February 19, 2007

NaijaBlogger Bachelorette - The Finale

It's the moment yall have been waiting for....
questions were asked. answers were given. votes were cast
it was all leading to

*Drum roll*

T H E * F I N A L E

this is going to be a looong post....but all I can say is ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY

Ive got to tell you...its been fun doing this. I've enjoyed getting a glimpse into the lives of the bachelors...tried to get a guest artist on here...Tony Tetuila...but it wasnt destined to happen....

I cant reveal to you guys who my personal favorite is but I've gotta tell u that even me myself wants to be a Bachelorette cuz I'd choose him all the time and I mean even beyond Blogger. I tell you the power of words....hmmmmm... :-)

Kudos to Taurean Minx...she successfully guessed who the Bachelors were...missed only 1...that's one G right there...so she gets the G award. I'll be sending that her way shortly so please make sure you congratulate her

Before the Bachelorette (Uzo) decides, there's one more challenging question we've asked. We've tested their styles (car), we asked them to reveal who they were to us (intro), we've tested their family values (sister), Now let's see how they do when they come to wooing the Bachelorette. You know Nigerian Brothers are known for their raps....in all of the world, there isnt a more persistent guy with wonderful lyrics to go with all that so we had to put it to the test..and Im telling you guys they did NOT disappoint

without further ado....
the bachelors have been asked to create the Perfect Fantasy Date. There shud only be 3 bachelors but we here at NBIBS decided we would allow all 5 to show us what they've got...


My Fantasy date with the you will be a day-long affair.

In the morning, y wioull wake up to the scent of fresh coffee and toast and eggs just the way you like them. I'll serve you breakfast in bed completely naked except for an apron with boldly written letters "For You I Will". When you're at work, I'll have three dozen long stemmed red roses sent to you... with a little note "The beauty of these roses pale in comparison to you".

I'll leave a note in your car telling you where to go right after work. When you get there... you'll find a gorgeous red Diane Von Furstenburg wrap-dress with some black Christian Louboutin Heels and your favourite Escada perfume that I'd want you to wear for our date. At this location, you'll receive another clue... you'll have to tune into a certain radio station at 6pm on the dot... because at that exact moment, I'll be calling in to dedicate my favorite song "Endless Love" to serenade you while you drive home.

When you get home, I'll have a delivery man dressed as a police officer to deliver a gorgeous tiffany charm bracelet inscribed 'my heart' and you'll be given another clue... to be ready in two hours.

By 8.30pm, looking debonair with a chauffeured limo, I'll show up at your house with a single yellow carnation and whisk you off to a romantic dinner at your favourite Italian Restaurant. There, we will have words and flowers and food and candles and champagne.

I know you're a big Me'shell Ndegeocello fan, so I'll surprise you Uzo, by arranging for Me'shell to give us an intimate performance- singing "Wild Night", "Call Me" among others.

After the beauty of music has washed over us, I'll have the driver take us to a private room in your favorite spa. There we could indulge ourselves with relaxing aromatherapy massages.

For the nightcap... I'll take you to a five-star hotel where I'd have arranged for white and red rose petals trailing up our private suite. The room will be lit up with apple cinnamon candles. We'll kiss for a while, then I'll lead you into the hot tub and hand you a flute of champagne. When you step out of the hot tub, I'll towel you dry and lead you to the bed. There, you'll find some gorgeous Victoria Secret lingerie and a Kama Sutra book on the nightstan... then we'll see how the rest of the night unfolds...

i'd love to have dinner on the top of one of those peaks on a secluded island resort in the Caribbean. why the Caribbean? Because when the weather is good, the views are spectacular. So its dinner on a terrace overlooking the ocean, with miles of beautiful beach and water dominating a breath-taking scenery, and soft violin music playing in the background. we would arrive at dusk, when the sun's heat is no longer at its fiercest, and dine whilst the sun slowly journeyed across the sky, until the only left was the soft glow of candles protected by clear glass shades.

we'd arrive by private jet, with comfortable seats for just us two, so that we can relax and arrive refreshed. picture being able to order whatever you want at any point during the flight, and stopping the inflight entertainment when you need to nap, so that you can resume exactly where you left off. i'd have the pilot fly as low as we're allowed, so we can enjoy the views of the island from the air, taking the longer, scenic route - no rush. then we'd drive up to the hilltop villa in a convertible so we can continue enjoying the lush environment as we go up to our residence. on arrival, we'd take a walk on the beach for a while, to work up our appetites, and then go out to the terrace for the meal.

our meal would be italian, cooked by a highly talented chef. i was thinking salad and freshly baked bread for starters; fresh spicy meatballs for seconds; and pasta and a rich creamy carbonara and pancetta sauce as the main course; sinful tiramisu for dessert, and some fruits to even things out. all served with a selection of excellent wines. the waiters would serve each course and disappear, only to magically emerge at the right moments, guaranteeing our privacy. togther though, we would all wait on my special companion, making it clear that she alone is the guest of honour.

dinner by candlelight, a breath-taking environment and a beautiful woman, what more could a man ask?

The perfect date starts when you wake up... hopefully like me you are an early riser.
By your side is a lavender rose (signifying the fact that I am falling in love with you)
The sound of KEM's "Inside" is playing as you stretch and smile at the sight of the rose
As your arise to leave the room, my queen, your reign is about to begin.

7:00A.M: I've set the tub for you to soak in; helped in picking out what you should wear for the day.

8:00A.M: I prepare and serve you breakfast

9:00A.M: As you walk outside, my chauffeur-driven Maserati quattroporte pulls up...As you enter into the sound of my New CD "Just for you"

10:00A.M- Noon: The chauffeur drops you off @ Neiman Marcus to meet your private dresser (Tom Ford)...by the way I took the liberty of flying Manolo blahnik into the country. He'll work on designing your own personal shoes; a special one for tonight

1:00PM: Your beauty consultants are here to take you to the beauty clinic... I must say I doubt there's any use for this...your beauty exceeds any addition they can make. You receive a bouquet of deep pink roses...thank you for choosing to spend this day with me.

2:00PM -3PM: I arrange for you to meet the three people you've always dreamt of meeting - Oprah, Mohammed Yunus, Gary Dourdan

4:00PM-5:00PM: You have a hair appointment with Errol Douglas

6:00PM: You return home to ready-up for our night of romance...Diana Krall's "Besame Mucho" is playing in the background

7:00PM: Dressed and ready, you receive a text from me...tie the red scarf beside you around your eyes as the chauffeur brings you to our dinner spot.

8:00PM: As you arrive on the yacht, there are blue roses awaiting you (signifying the rarity and almost impossibility of finding a lady like you) and a 12 man band playing Ruff Endz's "will you be mine"

8:15PM: The captain comes up to you to enquire where you'd love to sail to...I hear St Tropez!

9:00PM: I walk out of the kitchen ready to serve you a four course meal specially prepared by me. We sit and eat while the band plays and we sail into the night.

10:00PM-11:00 PM: Dinner is over; we walk up to the top of the yacht (the helipad to be precise)...the circle is lit with candles...the moon shines bright... I take your hands and we dance the night away

Midnight: I read this to you

"Your beauty fills my day…your smile my world

Your strength fills my passion...your words my heart

I gazed into this day as a child, hoping for a special lady like you

To my shock I not only have a special lady but one that can never be duplicated

Your grace is unmatchable, "what a waste!" DaVinci would have said of the Mona Lisa if he had seen you.

As I stand wondering what else to give, I realize the world not enough."

12:30AM: I lift you into the bedroom, I lay you down, whisper sweet nothings into your ears, hand you a red rose (symbolizing my love for you), I slip into the DVD player a movie... it's a compilation of clips and pictures from friends and family of you growing up... at that point I kiss your forehead and whisper "sweet dreams my heart".

The date will start with me sending a hand delivered package containing,a rose with a note to meet the driver downstairs to take her to the airport where a private jet is waiting for her.The pilot has been instructed to fly her to a secluded island in the bahamas,cos the whole idea is for us to be alone for the day.I will meet her up at the landing strip on a black stallion and we will ride back to my villa where we will first have a bubble bath with scented candles all over the bathroom.After the bath and all dressed up,we will move to the dining room where I already have a pianist to serenade us while we have dinner.After dinner we will retire to the balcony sipping on a 1967 Valcon red wine to watch the sun go to bed.The date will be finalized with us moving to the bedroom to explore each intellectually,emotionally and physically

Meeting place is Madrid Airport at 8:00am. We then take a chopper to the Spanish Island of Grand Canarie. A big white cruiseboat (like that used in R. Kelly's Step in the name of love, lights embellishing it and all) will be ready to pick us up by 10:30am. Destination is Balearic Island, a land where the sea is always blue and the pearls are as beautiful as the early morning sun in the horizon.
We go check in at La Grand Hotel situated right by the seaside. There's a salsa dance session for 2:00pm - 4pm. So right before then we go have lunch.
After that we go enjoy the breeze by the sea until sundown.
A table for two has been prepared for us at the dining whose end is open to the seashore. We'll sit down & pour out our hearts as the night sea breeze caresses our skins.
The dinner hall is aesthetically lit with colourful candles. On the menu are delicacies with oysters, lobsters and Don Perignone to wine with.

It's going to be a looooooonnnnnnngggggg night.....

okay yall...so there you have it. No voting today but of course your opinions/analysis/critiques are always welcome!!!

so who do you think Uzo should pick?


temmy tayo said...

Ok, so I am first.

Will go and read now.lol

temmy tayo said...


Yeah, I think Uzo should go for bachelor 3.

Nilla said...

Hmmmmmmmmm.....all these words...lol

I'm thinking Bachelor #1 or Bachelor #3

azuka said...

Ok, here are my reviews. Woe betide the bachelors because yours truly is still seething from being dropped after leaving his popcorn to go awooing.

Bachelor 1
'You'll have' 'I'll want'. Hmmm, sounds like a man who likes to be in charge all the time. I'm not exactly sure Uzo'd want that.

Bachelor 2
There's a veiled opinion that the onus is on the bachelorette to choose whatever she will. Still manages to come off as manly despite the fact that his options come as suggestions, subject to change.

Bachelor 3
I think Uzo mentioned something once about being a late riser -- 7:30 - 8:00 am or thereabouts. Down 3 points.

Again, how sure are you she'll smile at the rose? Schedules, schedules. If you're going to be with a woman, you have to care less about time because there'll be overflows in almost everything. No backup plan. Tsk Tsk.

Bachelor IV
Fly from Nigeria to the Bahamas? Now that's going to kill the romantic mood in the 10hr+ flight.

Erm, why not explore her intellectually and emotionally while on the date? I'm sure once in the bedroom, only the physical will take over. God help her if you go to sleep immediately afterward without exploring her emotionally. I hope you don't snore ;-).

Bachelor V
Meeting place. Sorry, a lady needs to be picked up, not met. Sounds like a short date to me. Uzo, do you love oysters?

Bachelor 2 is where the buck stops. I wonder who it is?

Well, don't flame me. Revenge is sweet :-D.

Anonymous said...

Azuka the keyword is "FANTASY" logic escapes out of the window.

Diamond said...

Azuka you're too funny...dont worry...you get an award... lol

and like anon said...the keyword is fantasy... we wanted to see how creative the guys could be... i think this tells alot about who they are as ppl...

i must confess one bachelor has got me blushing... i mean each time i read it...im like melting here...lol

gosh...its hot in here.... *fanning myself*

LondonBuki said...

Diamond, you are hilarious!

Uzo, I am not sure I can help you here... all these guys here and their stories... I am so unimpressed! LOL!

Seriously, I really can't tell the difference... all the responses to me are over-sabi!

If I have to choose, I'd say - E

diamond said...

mmeeennnnn Bukky you're tough o... i almost didnt even post one person's answer o.... as in i was going to keep him for myself...lol

TaureanMinx said...

I love bachelor 1 and 3. Dreammyyyyy lol! Although I'd prob go for 2 if it weren't a fantasy. Diamond you should have said the particular bachelor you prefer did not respond lolll!

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

Must the perfect date always end with insinuations of sensual "stuff" (read sex)? Anyway, i'm loving Bachelor 2 and 3's responses.

Uzo said...

The power of words...>Unbelievable. This is a really hard one though....

LondonBuki said...

Diamond... I am not tough o! Now I feel like a baddie, like the odd one out! LOL!!!

Just for you, I re-read the whole post... just for you! And I remembered (DUH!), the game is not for me, it's for Uzo... Hmmm... I still don't see anyone who stands out... LOL!

Uzo, you are HOT stuff oh, these guys spent their time thinking these things up... can't wait to see who wins.

I still don't know who's who... at all.

diamond said...

@TMinx...you want me to enter yawa ehn.... although the response of #4...makes me think of Lagbaja's song "no do gra gra for here"...there's something gra-graish about it...hmmmm

this was a hard one for the guys I must admit but kudos to them

we're going to look for one seriously ajePAKI guy for u o Buki...you're next on my list...but if you like Bach 5...I can hook yall up...just say the word..lol

Bijou...i was thinking the same thing o...as in MUST THE DATE END WITH SEX...haba...anyways im still feeling Bachelor #????. I cant help rereading this stuff o...just on point...gosh...

Uzo...take your time o...and if you dont choose mine then by force, me Im taking him!!!!

btw, does anyone want me to stop the songs from autoplaying? is it annoying...

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

I like the idea of Bachelor 1... he'd do anything to make sure the date is special... seeing as it's a fantasy... he's got the shopping, massage, suprise at work,the dinner, specially decorated 5 star hotel... i love his ideas... romantic and very creative albeit somewhat traditional.. plus he took into consideration her likes(artist choice)... definitely feeling bachelor 1

Jaycee said...


Bachelor # 1: hmmm, wow...

Bachelor #2: The Caribbean dream, the violin and the private jet...romantic!

Bachelor #3: So Uzo, this is who I think u shd pick...loved the way he said u guys would "dance the night away..." then I loved the poetry, the compilation of a movie that will never be forgotten, and a little kiss on the forehead.

Bachelor #5: ooooh...do I love salsa dancing or what??? Hmmm...bring on the mexican-nish romance. This guy is in love with Spain...check out the Grand Canarie highlight...so Uzo, this is my second choice (if u have any problem with bachelor #3)...

It looks like the responses of #3 and #5 were sizzling HOT!

ps: when all this is over u berra ORDER the person to show up with the private jet/chopper, cos it seemed like everyone had somn to say abt that...lol...see their mouths...

Omodudu said...

You guys tried o. All the planning is very impressive. Not spontenous though. My people, I noticed a running theme in the repsonses o, since I am aware there is not smoke without fire, hmmmm. There is a lot of spending and material razzle dazzle in the responses. Are Nija women easily wooed by all this spending, and vamboozling. I thought they were all after got fearing and blah blah. Just my two cents. I vote for Bachelor 3. That is some effort.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

now I have to wonder how you would have done it Omodudu...hmmmm...dare to share?

funny about the Godfearing...yeah we want that but who says that the person should also be boring...abi we want God plus excitement....

Omodudu said...

LOL..Oh no you did not put me on the chopping block like that. My perfect date involves a lot of sponteneity, all the preprogrammed stuff hardly work. If I am on a date and the date and I manage to run through items one to ten of the plan. Then I am probabaly not that into that chic. Normally by item two I we should be lost in our little world.
Back to the question; I like the water a lot, all my perfect dates must include lake michigan, chicago baby. I hope she is a fit date 'cos we would do some riding and rowing if she is not a typical hmm hmm. I dont wanna get into too much trouble.

Omodudu said...

I want I want I want....the raggae remix of tell me.

Vera Ezimora said...

Ah, I'll be back tomorrow. Too much to read, and I don tire finish

Eagle's Nest!!! said...

Interesting stuff going on here.

God wants our happiness.

Even though this is fun and surreal, God can use this medium to hook up people.

I ptay there won't be heart-break, afterwards. Amen

Sola Baale said...

I think I'm in a different blogging world!...DH, what's going on?

DiAmOnD hawk said...

you're back!!!!!!


shay said...

okay. definitely feeling bachelor III; thot he was right on point. right, #2 was very good as well but meatballs and pasta isn't very romantic meal. bachelor IV, how exactly do you explore intellectually in the bedrom ???!! bachelor V- lobsters, oysters... all that shell in one meal; will u be cracking open the shell for the bachelorette or what. if i were the bachelorette, i definitely won't want to work so hard, especially if i've just had my nails manicured.... i think i'm making sense here. abi, diamond?

oh, and i had to pause your music abeg :-) no offense. u know i love you. xx

The View said...

#2...i'm digging your date. Or perhaps it's your last line that got me.
For real though, Mr. L (for Law-man ;-)), you wax poetry with your words. Very Nice!

Biodun said...

OK me I like Bachelor # 1 jere, lol or II ama lil confused. I like #1's details the best though but that naked part cracked me up, lol

diamond said...

hmmmmm...who is THE VIEW cuz she seems to know Bach #2 well...hmmm a secret admirer? or a known one? dont worry...even I have fallen victim once before...hmmmmm... LOL

Biodun...where are you...are you still around???

aaahhh...my darling Shay I take no offense whatsoever...will stop the autoplay later tonight but I had it going for Blogger Boo today!!!



the view said...

@ Diamond... Admirer ke/eh?
Hmmm... guess you can say i have a severe case of 'writing-envy'. Dude can WRITE! I envy his skills gan!!

Anyway, I'm just really digging his date.
Looks like you are too ;)

Anonymous said...

I like bachelor number 3, the poetry and film compilation got me

Bella Naija said...

Bachelor 1!!!!!!!!!

That 'Someone Like U' song...oh yarn...my ex LOVED tht flipping song...Gosh Diamond I'm mad at u...reminding me of that boyyy!

DiAmOnD hawk said...

Bella Naija No oh...that is Uzo's song o....i will bring her fwd for ur questioning and reprimanding dont worry

yes Anon.... i am feeling Bach 3...stay back o!!! :-) lol

The View Im not feeling the meatballs but if he had put some spicy stew with plantain and rice and some nice goat meat or somn...then it woulda been all good... yes his words are... hmmm... i dont want Blogger Boo to be jealous o...so I'll just keep my opinion to myself for now

Soul said...

Buki.. please don't feel bad, because I think I feel exactly the same way you do.

Bachelors... well done! You have i am sure put a lot into thinking about your fantasy date. I wish you well.

It just seems so damn formulaic. the whole flying to another country, the roses, the carribean, the chauffeur and the dropping of designer names, the designer cars e.t.c.
It just leaves me wondering if you are trying to buy the event, the sentiment or the fantasy date?

Bachelor 1 I'll give you props for actually doing some research and figuring out what type of music Uzo likes... not only that but you picked one of the most sensual artists that she liked. Well done.
But please, please please, in the real world, drop the lame ass lines. And ease off on telling her what YOU want her to wear on yout date, it almost says.. 'I don't trust your sense of style or dress sense, it also makes it more about you than her.
erm and drop the Kama Sutra book. You should have read it before the day and putting the book there for Uzo would imply that she needs to read it before doing anything.

bachelor 2
predictable. Which of the carribean peaks exactly?, and if you fly virgin, you can pause the inflight entertainment when you nap. Again with the buying stuff?, being able to order whatever you want?. okay why does the date have to involve buying anything?. I think I could pick everything you've said out of a mills and boon novel.

bachelor 3
Do some research, you are oping she is an early riser? why not read her blog and find out?. and what if she isn't? there's no back up plan which means you really don't care. This date is more about what you think is a fantasy date for you, instead of what you think Uzo would like out of a fantasy date. (and you are not the only one doing this)
And this bloody car thing again... here's where it falls off..
The beauty of the Masaretti is in the drive.. although the newer models do not handle as nicely as the older models... It is not the most comfortable car, it's just a showy piece of metal.
So you really don't have her comfort in mind, you just want to show her that you got a big car..this could indicate that you are lacking in other departments.
Again with the buying buying buying. Manolo (shoes), Tom Ford (clothes) erm... you are doing everything but you wanna know the most telling thing...
from 9am - 9pm you are not with Uzo on your date
For 12 hours you let everyone but you take care of 'your' woman on 'your' fantasy date.
Now if you can do that in a fantasy date, how long will you disappear for in reality.
Your whole fantasy implies that you think money and things will impress her more than you, even down to arranging for her to meet the people she has always dreamt of meeting on your date!
Gosh and the poem...
please explain the 'gazing into this day as a child bit... because that would probably make Uzo feel like your mother!. It's too creepy!

bachelor 4
the only thing I like abou thtis is the stallion.
Again if you did your research you will realise that Uzo doesn't drink much, the 1967 would probably go straight to her head and that would be the end of the date. Why would you have to go to bed to explore each other intellectually or even emotionally?
And why does Uzo have to get naked with you half way through the date (when she gets off the plane)?.
This whole date screams... I'll do those stuvs that I heard all you girls like, but at the end of the night we will gbensh!.
Again... weak plot seems straight out of a sillhouette desire novel.

Bachelor 5
Okay.. you referenced an item used by R. Kelly the peadophile! the guy whi likes to 'pee oon 14 year olds' Are you serious?. BIG NO NO
And I take it you mean 'Dom perignon' champagne.. The only reason I raise this is because if you mean Don perignone as you write it, then that's 'da hood' talking.. and Uzo ain't hood, so you missed road on that one.

I dunno who uzo should pick.
Bar the music choice of Bachelor one, none of these responses show any real depth. They are all incredible formulaic and if you ignored the locations.. they all kinda sound the same..
I'll fly you somewhere, get someone to cook, dress you, let you buy anything, and then it's back to the bedroom to chuck'.

It would be nice if all of hte bachelors actually just dropped the norm and really sat down to think about what they were trying to do on a FANTASY date.

Think about what the fantasy is for, who it is for, what is the end aim... even if the end aim is to have sex, how do you make the build up intense?. what are you doing to turn Uzo on?.
What makes you think you need to dress her up just for you.
It's like you guys want her to be a doll, your doll.
You fix her hair, her clothes, her shoes, her food, her drink and then at the end of the night?... what.. you end up in bed?.

Why can't a fantasy date start with you piking her up at 2am the previous day and taking her on a long drive in your car, where you have a mix tape of old school jams that you guys can sing along to..
at about 3 am, you pull alongside a roadside cafe, where you introduce her to thest ever suya known on this side of the continent, let her know it's something you discovered with your father on his various journeys up and down the country.

By 5am after listening to old school jams which cause her to reminisce about the 80's, she would have started to tell you all the goofy stuff she used to do and how she memorised the word to Janet Jackson's pleasure principle and damn near broke her neck trying to do the dance steps.. you can then confide in her your 'okrika ways' how you thought the song 'Belinda' was the best thing since sliced bread...
after all that don't you think she would be comfortable with you?.. her head gently leaning on your shoulder as you drive into dawn...

Guys be original.. forget all this pretensious bullocks...
I always think that the most beautiful fantasies are those which are those fantasies which you can actually believe could happen.

DIAMOND said...



*bachelors dont run away o....Diamond still loves all of you o.... bachelors.... bachelors... COME BACK*

oh my goodness....i just KNEW KNEW KNEW that u were going to rip into them somn fierce...

but i do like ur 2am idea...let me know what day...I'll be ready!!! lol

NaijaBloke said...

Hahahahahahah!!!! this soul is something else and mehn thank you for using that slang "GBENSH" it's been ages since I heard that ....

Soul said...

i'm not trying to scare the bachelors oh... besides I think these men are made of very strong stuff... Can't take anything away from them.. they are trying now...
It's just Uzo is on a whole nother level.. she ain't your average chick.. so they have to be more innovative than predictable.
Besides.. might as well let the guys know that if they think they can buy the date and the event then that means they think they can buy the woman..
Says a lot, n'est pas?

oh and re: the 2am drive... Diamond honey.. you are such a tease...lol..
It's ironic though that you would say that when I happen to be on the same continent right now...
(bet you didn't know that lol)

Uzo said...

Ehn...Its so hard to believe that Soul and i are not one and the same. LOL. I love you girl....

diamond said...

uzo YOU self you're not serious...which one is I LOVE YOU GIRL.. abeg go and choose a bachelor jo...lol
everyone is eagerly waiting...ive even been getting bribes o and some veiled threats from some of them....let me not reveal who the culprit(s) is(are)

hmmm...Soul is in my neck of the woods...welcome and enjoy...Ill be in urs in about a month

Mona said...

Wowww how come I missed all this! Thanks to Naijanaz for shouting you out...wow men they must be romantic ohhhh nice scenarios..i am already imagining myself there....can't guess any of the bachelors oh :'( (she sobs). Holler back diamond

david said...

Na wa o, so naija guys are these romantic? You guys blow my socks off! Kudos to you all.

Ms. May said...

Ye o!!!!!!!!! I have missed. As in, this yeye GMAT exam kept me away from all the Bachelor fun. And Soul.......o pari! I just cught up and Diamond, MAD PROPS!!!! You are sooooo creative. Keep it coming. So ermmmmm, now that Uzo has chosen NaijaDude, what happens?