August 16, 2007

Music Im Feeling: Tonic - If you could only see

This past monday found this song in my head.. out of nowhere... I just started singing it at work... It's an old one... I dont have the Tonic version on here.. I tried and tried to look for a great acoustic version... and found a short cover done by Kali Azurra

The story is the guy was in a relationship with a much older woman and his mother did not approve. Hence the song...

How old is too old... what is the minimum age gap that you'd allow... I've always maintained that I'd be with anyone from +9 to -1 of my age...

I once dated a guy that was almost 20years older than me... my mother did not approve of course... but there was no stopping me... I thought I was in love... i was like 17 then... lol.. what a big mistake that wouldve been... Ive always maintained that Im more mature than my age... and because people in their interaction with me assumed so as well... I did think I was so grown.. but in hindsight.. I had much to learn... so much more and i was NOT in love

and I know this question has been posed over and over again... why is it more acceptable for the guy to be older and not vice versa?

Should there be an age limit? A friend once told me about a grandfather(Im talking above 70)... was dating a girl that was just barely out of her teens and even had a baby? I almost couldnt believe it. What was the attraction?

My friend said Love is mysterious... I guess so

Here's the full length version

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