February 10, 2007

NaijaBlogger Bachelorette - Bonus Episode - Vote Now!!!

hey yall.....how's your day going. Sorry for the break in transmission yesterday but we here at NBIBS are making up for it by giving you a BONUS episode...with special commentary from our very own Omodudu. He gives us the low down of the guys so far based on their introduction and their responses to the first question...so make sure you go back and review what they said so you know what he's talking about

If you havent heard....NaijaBlogger Bachelorette is the name of the show. It's not too late to get into the groove of things. View the Season Premiere and Episode 2 and acquaint yourself with our bachelors.

I found the results to be..... interesting... to say the least... It seems INEC has taken hold of the voting process and as such the Votes had to be nulled!!!! Sorry!!!


Bachelorette Question 3: If you could be on any magazine cover which would it be
Bachelorette Question 4: What is your favorite season of the year and why? What do you like to do most in that season


Bachelor 1
Episode 3: I wouldn't want to be on any magazine cover. I couldn't handle the attention.

Episdoe 4: Winter. I get to stay under the covers and keep warm.

[Omodudu says... Typical Naija man very strong knows what he wants and he will not move. The 'abrupt' in his statement caught my attention. That equal, I am not good at expressing my feeling, el represente musto malos Nigerianos. Thumbs up, it is what it is.]

Bachelor 2
Episode 3: If I could be on the cover of any magazine, it would have to be the Times magazine. Being on the cover of that magazine is an indication of how much news you made around the world (positive or negative). In my case, I’ll like to be on there for positive reasons; as the face of change in Africa foremost, and the world as a whole.

Episode 4: Favorite season of the year- autumn. I love the fact that its neither too cold nor hot. I love the leaves on the trees, the cool morning breeze that comes with it and the rich blue sky.
I like the colors and style that comes with fashion during the season and also depending on my location, the ability to indulge in a couple of my favorite pastime – driving around the country and long walks.

[Omodudu says... This one na correct guy he has nice rhymes. He is on point. He might be a player though. Thumbs up go ahead boy.]

Bachelor 3
Episode 3: i think that would be Time magazine. I would love to be remembered as a scientist who gave his all to the service of humanity! I'm sure i will remember being Time magazine's man of the yr for ages to come. Who wouldnt!

Episode 4: My favorite season of the year? Of course its summer! For those like me who are condemned to the harshest of winters in the northeast USA, temperatures of 60 degrees is excellent. Not too hot, not too cold, not that much rain to ruin a perfect picnic. Low humidity.
Just the perfect thing to take long walks. The thing i enjoy most about the summer months is being able to go on hiking trips or going to the park to hang out with friends on a picnic.

[Omodudu says... This one hmmm he would do anything to get the girl. He would shed a tear if he had to but really ehn ehn this guy is hard as steel. Thumbs up, Make em pay.]

Bachelor 4
Episode 3: A whole humble me grace a magazine cover? Yea that'd be any magazine provided it has a positive influence on the readers. Not a magazine secluded for just a select group of people or organization or society. Something that will appeal to every one, man, woman, young and old. Have a positive impact in their lives. I want to be the representation of who younger ones look upto.

Episode 4: My fav season is the SPRING. No doubt. It signifies the transition of two very different seasons. By being calm and gentle, flowers start to bloom, grass comes to life, everyone tends to marvel in the sweet smell. It brings joy and hope and aspirations to that favorable weather everyone longs for, for quite awhile. It signifies joy, makes people look forward to something nice and lovely. Brings the peace and tranquility that a lovely weather is just around the corner..yeah spring does it for me

[Omodudu says... this guy is older and composed he has done most of his playing I think he is ready to settle down. Thumbs up, I respect o.]

Bachelor 5
Episode 3: TIME Magazine. Its one of the most widely-read news publications in the world, if not the most popular. it celebrates all manner of human endeavour, whether in business, politics, entertainment, and humanitarian work generally. sadly, they also feature the occasional villain (read Hitler, 1938's Man of the Year), but for the most part Time covers feature the sort of people whom i would like to be. i'd love to be on the cover for my positive achievements as a human being. for me it would be a form of affirmation that i had succeeded in my life's work, which intends to focus on making a difference to the world and its people.

Episode 4: I love the summer. i love to party, and play in the sun. i skate, play football, run, and have good barbecues and picnics. its great weather for walking and untold, uninhibited mischief. its also a great time for fashion and dressing up, and you can see this in all the brightly-dressed people on the streets. other seasons are too cold, or too wet to truly be comfortable, but in the summer everything is just so laid back, so its great for having fun with friends. i also love to travel in the summer, and explore new places. heck, even sex is better in the summer.

[Omodudu says... Too many adjectives, definitely doesn't know what he wants. Straight out of the novels this one will love you for one month and his heart will move away, when the next God fearing, intellingent, lovable, what what what comes along. Thumbs down.]

Bachelor 6
Episode 3: GQ because it is the sexiest & trendiest magazine in the history of sexy and trendy magazine for men... also because am hot, on & off any cover... *wink*

Episode 4: Spring. It's the only time of the year where I feel I can do anything and make it through...Replenish lost energy (sex, food, water, travel) and revaluate my life

[Omodudu says... His posts are too short, he is hiding something. Hmm I am undecided not enough information.]

Bachelor 7
Episode 3:IT would be nice to grace the cover of Ebony magazine as long as am gracing the cover with my wife and they are showing how we complement each other.

Episode 4: I don't really have a favorite season of the year,but if I have to choose I will have to choose spring cos that thatz when the flowers and plants start to come out and the weather is always beautiful then as well. I always like to be outdoors or travelling with someone that I care about enjoying the scenery.

[Omodudu says... Also a matured guy, Thumbs up, if the bachelorette is ready to make a family choose this one. He has seen the world. Thumbs up.]

Bachelor 8
Episode 3: Definitely a christian magazine, 'cos we all need role models in our lives. Many peeps have been misled by vague/vain models. I particularly like to be on the female magazine for Deeper Life (can't remember the name now) 'cos the pics they use suck. At least for a change, those ladies need to be unleashed

Episode 4: Winter/Harmattan. I feel cozy when tryna sleep. Sleeping is a different exprerience then. Waking up feels like a heavenly experience.

[Omodudu says... He is not yet ready to settle jare, he would take anything, for the meantime. By the way which kinda woman is academic O. Efiko abi, boooooring. Thumbs down right there.]

Bachelor 9
Episode 3: if i could be on the cover of a magazine, it would be worldsoccer magazine. reason being, for me to be on the front cover, i'll be a soccer star and would be eligible to earn $100,000 a week like spice boy beckham and have the lovely bachelorette by my side to be in charge of inveSPENDing all the money.

Episode 4: the spring and fall seasons would be my favorite. its not too hot neither is it as cold as it is right now. love the outdoors, love to barbeque but i cant barbeque in the winter. actually i could if i really wanted my steak well done almost burnt but hey the frost bite wont allow me hold down my fork to eat the stake anyway.

[Omodudu says... I am shy ke, and needs a woman that can carry a conversation. This guy may run from responsibility o. Undecided about him, not enough info. ]

okay okay okay....abeg recant your abuses and hisses o. The votes were NOT nulled. Here they are

Bachelor 8 came out on top with 24% of all votes cast, he earns 10points. he was followed by Bachelor 7 with 19% of all votes so he earns 8ponts. For a while Bachelor 2 was up there with the votes but he finished 3rd with 17% of all votes cast which earned him 7points. Bachelor 4 earned 13% of the votes so he ends up with 6points. Bachelor 9 has 5 points and everyone else has earned 3points

Based on the results so far, Bachelors 4, 7 & 8 are tied for 1st place, followed by Bachelor 9 and then Bachelor 2...



There will be a special guest artist performing tomorrow...so dont miss it!!!


Flirtygucci said...

yeahhhhhh am first.......... interesting.... i like bachelor #6

NaijaBloke said...

Hmmmm.... I think there is some hanky panky going on with the voting here.Be like say some ppl r putting the hand of a naijaman in this thing...LOL

LondonBuki said...

I like omodudu's comments! Some of them are HILARIOUS!!!

TaureanMinx said...

I'm going to try again, please email my results

1 Azuka
2 Miguel
3 David
4 Olawunmi
5 Sola
6 Tunde
7 NB
8 Unnaked
9 Chief o

Nilla said...

I decided to try guessing who the bachelors are again:

Bachelor #1 Azuka
Bachelor #2 Chief O
Bachelor #3 Miguel
Bachelor #4 Olawunmi
Bachelor #5 Unnaked
Bachelor #6 Naijadude
Bachelor #7 Naijabloke {Hint from Cherub's choices...lol}
Bachelor #8 Anthony
Bachelor #9 Chxta

Jaycee said...

Lemme try to match again too (before I vote):

Bachelor #1: Anthony (stay under the covers...hmm...suspicious...lol)...

Bachelor #2: Change in Africa...Hmmm...romantic shakespearean...see the way he described the weather na...na OLAWUNMI be dis o...

Bachelor #3: Naijabloke (no real reason, just sounds like him)

Bachelor #4: Loll....omodudu thinks this guy is older cos he said he wants to be a rolemodel for younger ones...lolllll...I dunno the person o...sugar daddy figure???

Bachelor #5: Abeg...mr. Politician...mr adjectives...mr "I-know-how-to-present-my-english" lemme go with Olawunmiii cos his whole blog is kinda like that statement...(Omodudu u really crack me upppp with ur commentaries)...

Bachelor #6: NOSA...dude is not very expressive and doesn't really give a hoot abt anyone...GQ magazine...ahn ahn...must be feeling sexy...he he (Nosa, iz all love).

Bachelor #7: I can't even guess, but Omodudu...HA HA HA HA HA. I choose AZUKAAAAA for this one!!!!

Bachelor 8: Naijadude (this is sooo like naijadude). Sowwie...I also think it could be Miguel (its Miguel jare (him and his wife on a Christian magazine cover…yeah…that’s my boy…good boy…homieee...lol)

Bachelor 9: this one is just thinking abt STEAK STEAK STEAK STEAK...lol...his wife must be ready to cook...ahn ahn...wahala sha! It must be DAVID DYLAN cos dude wrote abt SOCCER recently and I just happened to be swinging by as he was raining abuses on d super eagles...I've caught u...

Diamond...I vote for #2, #9, and #4...in order of decreasing favor...lol (just in case u have to pick only one of my votes)...

This must be the only other thing I'm reading today apart from my books...spent time laughing and choosing...

Vera Ezimora said...

How come bachelor 6 and 7 have the same response for episode 4?

DiAmOnD hawk said...

oh my goodness Vera...will update in 2mins!!!!!

DiAmOnD hawk said...

@Tminx and @Nilla...I've sent you guys the correct responses...now...no more clues o...:-)

@Jaycee....vote for all your bachelors on the left side of the screen (top left on the Home page)
1 - anthony
2 - olawunmi
3 - NaijaBloke
4 - ???????
5 - Olawunmi
6 - Nosa
7 - Azuka
8 - Miguel
9 - Davidylan

these are your choices but you have Olawunmi twice...so please present them again then i will email you which responses are correct then after that you're on your own o :-)

@Flirtygucci...madam...forgive my rudeness for not congratulating you on being the FIRST....welcome and congrats...hope you cast your vote

Naijadude said...

@Tminx... this is the second time you'd be writing this, now I gotta talk... WHY MY NAME NO SHOW FOR YOUR LIST? :@ :@ :@

@Diamond..aint ppl supposed to vote just only once...dem put naijaman hand for the voting thing oh!!!

Omodudu nice analysis, some very hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Diamond, I don't think it's fair revealing the identities of the contestants while the competition is going on. People no longer vote based on substance but are anchored by the knowledge of the contestants true identity...this makes it unfair on either bloggers that aren't known or liked...just my two cents...nice idea you have here...i'll keep observing.

Nilla said...

@ Bachelor #8, you should thank your stars, cos my hand just keeps voting your #....lol

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

All u Nigerian people sha. Kai! U can take 'em out of Naija, but can't take the "Nigerianness" out of 'em. They're voting multiple times o. Anyways, i see TMinx decided to incorporate my answers into hers too, hmmm I'm still getting the G award.

Nilla said...

@ Cherub,
you can't really blame us, cos the rules aren't very clear!
And even if it were clear, then the voting thing should not allow people vote more than once.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

im having problems posting comments o...yeye blogger...

well the rules state to vote within REASON which i did define as no more than FIVE times

i could restrict it to one vote per person. as of tomorrow that will be the case and the bachelors will be mixed up now...but the G award is based on the original groupings!

@Anonymous...i thought about what you wrote and I do agree....i've only revealed to Tminx and Nilla and Im sure they're not revealing it so it's all good...this is my first time doing this...so hopefully next time it'll be better

Soul said...

Diamond Hawk..
In the name of all things holy.. please send the song playing to me.. (if you marry taxi driver.. I don't care)
You seem to have all the old classics..

Nilla said...


I confess I've voted more than 5 times....

You should have the rules clearly on each post I think....

I won't vote again until tomorrow :-(

The Life of a Stranger called me said...


I confess also - so have I - For 2,4,7,9 - only becasue someone was overdoing it with 8 - which I dont mind - only that whenever I come it appears like 8 had jumped by like 100 vote.

so will stop too.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

so I had to make it fair.

diamond said...

oh my goodness...you guys are too funny...maybe next time instead of having people vote I will just have a panel of judges...who wants to volunteer...lol

Omodudu said...

1. Alagidi
3. Afriko Einstein (hiking LOL, next summer we are climbing Olumo rock)
4. Oversharp
5. Overjay (Honestly he reminds me of the guys that sitting in front of the class for our primary school)
6. Sharpman (You have my vote, if we must chop frog lets chop the one with egg my brova)
7. I dont have a name for him. He is smart though, look how he weaved the bachelorette into the picture, you have my vote.
8. LOL this is another dimension o. hmmm I am beginning to like this guy.
9. Arghhh no comment.

These are a set of good guys, I am sure the bachelorette will find the right man. Good luck guys.

Nilla said...

lol @ LOASCM
I think someone from "bachelor #2 camp" needs to confess too...lol

@ Diamond
I think the bachelorette needs to be the one calling the shots for the most part, especially since she's the one that's going to get the bachelor ;-)