May 16, 2007

Music Im feeling: Mary J Blige

I love Mary J Blige. I cant say how or when we got introduced. I just know that Ive always had a connection with her through her music. I like how she's risen above her struggles and I love her style...

Last year, I bought a CD of hers. Well my dad did. He was shopping for me and I included all the CDs I wanted to get in his cart... :-). I didnt really listen to it but recently I had the urge to hear it again on my way to work. I start my car... and soon the words to the different songs start to flow through my mind. Im singing and Im reminscing... interesting how I remember all the words..

I remember "Real Love" only too well... remember vaguely the guy I was crushing on back then... I think it was Ahmad. He used to drool when he slept on the school bus... but He was such a gentleman. Maybe it was Patrick... anyways who really cares... I remember listening to "My Love"... somehow I knew this was an old song but I love the feeling that Mary put into it and then I remember when Family Affair came out... I remember "Im Going Down"....Mary is just it... she will always be a favorite of mine

Listening to the CD, there was one song that I didnt recognize... I was just about to skip past it to one of my favorites but something held me back... I thought let me just listen through all the songs... and ever since then... that particular song has been playing repeatedly in my car.... infact I listen to it every morning before I leave for work... when I wake up... in the shower.. then again through the 10minute mad drive to work

I love the words. Ive had the song playing on my blog for a couple of days now. I read through the lyrics and I remember the words I wrote for my husband HERE. Everytime I hear it, I think what a wonderful story it is... I think how this fits pefectly the thoughts that I have. I know that Im not meant to walk this world alone. I just want to be with my husband... I want to create our own utopia. Lately I've been sitting doing random things or nothing at all and all of a sudden a "cozy" thought will steal across my mind and I'll start smiling... smiling almost to the point of being so happy to the point of even shedding some tears... I just know... KNOW.. that I will have a wonderful partnership with the man God has ordained for me to marry and I almost cant wait... Im not ready though... Im slowly learning not to hate myself...fighting my inner demons... Cant fully love someone else while Im busy hating me right?

Anyways hope you like the song...

The lyrics are below

King & Queen with John Legend

From the very first time back when I met you at school
I looked in your eyes saw something special in you
We inspire the we
We'll be american dream
Escape this reality come start a new one with me
We could be neighbourhood royalty
Or much more than that u'll see
We're makin history
We'll go to the mass
Fly to heaven and back
The highest heights imagine
Yes we can do all of that baby

Lalalalalalalalalalalaaa we could be king and queen someday
Lalalalalalalalalalalaaa we'll never throw our dreams away

We'll make this picture complete
Start a new family
A boy that looks just like you
A girl that looks just like me
And each day that they grow
We'll teach them all that we know
Help me show them the way
We'll show them we're not afraid to be free
The only thing that should be
The flyest fantasies
The highest they can dream
Grab hold to my hand
Say that you'll be my man
Someday you'll be my king
And baby I'm your queen to be

Lalalalalalalalalalalaaa we could be king and queen someday
Lalalalalalalalalalalaaa we'll never throw our dreams away

Cities may cumble
The world is in trouble
But we'll be in love and
We'll rise above it
Each of our people
Pray for a leader
I know we will be someday

Someday, Someday, Someday, Someday

Lalalalalalalalalalalaaa we'll never throw our dreams away
Lalalalalalalalalalalaaa we could be king and queen someday


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Uzo said...

Love4 this john legend song too....About time you updated....How r u? I sent you an email

Kafo said...

hmmmm i haven't heard this song before
mii likey

Pink-satin said...

mehn..i'm going down is my best Mary j song..the girl is d bomb!