September 30, 2007

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Street Preacher posted this "Devotion" on his blog recently and I connected with it and thought I'd share

Who would I be without Your love?
And what would I do if You were not here
How could I live if I didn’t have You?
I would be lost, a lonely wanderer
A man with no home, with no hope
Stumbling in the dark, tripping on and on
But I have You and I know it is You
It is You; You are my light, my life
My sun in the sky, the moon at night
You are my joy and my hope
You have been there all my days
It is You who see and wipe my tears
It is You who deeply, truly cares
And its You alone who banishes my fears
The assurance that I shall be and not fail
You know me, how strong, yes, how frail
You see my quiet moments of desperation
And the moments raging emotions
With You its easy to cry, laugh and be
Its amazing how much You bear, forgive
No one could ever love like you
You simply amaze me, I am spell bound
The thought of Your devotion and Love
Your commitment to me, who am I
There is nothing sweeter than Your love
Nothing more assuring than Your Word
I am bound to You, bound by Your love


~Mimi~ said...

hi hunie. been a while :) i mean since i left a comment on your blog jare. hope ur ok ..

read about mama nuru and mama p sorry my condolence is comin a bit late :(

Ugo Daniels said...

I tried to watch it but couldn't, probably techie prob.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

@mimi.. thx babe

@Ugo... what time did u try to watch it?

Aoko (Pea) said...

Nice blog.. thanks for stopping by mines! Shalom.

Olamild said...

Very unique blog i must say

Kafo said...

i don't know about this ooo

initially it starts out like a letter to a lover and then i get this feeling that we are talking about God

it is like that song Darling Jesus, Darling Jesus o my Darling Jesus, you're a wonderful Lord


i'm not sure

yayi said...

i tried watching the program but i couldnt. dunno whatsup. nice inspire me.

Jaycee said...

ahhhhhh...I totally connected with that poem, it was really beautiful...

ebony said...

Me like!

Kafo said...

i need to go and hunt this author down


Naijadude said...

that song on playing on your blog... I LOVE IT... i have been wondering who sang the song...