has not ended...

'Funmilayo said...

|Hi ya,
sorry i missed your birthday.
was busy having a totally horrible day.
maybe next year, 'll be first.

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

happy belated birthday
many more years..
God bless