February 7, 2007

A message from the Bachelorette [CAST YOUR VOTE]

My heart was beating with anticipation this morning. I am so excited. Finally, I can join the ranks of Vera and TMinx...I'll have a man to call my own...with a prestigious title no less....Bachelor of the Year...I think this will definitely raise me in the ranks...what do you think?
Since you bachelors have so graciously given a brief and I must say a creative introduction, I thought it only fair to do the same...I'll continue from my previous thoughts....

Naughty but oh so nice
Sweet but not to be taken for granted
Loves to laugh out loud and is not afraid to laugh at herself
Classy and ladylike with a smile to die for
Don't be fooled though,
As my lips speak soft words, so can they rip to shreds
A hopeless romantic but a realist
Able to lose herself in a movie or a good book
But is also content to do nothing
Not a fan of clubs and bars
But can shake her groove thang with the rest of them
So smart and curious - financial reports? Not a problem
But can be caught watching X-Men cartoons on a Saturday morning
Very focused but gives in to confusion now and again
A mind that is sure to challenge
A personality to adore
A tease
A flirt
A lover of life
Just a teaser about me.......

I have my eye on #9. I do have a couple of questions of my own for all of you. First thing is if you wanted me to know just one thing about you, what would it be and why? Also, I want to know who your ideal woman is...looking forward to your responses....

[diamond says... if anyone is having problems voting, please leave your votes in the comment section and they will be calcuated at the end of the day...and yes...that means you too Nilla and Life of a Stranger :-)]


Omodudu said...

Oya pips talk now.

bimbylads said...

DIAMOND.. ure too much to miss!bachys! dont let this sista go o....
p.s- ill update u on the beverly hill fomula when i wake up.. ;)

TaureanMinx said...

Is the Bachelorette Uzo?

DiAmOnD hawk said...

TMinx...dont worry about that...all will be revealed this weekend... meanwhile try guess which blogger is which as far as our bachelors go...You'll have more fun with that ...LOL

Anonymous said...

i'm seriously feelin #4... who is he?