February 15, 2007

NaijaBlogger Bachelorette - EPISODE 6 - Cast your vote!!!

How was everyone's Valentine? Okay yall confess... what happened???? Were you disappointed? Pleasantly surprised? As for me...lets just say my chocolate craving was satisfied! It was a good day. *Deep Sigh*

This is the final episode before the FINALE guys...gosh...I cant believe how far we've come. Can you guys believe it? I am just impressed by all the bachelors. Very impressed. I wasnt sure what to expect when I started...They've all blown me away. I mean I feel almost like whoever doesnt make it through we should have a Bachelor auction...hmmm... cuz I know some ladies have been eyeing some of theM.

Anyhoo....enough of my random rantings. For this episode, we decided to let our Bachelorette take a breather and enjoy Val's day to the fullest. These bachelors have been clamoring around her since the reveal...but of course...why not... is she not beautiful....

Today, a fellow Blogger, with the approval of the Bachelorette, has decided to pose his own question...




Episode 6 question: What kind of man would you advise your sister to marry


Bachelor A
If I were to advise my sister about her choice of a life partner, I think first and foremost I’ll ask her to pick a man who LOVES God…Not a man who says he loves God but one who through his words, action and reputation is about serving and worshipping God; A man that truly loves God would love you unconditionally. Secondly, I’ll advise her to seek a man with potential rather than a made man. There’s something about a woman who can speak to helping the man reach his true potential. Finally I’ll advise her to pick a man, who she enjoys communicating with…don’t be moved by looks or physical stature for all that will fade away someday and if that’s all attracting her to the man, it’s the same thing that would attract other women to him.

Bachelor B
I really cant advise her to marry any kind of man, but she should pray she marry a man that will appreciate and love her unconditionally, a man that will love her for who she is not what she is. A man that is God-fearing, for the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. A caring individual with a compassionate heart! God help us all in choosing the right partner!

Bachelor C
My sister, precious as treasure itself. what kind of man would i advise her to marry? a man who is first and foremost Christian, and God-fearing, who understands that loving and respecting God is essential to life. A man who loves her, and understands that love means respecting the one that you're with, placing her above every other person, regardless who they are. A man who adores her and treasures her and makes her happiness his priority. Someone who loves his family and cares enough to provide the very best, regardless the sacrifices that entails. I'd hope that she finds a man who is intelligent and informed; driven and ambitious, without being ruthless in his pursuit of his goals. How about a man who is kind and compassionate, and friendly? I'd love for her to marry a man who is strong and mature enough to deal with the challenges and trials that life would throw at them, without losing sight of the most important parts of being alive. A man who is strong enough to protect his family, without being a tyrant. A real man then. It would be perfect if she found a man who fit this bill exactly, but such qualities are rare to find in one person, so I'd advise my sister to marry someone who comes as close to these ideals as possible.

Bachelor D
I will always advise my sister to marry a man that is a friend,understanding,down to earth and patient person that will be willing to the extra mile for her when she needs someone to support.

Bachelor E
I would always advise my sister to marry a faithful man both to her & to God. It doesn't matter if he's 'churchy' & doesn't know how girate in social circles. As long as he loves her, he's faithful & commited, he's the BOMB. No matter how nice a man is, if he's a player there's trouble ahead, cos there's no way you can take that pimping attitude away from a player. Once a player always a player, even at old age.
As long as she feels comfortable with a faithful man, I'll tell her to propose to him even if he is wasting! Men who don't play around aren't many in this world. PIMPS self are trying to assasinate them, 'cos they are spoiling business for them.



LondonBuki said...

I have to go and read those answers again...


LondonBuki said...

There are some answers here that - If my brother spoke to me like that, I will fall asleep! LOL!

Anyway, I think I like B & D so I will vote for them both!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

If my brother tried to answer this question - I will be in for a long night - especially my immediate younger brother. He'll probably add qe must be dating for a minimum of two years - so that when he is raising a leg wse will know why..LOLOL. I like most of the answers - so Im afraid I had to vute for most of them bar one.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

A and C's answer greatly impressed me.

Anonymous said...

A: i'm really feeling what he wrote. but the ending made it sound like maybe he's not a fine boi.
B: can't give his own sister advice.
C: now you I like. very well expressed.
D: you must not have sisters.
E: i was with you until the "I'll tell her to propose to him" part.

Jaycee said...

Bachelor A's response is just on point: someone who loves God and who hits the communication antenna at it's most accurate spot!

Bachelor C: I like the fact that he thinks a husband shd place his wife above everyone else, regardless of who they are. This one won't have extra-marital problems caused by IN-LAWS! Loll...

Bachelor E is a PIMP, thats why he knows so much abt PIMPS (loll, just kidding)...

Either way, I voted for A and C in the sweet box down there...


Shay said...

Voted for Bachelors A and C. I have to say that C did it for me. If he has a sister, then she's fortunate to have a bro like him. Sounds sweet too...very nice.

diamond said...

hmmm...I am definitely feeling a and c... A is just on point with it all and C...well well well...if he desires these qualities in another man, one can only hope that he himself possesses them and my my my...how wonderful that would be!

LondonBuki said...

LOL! Looks like the guys I voted for are the least popular! LOL!

I think it's cos I think the answers are not 'real' - Ofcourse people will give answers women would like to hear.

Vera Ezimora said...

If I see one more Betty Boop picture here, pesin go wound o!!

If these answers are real, then my favorite bachelor is bachelor C, so I voted 4 him.

Aww, Diamond, thanks 4 the song. You're such a darling...don't let it get 2 ur head o.

...I'm off 2 go listen.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

bachelor b rocks!!!

Omodudu said...


Kafo said...

ah se u can only vote for one ni
cuz i was feeling both A and C
but A had mii, they had the same message but the way he comunicated it was beautiful.
The words did it for mii
"Not a man who says he loves God but one who through his words, action and reputation is about serving and worshipping God;"
kinda sealed the deal
I really also like C tho

Angela said...

I go for bachelor E...once a player always a player. Right on the money brother! I don't care if a player becomes a pope, he will still cheat and exhibit emotionally abusive tendencies. but pls, which one be propose to man? it's not that deep abeg...LOL! but yes players don't make go partners!

bimbylads said...

they r all just syking chics.. give them till honeymoon period is over.. tori go change.. anyway, make i deliver the message wey them send me.. i vote for BACHY C.. he can yarn me to sleep especially when my horlicks has finished..