January 29, 2007

Music Im Feeling: Alicia Keys & Bono


In this proud land we grew up strong //We were wanted all along // I was taught to fight, taught to win // I never thought I could fail

No fight left or so it seems // I am a man whose dreams have all deserted // Ive changed my face, Ive changed my name // But no one wants you when you lose

Dont give up // 'Cos you have friends // Dont give up // You're not beaten yet // Dont give up // I know you can make it good

Though I saw it all around // Never thought I could be affected // Thought that we would be the last to go // It is so strange the way things turn // Drove the night toward my home // The place that I was born, out on the lakeside // As daylight broke, I saw the earth // The trees had burned down to the ground

Dont give up // You still have us // Dont give up // We dont need much of anything // Dont give up // 'Cause somewhere there's a place // Where we belong

Rest your head You worry too much // It's going to be alright // When times get rough // You can fall back on us // Don’t give up // Please dont give up

Got to walk out of here //
I cant take anymore // Going to stand on that bridge // Keep my eyes down below // Whatever may come // And whatever may go // That rivers flowing // Oh that rivers flowing

Dont give up // 'Cause you have friends // Dont give up // You're not the only one // Don't give up // No reason to be ashamed // Don't give up // You still have us // Dont give up now // We're proud of who you are // Dont give up // You know it's never been easy // Dont give up // 'Cause I believe there's a place // There's a place where we belong

This song was originally performed by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush in 1986 and was titled "So". Last year, Alicia and Bono decided to collaborate to advocate for the needs of children affected by AIDS in Africa. It was released on the KEEP A CHILD ALIVE site. Please do check it out. I love this song alot...I heard it some time last year....I dont love it just because it's got a nice beat to it and features one of my favorite artists...nope...I love it for the message that it brings....basically never lose hope...never!


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

HOPE and Faith is the two words Im currently making sure it part of my everyday life. Cause some days, your fail level falls. Im trying to be concious of it constantly.

Will be visiting the site. Thanks again.

Nilla said...

God bless you Missy for this.
I not only love the song, I love the message too.

We shouldn't give up hope!!!

Will check out the site later...I'm @ work.

Vera Ezimora said...

Diamond, this is a great post!

Now that I'm posting this, I just remembered I have not replied ur mail. I;m sorry about that. Off I go 2 reply it

Uzo said...

I am slacking off on my music as i have never heard this song. But the message rings true. I love this...

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

Fantastic song... i'm in love with it... Don't give up... i'm trying not to