September 21, 2007

Nothing but the truth! / can you sue God?

anyone there?
ive been away for a minute. hope everyone is doing well.
Today was TERC... thanks to the lovely Cherub for waking me up... very wonderful topic... will let u know when the blog is updated re: what we discussed...

This week has been wonderful... lots of things happening...
on Tuesday at work we had a cookoff at work... we did it two years ago..
basically each team in the department competes for a grand prize. Yours truly created the menu and made a rum cake and a vanilla bean cake... just call me Betty Crocker. :-) Also made some shrimp with pineapples and some fried plantains. People kept teasing me that they were getting tipsy off my cake... but I hope we win... some of the judges came back to finish off the cake... and the next day I took a chocolate rum cake to work... had to clear it with my DM first... to make sure I didnt end up in HR.

what I found interesting in creating the menu was that EVERYONE said i spelled WHET wrong... that it should be WET... hmmmm... so I had to educate some people... i guess it's one of those common things that people mistake. After some pressure I actually changed the menu to "wet"... then I changed it back... why should i change it to something that I know is wrong just to please or make sure everyone understands... so whatever


On sunday I went to church... some things resounded within me....

Hebrews 4:12 -13 -> you must give account to God for everything you've done.
yes! everything!!
so what have you done today? what did you do yesterday?

Psalm 51:10 Create in me a clean heart
Ezekiel 36:26 -> Create in me a clean heart....
That's the order... first I need a new heart... then I need my spirit renewed... but first things first...
on my to-do list! Get Heart Transplant.

I am christian yeah? I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins yeah? So the life Im living now... is that what He died for?

The service ended with a clip of The Truth... I thought it was very clever... infact Im going to use this very idea for some future projects... but I thought to share it with everyone else... you know what they say about the truth.... it sets you free!



if you'd like to hear the sermon, I have it posted on my message blog. Click HERE

I thought this was a joke... in very bad taste... but a senator has filed a suit against God.. read HERE and apparently "God" responds HERE


will be back soon! Have a great weekend


yayi said...

Could you please give me that special recipe? I love to cook, not everytime though especially not under pressure. That senator seems to be off his rocker!!

DiAmOnD hawk said...

recipe to what? the curry? or the rum cake?

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

wow - the scriptures were jumping out to me, as in, the questions you asked really spoke to me. I had to check myself.

Especially to do with work.. hmmm, now that is where I need serious help. God I have overly taken advantage of the good things you've given me, and I ask for help to help me in these areas. Amen.

Thanks for bringing it to my remembrance.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

ps, hope you win the competition, you know you will always remain the best cook in my books.

Nuggets of Gold said...

It is a sobering thought that we will actually give an account for everything.

Every gift we have been given, every friendship God has blessed us with, the wisdom which he expects us to put to use for the good of the church and the world.

We should live as people who will give account. Thanks for the reminder

Naijadude said...

Has it ever occured to me that I will give account to everything? Nope... but that is the truth, you take charge!

Uzo said...

Menu sounds interesting...Can you send me the recipes for ALL you made?>

How r u?

'Funmilayo said...

Hi ya,
used you links on

Hope you dont mind terribly?

point 2.
I am very shameless when it comes to cakes.
But the good thing's is that when I bake I dont eat as much as I'd love too- because I already eat too much dough or (as I'll prefer to think) , the excitement of eating so much 'overwhelms' my senses..

Please please please, send me your receipes, please?

DiAmOnD hawk said...

i dont mind at all

and it's no problem sharing the recipes.... infact i'll make a new post... you have to share some of your too o
thanks for stopping by :-)

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