February 6, 2007

one more day - NaijaBlogger-Bachelorette

taken from the novel, The Heat Seekers by Zane (2002)

A glance into a passing car
A smile from a complete stranger
A brief exchange in an elevator
This is how it sometimes begins

A seductive dance on a crowded dance floor
A walk under the moonlight
A phone conversation that lasts all night
This is how it sometimes begins

Everyone searches for it at some point in their lives
The passion that will make them lose their senses
The kisses that will entice and rejuvenate them
They seek out the heat

The only questions is:
When they find it, can they handle it?

(c) Zane.2001

meet the Bachelorette...she has a few words for you...

Im naughty but oh so nice
sweet but not to be taken for granted
I Love to laugh out loud
and Im not afraid to laugh at myself

see you tomorrow bachelors!!!


LondonBuki said...


What is this? Who is the bachelorette??? LOL!

I'll be back tomorrow oh!

azuka said...

This should be interesting. I'll keep an eye on this...

Omodudu said...


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

I wonder who she is but I think I have an idea???

TaureanMinx said...

See you tomorrow

Uzo said...

Ehn. D, this is some serious stuff