February 21, 2007

Notice Board

hey yall. I forgot that I was to reveal who the bachelors were. So I'll do that by tomorrow or friday

Today is Ash wednesday....
this begins the lenten season...
no meat today!

Uzo will be revealing who the Bachelor is on Monday..maybe i should just wait until then...I think some of them may surprise you....

dont forget to watch American Idol tonight

and of course you can watch my church service live at 7pm EST tonight
click the link below the videographer to watch it

this friday is the weekly TERC meeting.... a group of bloggers get together to share the word. Check out Bijou's blog for more details

Jaycee as always is ur bloginspirational daily/weekly vitamin so be sure to get nourished and visit her site

need a laugh?
you guys must check out this blog (skip his Interesting Articles)
it's 3Ts of Tunde

and Miguel has found her?
like her her? HER????? HER?????????
we need details...i refuse to believe he's referring to an inanimate object

im out. gotta run...and it's RAINING
showers of blessing...
if you've never fasted for 40days before
why dont u try it...do you know what 40 represents?


temmy tayo said...

Coming first here lately, I think I deserve a little gift o.

I wil try to do the 40 this year. May God help me, just that I always shed weight and I look gaunt!

This is the season to hear from God. It shall be well with us all.

Calabar Gal said...

@Temmy Tayo: Go get ur gift for being first from my blog. Blog Perambulator!! Thanks for the tips on Buki's Page. At least that makes me second here!!! Yeah!!!!

I thought Lent started yesterday. Guess I was wrong. Oh well, I started observing the customary 40days yesterday. Never done it before. Will try to be steadfast and faithfull this year.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

I wonder how I'll spend my 40 days this year. God help me.

so what does 40 represent then miss D?.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

40 is the # of probation. [think of Moses in the Wilderness for 40years]

Mojo said...

@D. Hawk- never done the 40 days thing and i think i missed the start again this year but why does everyone give up meat?

Meanwhile u need to see the Idols West Africa auditions, comedy central aint got nothing on these guys.

diamond said...

well we're supposed to abstain from somn to better our ability to focus on God...why meat? not sure what the origin is...im guessing meat was the main thing back in the day and...hmmmm...will have to research and get back w/u...

i just have to watch this Idol of West Africa...the pictures alone are enough to tickle u...