April 18, 2007

very random

i cant write the words i want to say
i start. i stop. i start. i stop
my hands stutter thru the words that i know so well in here
i want to take your hands and put them to my heart
so that you too can feel the rhythm of my words
feel it as it courses through me
i want to take your hands on an excursion...
thru peaks and valleys...
concaves and convexes
i want to look at you and just know
know that you see what i feel and you feel what i see
i want to know that the words we speak undercover have a chance some time
some day... some where... over the freaking rainbow.. lol
my thoughts are so disjointed
yet they make sense to me
im inspired yet uninspired
i cradled ur head in my lap the other day...
it was only a thought that broke into my consciousness
an instant that lasted a few minutes
then i realized
i want to be where you are
so that I can dip into you
and taste from the honey that flows forth
i want to do lame things
like hold ur hand, swing it back and forth
back and forth...whenever... wherever
maybe not so elementary
i want you to read my thoughts
and then I want you to understand
i want you to think that im writing this for you
and know that it's your call
i just...
want you ...
that's it really
all these nouns and pronouns
verbs and adverbs
missing adjectives...
with seemingly no focused objective
i just want you
maybe for like a day
and then we'll see...


zaiprincesa said...

WOW!!......like, oh my...
i dont even know what to say...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....who does Diamond want.....for like a day? He must be something special

LondonBuki said...

Gosh Dayamondi! Isn't this LOVELY?

I said I don't like Girls! You don't even listen! Now this long post, I cannot ignore it - sorry I don't do girls.

Naijadude said...

Ok, now you made me running for the actual honey and dip my hand into it....wow thats a lovely piece right there!

Hows the vacation coming along?

NaijaBloke said...

maybe u need to translate this into yoruba cos am a lil' confused here with all this metaphors and similes ...LOL

Vera Ezimora said...

Diamond, is this about me? You know you can have me for more than a day, right? In fact, I'm yours to have and to keep. Just say the word...

Soul said...

Just wow. is everyone in season.
Or is this just the season for it.
Shaking my head. this hit me square in the gut.

chase you dreams baby. chase your dreams

amara said...

WAAOW..this is really deep. This is a beautiful place to be with someone, to express the need to be with them and let all else pale into insignificance.
I love the fact that although the words seem to be going everywhere..it's still a very simple message. Thanks again for the songs.

Moments said...

When words become disjointed like this, hm... means something is cooking somewhere. Pls can you come tell us what exactly is going on?? :-)))

Meanwhile best friends grand finale is out ooo ;-)). Catch you when you get there...

NaijaBloke said...

Lemme join everybody else too jere ..

WOW! this is really deep ..Oh my gosh Diamond this is really lovely ..LOL

Uzo said...

Ehn? LOL....Fabulous. Absolutely..I am feeling this