March 2, 2007

to YOU

Ehn Ehn!!!!so this is the kind of person YOU are .

U know how to walk oooooo.

I heard that u & Grace left in the morning and U came back with Joy. U spent ur night with Peace and woke with Blessing discussing about Favour waiting 4 u at the office, while Happiness and Prosperity are waiting for you in the car.

All this 4 only U? just go becos that is how they will continue to follow u through out the year 2007. God has blessed you and it cannot be reversed. Your dream will not die, your plans will not fail, your destiny will not be aborted, the desires of your heart will be granted. Say a big AMEN. Money will know ur Name and Address from now on. Have a lovely day!! (let me add to that... Good health... and a sound mind)

shared this with a couple of TERC attendees and wanted to share with you as well
join us for TERC this morning...from 5am - 6am (us eastern standard time)
Dial in #: 605- 990- 0100 Access Code: 161292#



Uzo is starting up the NaijaBlogger Bachelor series.... this promises to be interesting. We're going to see what the ladies have to offer after all their criticisms.... stay tuned for that and if you're interested in participating...visit her blog for more details

in the post below this...there's an interesting battle going on between Soul and Olawunmi in the comments section... check it out HERE

Miguel has 99 days to go till B-School is over....and he's shutting down his blog. please let's start a petition to prevent him from doing so... we cant have my favorite bachelor disappearing on me nowwww...haba... maybe another visit to the office is needed...LOL or is it because of the first visit that you're running???

Life of a stranger is working 40days thru The Purpose Driven Life. She has inspired me to pick it back up...more like it's a challenge for me but Im determined to finish it up with her. Interested???...go to her blog and participate

and where is VERA ???? and Madam Temmy hope all is well!!!

and I cant say this enough.... a big THANK YOU to everyone that participated in NaijaBlogger Bachelorette...readers...commenters....participants...behind-the-sceners... all of you!!!

have a great weekend people...


LondonBuki said...

Guess who's FIRST??? :-)

LondonBuki said...

Thanks for that... AMEN!!! All that and more for you Diamond... AMEN!!!
You know me I can't do the TERC meeting, time differences.

Well... Vera has a new post HERE.

I saw LOASCM's 40 days...

Miguel is gonna leave? Let me go and check out his blog.

Blogger Bachelorette was fun...

Enjoy your weekend!

NaijaBloke said...

Dont tell me I missed TERC again 2day ...Hmmmm..

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

This is absolutely beautiful.. India Arie sings the soundtrack to my heart... Heather Headley as well... man these songs just made me smile... "how i lost me and you lost you" robin thicke makes me smile... oh my gosh.. amazing stuff!

Jaycee said...

OOOOOOHHHHHH, DIAMOND...(*sigh*) The first song on ur play-list used to be one of my besttttssss!!!

"Oooohh...let the music take ur mind, just release and u'll be fine. Music was made for love, cruising is there for LOVE...I love it when we're cruising together..."

Ooooooh...I'm getting tingling sensations o...(lollll...don't mind me)...(married couples exclusive song)...

*T.G.I.F* right back atchu...girl u can never be replaced at T.E.R.C, u're like our "social-connector," LOLLL...

*Hope u got the book, I'll spark for them if u don't get it o...*

diamond said...

yes o...i got home and it was waiting for me in my thank you for that...will get right on it...along side Rick Warren...March should be an interesting month for me....

girl ever since u said u liked Boyz II Men's I DO...i knew u were cool peeps...I love this song....bought the CD just for that song

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

Diamon i'm loving u so much right now. I love the songs u have up esp. the Heather Hadley, just my type of song, Robin Thicke's, Turn ur lights down low infact everything. Enjoy ur weekend missy.