February 8, 2007

NaijaBlogger Bachelorette - Episode 2 - Cast your votes

Thanks to all who voted yesterday. We were even graced with the presence of a BlogCelebrity....notably Bella Naija. :-) I'd like to thank my PR people for making this possible. Also a big thank you to Cherub for her behind-the-scenes efforts!

if you're just joining us....NaijaBlogger Bachelorette is the name of the show
We have several bachelors in Blogsville vying for the hands of our lovely Bachelorette who is yet to be revealed. You can familiarize yourserlf with the Bachelors HERE.
Each day the Bachelors are asked a question and their responses are voted on.
The votes they receive will determine if they continue on or are eliminated

We had a late start this morning. There was a party last night for all our Bachelors...as you can tell, Bachelor 1 and 5 had way too much fun and are getting a late start today

It seems that the competition was between Bachelor 4 and 7.

Bachelorette question: If there was ONE thing you wanted me to know about you what would it be and why. Who is your ideal woman?

Bachelor 1 :
About me: I'm more interested in the beauty of the soul than in outwardbeauty. I never believe I'll fail but I know I have my shortcomings. I'moften curt and abrupt but I still show I care in many ways. I courtcriticism because it's the only way I grow.I

deal Woman: I like confidence. I completely adore soft eyes. I likesomeone who's very communicative because that's the only type of womanwho can get me to open up. I love someone who isn't afraid to stand upto me when she believes something, and who knows when she's wrong andapologizes.

Bachelor 2:
If there was ONE thing that I want you to know about me is that I am a PACKAGE! I am a package because like the wrap of a package, I am easy to open but I require precision. Like a package, I come with the works...from laughts to screams, to joyful tears and depending on the package, I lead to intellectual conversations all the way to romantic moments bringing about the security (spiritually, physically and emotionally) every woman desires in a man.

My ideal woman is a woman after God's heart, who understands that loving God isnt just a proclamation but also a lifestyle. She's passionate about everything she's involved in...from me, work, family, even her career. She's independent without being INDEPENDENT!!! She's secure about herself, future, goals and decisions. She's what the bible calls a virtuous woman.

[diamond says....ladies ladies ladies....what do you think of THIS...Im quite impressed to tell you the truth..infact I think....hmmm...let me keep my thoughts to myself for now..]

Bachelor 3:
Im very emotional
Perhaps the one thing that made me a little different from my younger brother s growing up was the fact that i was the only one who was easily prone to tears. I dont find it embarrassing, i think its good to have a good cry once in a while. and who said tears were only meant for women anyway?
Ok so i daydream once in a while and i am pretty intense when i'm in a relationship... not a bad one really.

My ideal woman...
Now that's a pretty difficult question to answer because quite a few times the criteria for identifying my ideal woman has had to change with new experiences.
My ideal woman is independent, strong, a career woman, great with kids.
able to hold her own among her peers. Loving, caring and above all God fearing.
What do i look for in a woman when i first meet her? Her choice of words, the way she reasons, her level of intelligence, err need i add that she must be cute?

[diamond says...no worries mate...our Bachelorette is cute...did you see her introduction yesterday?]

Bachelor 4:
The one thing I would love you to know about me is my POSITIVE nature. We as human beings tend to encounter so many things in our life, mostly things tend to work in our favor but we always make reservation for that time it wouldnt go as planned. Keep the positive spirit which will obviously sail you thru, no matter what. And that might be a silent inspiration for someone you dont intend to positively influence.

My ideal woman? It isnt all about physical attributes, left to me, I'd say all women are fabulous in their own way. But that ideal woman will have to some particular aura to them, high self-esteem, self-respect, while not being self-centred. Someone that believes in herself, in their sexuality. did I mention that she has to be a career minded woman as well?
[diamond says...I love that you're so positive....this is what woman want to hear...it's not all about the physical attributes....preach on!!!]

Bachelor 5
I want you to know that i am a genuine person. in this world of fake, evil and self-centred, inconsiderate, pretentious people, i think the quality of being real is invaluable. i am a good person, and that comes across. being genuine means that i am honest and down to earth in my personality, about my strengths, beliefs and flaws as a human being. it means that i am emotional, without pretense. that's who i am, real. i fight for what i believe in, because in the end that matters.

do you have an hour? okay. my ideal woman is intelligent, beautiful and God-fearing; humble, driven, ambitious and kind-hearted. she is a strong, compassionate woman who shares my passion for life and the pleasures which exist in the little things. she is a human being who knows that she isn't perfect, but tries as much as she can to be the best person that she could possible be. i'd love for her to be an optimist, because that glass really is half full, which is good for the future, rather than half empty, which is bad. she must be fun! and down for whatever, because we need to light up the sky!

Bachelor 6:
I could be very very very vulnerable when in love...
My ideal woman is one whose fire burns as hot as mine...
[diamond says....okkkkkkkk....]

Bachelor 7 :
The ONE thing you need to know about me is that "I am very passionate about life and God and Im also an understanding person that will always support his partner 100%.

My ideal woman is someone who is God-fearing,understanding and also is ready to support me in anyway if and when i need it.
[diamond says...short and sweet]

Bachelor 8
The one things is....I have found out I'm adaptable to situations (not someone I want though).

My ideal woman should be educated, wise, neat, academic, caring, homely, friendly, someone who has the fear of God and can be randy. She must be able to have a mind of her own & not be a calculator.

Size and color doesn't matter though, the content of the body matters most. Utmost, she must have the understanding that things work only if we want them to work.

[diamond says...I guess Im trying to understand the calculator...]

Bachelor 9
Im "shy"

My ideal woman is a good conversationist, doesnt have to talk a lot but must be able to carry a conversation. i dont expect her to cook and clean 24/7, neither do i expect her to be all about a career. someone who would understand me even when i dont want to be understood.

[diamond says....im totally feeling the "dont expect her to cook and clean...]

(the voting poll is on the left of your screen and there's no limit on who you can vote for)
There shouldnt be any problems with voting today but as always...you can leave a comment :-)

Results are as follows: Bachelor #4 came out ontop with yesterday's episode...He had 33% of all votes cast so he earns 10points. Bachelor #7 didnt do too bad either...he had 24% of the votes, earning him 8points followed distantly by Bachelor #9 14% (7points) and Bachelor #8 with 9% of all votes..so he earns 6points. Everyone else was tied and each had approximately 5% of the votes and have each earned 3points. Seems like some Bachelors need to step their game up

***by the way...the Bachelorette's Identity will be revealed this weekend(sunday)...at which point only the TOP five Bachelors will go on...so keep tuning in***

????who can guess who the bachelors are????


londonnaijachic said...

still leaning towards 4.Good answer

LondonBuki said...

So what's the next step now... is there a challenge?

Ye!! The client caught me on your BRIGHT ORANGE site o! LOL!!!!

DiAmOnD hawk said...

buki....you sef....yesterday was the music...today it is the color...make sure the coast is clear next time o...let it not be said Diamond caused any yawa o....

Nilla said...

I'm sticking to #8...

How many times can we vote this time?

Guessing who the bachelors are....I have some ideas in my head (some bloggers haven't been blogging as often :-)}

Nilla said...

I seem to be "the complaining voter"...lol
But the vote thingy isn't working.

diamond said...

ah ah...i just tested it again o...it's working...what issues are ou having with it...maybe we need to do this 1-on-1 Nilla...just for you o :-)

so who do you think is who?

Nilla said...

Ok it worked now.

Don't worry i'll stick to one bachelor for today...

Happy my chosen bachelor is leading :-)

I'm not exactly sure on who is who...I just have wild guesses
{that might be right :-)}

Uzo said...

I am liking number 4...Not bad

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Diamond - I can see some people voting up to 10 times for one contestant.LOL.

diamond said...

ehn? who is it? who what when...
vote as many times (within REASON)

LondonBuki said...

NUMBER 9!!!!

She doesn't have to cook? I like you more now!

I am going to vote for you, if you don't win... we can talk ;-)


exschoolnerd said...

This is such a lovely idea..love what uve done with ur blog.

all of them seem too good to be true..

But am feeling number 1 sha.

Bella Naija said...

Diamond u r sooo funny! Who dash me blogcelebrity! biko/ejo stop! lol
I am sooo loving this, cany wait to find out who the bachelors and bacholorette are
My picks are - 7, 4 and 3!
The rest no, no, no, no, no!
some didnt even make the effort to take time out to answer the questions. I'll be back tomorrow!

TaureanMinx said...

Ok I might be wrong but here are some people i think may be in it.
Naijabloke, Miguel, unnaked, Guy Horny, olawunmi, azuka (the shy one), omodudu

Like I said some may be wrong. maybe ?

Diamond give me a score?

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

The vote thingy isn't working o, then maybe i'm just an illiterate. My votes are 2, 6, 8 and 9.

Am i allowed to "guess" who the bachelors are?

diamond said...

bijou...vote one at a time...vote for the first one...click VOTE..themn do it again

TMinx...girl...you're pretty good...

The View said...

#3 Miguel
#5 Olawunmi

Vera Ezimora said...


Shebi if I send thunder 2 fire u now, them go talk say Vera dey mean ehn? Why didn't u put Baba Alaye as one of the bachelors? Ehn! Don't u know GH and I are engaged? Why oh why would he be one of the bachelors? Take ur time o!

Diamond, helep me to caution this Tminx of a gal bcoz if I vex... hmmmmM!

....dunno why this darn blogger is not signing me in

Anonymous said...

Er I hope Bach 3 is cute too....lol

Vera my friend, don't fight with me now, I genuinely forgot he was engaged. But you know enegaged and married are not the same thing. Me and my hubby are eloping soon.

Omodudu said...

First first you layout is not office friendly at all, a fifty year old guy told me he had a myspace page, he thot I was o myspace. grrr.
Back to the issue of the moment, when shall we get to see the faces of this bachelors, who among ye goeth purchases in the marketplace without setting eyes on thy commodity. Me I want to see with my korokoro eyes so that we can help make guided decisions for the bachelorette. I hope this bachelorrette is fine sha, you kow Nija men do not play.