May 29, 2007

The Nigerian Proclamation/Why do we need a government

The Nigerian Pledge

I pledge to Nigeria my country
To be faithful, loyal, and honest
To serve Nigeria with all my st

To defend her unity
And uphold her honor and glory

So help me God

In recent history, Nigerians have been overwhelmingly betrayed by those charged with addressing their needs. Instead of serving the people, some elected officials have served themselves to the detriment of the masses. The result is a nation lacking adequate infrastructure, organization and security

The ineffectiveness of Nigerian Leaders indicates a lack of accountability to the constituents. Nigerians are no longer relevant to the leaders, thus, leaders do not feel responsible to them.


in posting this up... I thought about what to write today. I was going to write on "Why do we need a government" but I find that I dont have the desire to do so at this time... and that's partly because I dont think Im that well informed on the topic... but really WHY DO WE NEED A GOVERNMENT. I thought to myself, the private sector seems to be able to take care of things but then I figured if you put them in power, they'd be just as useless.Then I thought about the word "useless"... if really I should be using that word. I shared my thought with a friend who stated "well u need to put into perspective that the people we call government are the same people running the private sector. they r just using the government to enrich their private sector business"

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This is funny... it's a pastor with a yoruba interpreter
you've really got to listen to this interpreter!!!


NaijaBloke said...

Love the post ........

temmy tayo said...

Lol at the Pastor and the interpreter!

Ugo Daniels said...


Jaycee said...

lol...I don't even understand Yoruba sef, but its funny...

Kafo said...

I am still laughing
i am sending this to all my family

thanks a billion

hmmm this naija proclamation thing.
i'm still thinking

Kafo said...

the more i listen to this.
is this a real sermon??
or just a joke???

Uzo said...

I have heard that pastor thing and its quite hilarious....When is the he said she said stuff going to continue?

tokunbo said...

O boy, this interpretation na helele o. Pls what is your reason......and Come let us all reason together.

But its true o, if all Nigerians all ju idi po, maybe things will be better.


DiAmOnD hawk said...

hey yall

I listened to this thing over again like Kafo... and I think it's a joke... as in... I just cant imagine it being real... but it's sooooooo funny... then the end... the "double portion" something or other... from bow to straight... just hilarious!!!!

He said She said... will be on friday

The Pseudo-Independent said...

Nce blog you have here. Dont think have ever seen you on mine. Great stuff. Please give me a shout when next you update. God bless

btw: nice post although I think Yaradua has noted the flaws in the process where he emerged and I think he has promised to address this. I have faith.

laspapi said...

Hawk, played the joke-sermon for my entire cast at rehearsals. They went mad.
Great one (of course, it isn't real)

DiAmOnD hawk said...

hey Pseudo... I do come on ur blog... only I dont think Ive left a comment... I will try to do so soon...

Laspapi... Glad ur cast had a good laugh. Ive shared it with almost everyone I know... it's just too funny...