April 24, 2007

My darling shay

baby you called me and i wasnt sure if you were laughing or crying
i asked "baby what is it... talk to me"

so it's official! you're getting married.
he proposed!!!! oh goodness... and the way he did it too... oh goodness
i want to play a thousand love songs... i want to write a thousand poems about love and committment... all for u

I sit here thinking of the day. Thinking of all the things I want you to get done because your day has to be perfect. I love you so much and I want you to be happy. Im glad that you've found a wonderful partner in G. What a wonderful guy. But this isnt about him. This is about you. We've laughed and cried and laughed and laughed. I cant remember a time when we've been together and we havent laughed.

From that time in California...when I really disliked you
To that time in Boston where we met the french man and his lover in the laundromart
Remember Tony and that guy with the funny finger movements as he danced?
To walking home from Mass Ave station with sis Ts friend and some crazy guy cursing at us
How about the time in Knoxville where the bus driver thought we were lesbians
or your memories of me being so cuddly and attached
i guess i never realized i was sooooooooo touchy feely... :-)
To the time you swore you would never date... promised you would never wear pants
How about our dear Jeff... and Tina... and the whole boston crew
and who can forget our dear and wonderful and ever so colorful family members
and our dear dear sister... and when daddy wanted us to call K.. brother K
and how we didnt call him for a while
and to recently... in london
to the time u scared me when you got sick and I didnt know what to do
Babe...we've come a long way
everything wasnt rosy
but no one can doubt the love that we share

Im sitting here.. thinking about my speech... knowing that it has to be perfect
wondering what I will say... wondering what J is going to say... Wondering if we should try to work something together...
thinking about color schemes and placements of so many little things
thinking about what Im going to do for yall that's out of this world....
I imagine you... a princess... floating in.. in your beautiful gown....
then you in your trad... trying to ki.. ko? mole? lol... girl you know what i mean... get down
you're so beautiful. inside and out. Everyone who meets you likes you. G is one lucky dude
im so glad that you have someone whose heart is with God
that will give you romance... serenade you in so many different ways...
i know you're my big sister but i feel like your big sister...
i want to hold your hand thru every process
i want to slay your dragons
i want to create the perfect place for you and your yummy hubby

I know that our relationship will change... your husband is now IT... but always know that when you want to scream... when you want to cry... and always when you want to laugh... im an email/phone call away... and maybe... one day... we'll be a short drive away... so that our daughters can grow up together and be friends by force :-). I'll even babysit... ONE TIME... i'll even try changing the diapers... if for some strange reason no one else is around... eeewwww... now u know this is love

our love has withstood the test of time... when God created me... he knew I'd make the perfect sister for you... LOL... arent you so lucky. I am lucky... lucky to have someone who prays for me... who encourages me... someone that can help me put ALL my bloginfatuations in perspective.. lol...

gosh... still thinking about that day... I'll try not to cry okay?.. I'll try but wont promise
oh my goodness... we're grown up now sis...
no more thinking about first kisses...
now it's about... sex... and kids... and intimacy... and honoring God in a different way

so some time... before that day.. when you have a quiet moment... allow thots of me to squeeze in while you think of G...and just smile at all the memories we've had... and smile at the future we're creating... and laugh because it's all good and God is definitely in control


omo-obanta said...

fIRST? wow its cool to have such good friends isnt it. Congratulations to her...

p.s I have inserted disc 2

Uzo said...

Oooh so so sweet. Cool...And you will babysit and change diapers a lot more than once

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Gosh, I can see from what you've written the etent you would go to me sure your sister is happy. It must be wonderful having a sister like you..LOL..I'm sure she knows..are wedding crashers invited..lol..let me know so I can start my own preparation.

Great write up by the way. stay well Di.

omo-obanta said...

oh i'm slow lol. the friend=the sister...i want a sister...

dolly said...

great post

LondonBuki said...

This is the same 'Shay' right? Tell her I will babysit too :-)

Beautiful words for a Beautiful woman!!

LOL @ people thinking you were lesbians!

londonnaijachic said...

beautiful post! i wish her all the best too.

Miguel said...

Wow...this is really moving...good friends are hard to fine...congrats to ur friend.

Shay said...

Hi sweetie :-) what can I say, you've been a great sister!! I wasn't sure if I should cry or what...God definitely knew what He was doing when He gave me my own baby sister. I love you. I do remember the guy with the funny fingers...hehehee (his name's J)... I think we should go back to Boston and relive some of those moments...G would come along too :)

We had our difficult moments when we were much younger but nothing big enough to place a gap b/w us. Instead we have grown closer.

I'm looking forward to that wedding day...you beside me...i won't have it any other way!!! no one else could take fill that place. so i look forward to laughing and maybe a few tears....

I love you! you changing diapers?! I'm saving this page so i can have evidence you said so.

LB, thank God I have ppl like you. So when G & I need to get away, I can leave the baby with u abi? :)

Through these eyes said...

I love the new color of your website. Not sure if this is recent, i know i've been gone for a minute. Hope ur doing well.