December 30, 2006

I wrote this months back. I find my mind revisitng it over and over again as the different incidents happen. I published it...thought it was too harsh...took it off. I decided to release it and let it go with this year

Onada recently cleaned her closet of useless friendships...the only thing is im not sure this particular friendship is useless..or maybe I just want to hold on to it for the sake of saying I have a friend...

I dont know...all I know is I get hurt again and again by this person...but then there are times when we laugh...or when she offers advice

I find it easy to throw people away and it's a habit I've been trying to curb...understanding that everyone isnt perfect and everyone has their moments.

I got to work today and apparently something of mine brushed against her...I didnt know...she was soooooo abrasive in letting me know...which made me give a reluctant apology...she ignores me for the rest of the day...talking to others then proceeds to tell me to stop shouting. I said "im not shouting so whatever"...and she ignored me for the rest of the day.

Now...she'll say it's the hormone pills she's come she can be nice to others... It's so hard for me to be abrasive to people that I like or want to like me...I have no problem telling someone off...what is this friendship worth to me?

I dont know...I really need to evaluate this friendship...but I find that the thoughts I had months back...I have to release...


so this is friendship
you only talk to me when you feel like
you wait for me to initiate the "good morning"
i see you walking around
you act like you're sick...maybe you are
but you manage to walk around and converse
oh excuse me
i forgot my position...the door mat
to wipe your shit on right?
the fucking bank when you need a loan
no credit check
or wait
the baby sitter
the fucking chef and grocery store
the one you want to moan to about your man
Aint life interesting
I thought you were different
Now I look back and realize what I didnt want to see
you insist I come to your party?
wait...what's that?
dont forget your camera??
so now Im the pro bono photographer
you stick close to me...ur ignition aint kicking
so now Im the chauffer
you call me
i answer
you tell me how you feel
I say this too shall pass
you tell me if "you're in trouble" you'll be there
if you're sick you'll be there
im sick
the phone's not rining
no knock on the door
so this is friendship
scales seem a bit unbalanced
became your landlord
no rent
yet you walk by me and dont speak
oh my bad
It's just one of dem days
girl your name aint monica
how many days do you have?
is this your definition of friendship
then you want to smile at me
when you want to wipe more shit on me
sure why not
you act like you're wise
bitch sit your ass down
took me a minute
but I figured you out
your lies were lies
silly me
just thought you were forgetful
your ass is on my Do Not Call
Do not Answer list
Be at peace!

December 26, 2006

sometimes i feel so all alone
consciously i know that God is there
Im in a weird mood
im crying...been crying all day
different things slicing thru my mind
my mom. my dad. my house. my future.
what does Tomorrow hold
mommy said Talk to God
I dont find it easy to do so
I mean it's not like I can hear him as clear as someone talking to me
or can i?
maybe I just havent been paying attention

daddy was with me for a couple of days and I realized that I loved him more than I thought I did. It's so hard sometimes because Ive always thought his love for me was conditional but now I realize he loves me the only way he knows how and he tries His Best. He was labeled the black sheep of the family...even know...the siblings that profess God...still have so much hatred and resentment and greed and they wonder why they dont prosper. I inherited part of my dominant personality from daddy. I call him the Orginal Player. Daddy is GQ his age...people will still take a second glance...wondering if im his sugar daughter. He still calls me by my nickname....the one he gave him as a kid...

mommy has been through so much. She is so strong...I remember I used to steal from her when I was younger. I regret those days. In my childish eyes I thought she had so much....I wanted to be like the other rich kids in school that would bring money in to buy stuff during lunch and after school. I slept with her for so many years...I love just being curled up next to her...her skin is so smooth...oh what a beautiful lady. God let at least one of my children...female children...look exactly like her

Im so scared that my parents are growing old. I dont want to lose either of them. God please hear me....please for my sanity, let them live forever and see my children's children...Let them grow old with dignity...Help me God to be able to provide them with everything they need to make their life fabulous. God please let my parents live forever. Maybe it seems a little selfish...

Daddy left me briefly...just to go 3hours away and I cried...wrote him so many love notes before he left...he said he's never had so much love from me in one day. Im using every oppurtunity to appreciate the people that mean so much to me...

i wish mommy and daddy were still together...i guess a miracle can still happen...I dont know God...I just want to be better than them...learn from their me not to repeat the cycle

I sat downstairs in the dining room today...I looked was quiet everywhere...Gosh...I own my own home. What was I thinking. God help me handle this without a room mate. Everyone keeps asking if I will get one...surprised that I bought a home...maybe surprised at its size...God put all my enemies/naysayers to shame.

I wonder if I should even have a house warming...I was constantly on alert yesterday with the kids...praying nothing would spill on the carpet...but things happen...Aunty said it was because it was new...said I wouldnt worry about it after a while...she doesnt know me...Im very picky about certain things...and the maintenance of this house is important...better to keep up than catch up. I dont think I'll have a house warming...I dont even think I want to buy any new furniture...I guess people will say Im being cheap but I know what Im doing...just because you have some money doesnt mean you have to spend it all...I guess this is one of those conversations I have to have with you God...I guess I have to totally rely on you for everything

God please help me hear you clearly....that my discernment of you will be on high...that even for the most baseless things or things I consider to be so...I will listen for you

I kinda feel a little better...stopped crying...I guess I'll go to BestBuy and go get Roberta Flack's CD

December 25, 2006

Music Im Feeling - Chinua Hawk

His voice is absolutely beautiful. Today I felt my BP maybe high du2 all these cold/flu things I've been drugging myself with so I started to play his soothe me. I hope you like him...

check him out at:
Chinua Hawk OR My Space OR You Tube


I love this song...It was made popular by Roberta Flack...but was written originally in the late 1950s. Below are the lyrics..the way he sang it (slightly different from the original)

The first time ever I saw your face
I thought the sun rose in your eyes
And the moon and the stars were the gifts you gave
To the dark and the empty skies, my love,

To the dark and the empty skies.

The first time ever I kissed your mouth
I felt the earth move through my hand
Like the trembling heart of a captive bird
That was there at my command, my love

That was there at my command.

And the first time ever I lay with you
I felt your heart so close to mine

And I knew our joy would fill the earth
And last till the end of time my love
It would last till the end of time my love

The first time ever I saw your face, your face, your face, your face

December 21, 2006

here comes the Bride...

I got to work yesterday and all of a sudden..LITERALLY...all of a sudden I was sick. I walked in the head became heavy and stuffy and my whole body started to ache. my whole entire body. Im sure people thought I was on my period or something cuz I kept moaning and shifting my body trying to relieve the ache to no avail. Then I cried. Called my aunt who told me what to get from the drugstore. In the midst of all this, I receive a text message from my mother

Long and short of the text is this
"I must hear of your wedding plans by next year in Jesus' Name" (let me add AMEN to that)

what? my bodyache went into remission for like one second while I absorbed this.

next you guys...Im getting married o

I called Bob and told him...but he was we talked this morning...he was asking me what I called to tell him last night. Said he had a dream that we got in it was a surprise. He didnt know anything was happening...all of a sudden I come out of the car...ready for marriage...

that is one funny dream....but anyways I told him my mom said whether it is him or someone else, she must hear the plans next year. He asked me who the someone else is...abi does my mom know someone else...I denied she least not to my knowledge...except it's that her friend's son she wants to marry me off to at church. Apparently he's now a doctor and expressed his interest in passing conversation...WHATEVER

so Bob and I started to talk about the wedding and introduction and all that. All of a sudden, my body was in this quivering's quite scary...oh my goodness. I dont know if I'll be able to go thru all that ceremony. He started to talk about the introduction and all that. I told him I dont want to do any introduction...I just want the wedding...he said will our parents meet at the church for the first time? Well I said No...they'll kinda meet casually beforehand

Gosh you year...that is sooooooo soon but in my mid twenties....what am I waiting for right...well Im waiting for the man...abi will I propose to myself and marry myself? God forbid o... Bob is still in school so he wants to be done..he wants to be sure he can maintain his family. He wants to get married soon as well...I mean he goes to a wedding like every weekend...but we are not going to rush anything...well I've given him a we wont rush anything up until the deadline. But really it's we young ones that waste time...I mean I have an uncle (i think he's almost 40 or slightly older than that)...within a year, he met his wife (mid 30s) through some family friend introduction...and got married...

Everyone keeps telling me I will make a good wife. My boss at work, told me I'd make a good "english" wife... so proper i guess. I think it's because she saw me knitting a scarf...a project i started around April in anticipation for my london trip which is still unfinished...and then she asked me if I could cook and I said Yes.... Im quite conservative...very traditional... acknowledged this about myself to myself a couple of weeks back...but there's always that _______ streak in there.... I pray I make a good wife. That I am everything my Husband desires and more and vice versa...that I will be an addition/multiplication....all that... to his life as well as that of his family/friends... I pray that... let me not start before this thing becomes too long

I want to have a quiet wedding...but I come from a big family...who will I now say is more important that can attend as opposed to the others. Before you know it, the incident will be fueling arguments for years to come...oh you dont have that in your own family? My family argue about stuff that happened in the 80s...tell me that isnt is this part of the family I dont want to come....but of course I must invite them...they will come and smile in my face then go back and say negative things behind my back... hmmm... maybe we could elope....scratch that...what will I come back and tell my mom...infact the liver to face my mother with that kind of scenario has not been developed

Well 2007 is 12 days away... alot can happen into those 365 days.... maybe i'll have a surprise wedding...I dont know...maybe I'll get engaged...Im getting giddy thinking about it. How will I get better not be in a restaurant with the ring in my wine glass or a fortune better not be anything written in the sky lines....hmmmm...I better be surprised is my only requirement...well surprised and it better be off the chain and my sister must be involved. cant pull off a surprise if you dont collaborate with my sister. My sister gave me her ring size...just incase her man wants to plan...he knows I'd be the one to do it with...we girls shhhaaaaaaaa ..anyways my sister doesnt necessarily have to be involved but it might prove helpful...

Maybe I should start planning the wedding. Bob said I can plan all I want but nothing goes without his approval...which is true. My sister said well you cant plan a wedding without him. I said "says who".... I can...all the groom has to do is get a tux and get some friends to act as his groomsmen...and show up and repeat after the Pastor... "I..... take thee.... " but im joking you guys. Im not planning my wedding. My ideas change all the I'll wait for that time to come and of course I have a special aunty I made off Blogsville to help me when it's time

I've been visiting wedding websites lately...I stopped for a while but I dont seems I've caught the bug again...and I guess a few people I know have scheduled their weddings for next year....all asking/praying that mine will be next year too... I went to and checked out their wedding video...and I was so giddy hearing them repeat the vows...I checked out as well.... I wonder how my day will be...prayerfully not a circus as once described by don chichi ...

anyways... in other news
The aunt I called when I was sick yesterday...she asked me a question... "Were you told about my shower"

No, I replied. When is it

It was last week

Last week? No one told me...or I would have come

she said she was wondering why I didnt show up. Can you imagine. If you follow my blog...the aunt that gives me the "bath set" gifts ALL THE TIME is the one that planned this shower...and I wasnt invited. Isnt that mad? Maybe it was an oversight...but somehow I dont see how that would be an oversight...I mean she saw me the week before...we were all together when my dad was around. My aunt wanted to clarify my reasons for not showing she's going to query that other aunt on why I wasnt told... hmmm...this sounds like family drama that I sooooooooo do NOT want to be involved in. Anyways Im sure she'll lie and say "I thought I told...or I did tell her..."

Im hosting christmas this year in the house that God blessed me God help me...but from me to you...I wish you the best christmas...remember the Reason for this Season and give him Honor and Praise and remember in all things...GIVE THANKS

December 16, 2006


I dont want to want you to want me
I dont want to want your words to caress me
I dont want to want to be the one that breathes life into your soul
and inspires the words that earn you global adoration
I dont want to want to fantasize about life with you
I dont want to want your intensity focused on me
it's funny how you inspire my words...
funny...not funny ha ha...but funny...this is so ridiculous
how you'll never know...maybe you'd suspect but i'd never tell
my secret...while not a mine alone to keep even if you know
and if you do...dont tell her...dont call or text me...dont email me

I dream of winter in the south of France...summer in spain...
spring in Lagos and fall in bed...on the floor...wherever whenever-
oh...Father please forgive me
absorbing the culture...absorbing you
experiencing new things...creating shared memories
seeing everything through you...with you
the colors...the food...the music...the language...
concerts in open fields...picnics in cute outdoor cafes
I dont want to want that with you

Political discussions...varying views
and Im sure I dont know half of what you're talking about
it's your passion that does me in...
Heated debates leading to ferocious mating sessions
laughter...and more laughter
breakfast in bed...relaxing baths disgusting!
I dont want that with you

Ice skating at Rockefeller Center...a quiet walk around the park
walking in sync...our hearts...your my dub
dim lit rooms....the strum of your guitar...quiet reading...
mutual appreciation for the silence of our intimacy
in a darkened car...on a quiet head against your shoulder
content and secure in you drive us home
I dont want to want that

You disgust me
Im repulsed by you
I dont want you
You're not good for me
I wish you were perfect
Really...what do I care that you're not

Get out of my head
im serious
out of my imagination
Let my memory be erased clean of you
you see i've stayed away from you

Just go away

December 11, 2006

Killer Biscuits wanted for Attempted Murder

Killer Biscuits wanted for Attempted Murder
(actual AP Headline)

Lisa Burnett, 23, a resident of San Diego, was visiting her in-laws, and while there went to a nearby supermarket to pick up some groceries. Several people noticed her sitting in her car with the windows rolled up and with her eyes closed, with both hands behind the back of her head.

One customer who had been at the store for a while became concerned and walked over to the car. He noticed that Lisa's eyes were now open, and she looked very strange. He asked her if she was okay, and Lisa replied that she'd been shot in the back of the head, and had been holding her brains in for over an hour.

The man called the paramedics, who broke into the car because the doors were locked and Lisa refused to remove her hands from her head. When they finally got in, they found that Lisa had a wad of bread dough on the back of her head... A Pillsbury biscuit canister had exploded from the heat, making a loud noise that sounded like a gunshot, and the wad of dough hit her in the back of her head. When she reached back to find out what it was, she felt the dough and thought it was her brains. She initially passed out, but quickly recovered and tried to hold her brains in for over an hour until someone noticed and came to her aid. Lisa is blonde

December 5, 2006

O ye of little faith part deux

okay yall.... I started to type and everything was just sorta all over the I'll do it by day...

Okay. Keep in mind that my closing date was to be November 30

11/16 - This is when i signed my contract. I got home and talked to the Lender. My whole body was shaking when he told me how much I would have to pay. As in I didnt know if I could do it or not. The guy was calm though...he wasnt pushy at all. He tried to tell me of his experience as well. I truly believe he was Godsent. I wasnt sure if I was making the right decision. I told him maybe I should call him back...he said no worries...then I said for him to go ahead and lock-in my rate. My Papers were then sent to the GA office to take over. The guy I was working with told me the papers I should have ready for the processing of my loan. No worries...I pretty much have everything.

The weekend...into Monday: I receive a call from the GA office saying they heard they're trying to rush a closing for me...gave me the info I needed. I had everything BUT my w-2 from 2005. Imagine...I found EVERY document but that one. as in i typically keep important info together...where in the world was my tax form. I was almost freaking out. I knew it had to be in my apartment somewhere. On wednesday...right before thanksgiving...I went to Kinkos to fax what I had...imagine...their fax wasnt even working. At this point I was tired...cuz I'd been looking for the tax form. I hadnt eaten. I just left it alone and went home. I figured I could send them the info after Thanksgiving and it should still be fine. So on thurday (thxgiving) I went thru my entire apartment and I found it. I started to thank God...I was sooooooooooo happy. Everything was set...or so I thought

I decided to move my closing date tilil 12/1...doing so would mean I wouldnt have a payment due for two months...but I would have to prepay all the interest for one month. Based on my calculations, I figured everything should be covered by the closing costs. I called them to allocate the money they were giving me. They cautioned me stating I may not having enough for them to cover the closing costs in which case moving the closing date would cause me to come out of pocket more. They wanted to see if I could do it earlier. I said no. Infact I lied and said I was going out of town so I couldnt do it earlier. I wish I didnt lie...and I told God I was sorry...but this made me realize...that inspite of myself...God is God

They tried to tell me if I change my closing date, they wouldnt give me the incentives... meaning... no closing costs... no appliance package... no money down towards the price of the house...nothing. I told them if they wouldnt do it to forget it. I had long decided that nothing should overly stress me with this...if it did, i would take it as a sign that it wasnt meant to be and move on. In the mean time I wasnt sure anymore. I believe I was being led by God but what if I couldnt afford to pay the closing costs. I kept asking my lender what my closing costs would be and she kept giving me the runaround...i mean she couldnt even estimate...infact she was nasty to me the whole period but I kept calm cuz I realized that it may not be could be the devil trying to rile me up...

anyways...everything was done. EXCEPT my rental verification. Imagine that yeye lender. Didnt fax my rental verification until the morning of 11/30 which should have been the original closing date. And wouldnt you know it...the Apartment's computer system went down...THE WHOLE DAY. and then my Lender's system went down too? Hmmm....very suspicious. The Devil is a Liar...that's when I put that up...I said it was done! I was professing it. I asked the Lender if an exception could be made...they said No..they need the information. She knew she needed this information sinceeeeeeeeee is NOW that she decided to fax it. I was hyperventilating. I was sooooooooooo emotional. I called my mom...she talked to me...she said "Diamond...take it easy. God's Will WILL be done"...I was calm...sorta...trying closing was 12/1...and I still didnt know how much I had to come out of pocket with

Finally finally everything is done. they receive my rental verification. She called me and said you need to bring $1300 to closing.

Thirteen what? FOR WHY?
my heart dropped o
I mentally calculated my account...ok...doable but to be honest you guys this would have taken a very nice chunk out of my account in i have to eat now...i have to buy gas...i have other bills to pay. I asked her why it was that much. This lady was like she will email me. I asked why she cant tell me over the phone. It was like I was forcing her to do her job...but i refused to get sucked into her nastiness...I was so calm with her...infact i amazed myself because in the past I would have straight up snapped at her

After much prodding..she starts to list why...I asked her if she applied all the funds the seller was paying...I asked if she'd applied the money I had already put down...she said she would call me back.

I called my mom. My mom told me to tell God what I want. So I went to my room and cried...and I told God..."I told you I didnt want to come out of pocket for anything...infact...I want money back"...

My friend's mom was with me the whole day. She asked if I would go to the bank to get the money. I told her No...that we should just go...Cuz I told God I didnt want to pay anything and I was stepping out of the house on faith

I got in my car...i Put in my Funmi William's Praise and Worship know there are times where english/american praise and worship doesnt just do have to go back to the motherland...I kept praying...thanking God...telling God about what I asked him...talking to God. I prayed if I had to pay anything it would not be more than $500...but really I didnt want to pay anything and I kept telling God

I was late to 10mins...right before I got there...the lender called me. She said "Ms're right. I didnt apply we actually owe you $$$"

I just started was God. I know it was God. I told God I didnt know how he was going to do it...he had to work his miracle somehow....they owed me money....O Glory Hallelujah....Thank you God...yes I know I havent paid tithes lately or been to church but God sees my heart...I just started to thank God. As in..this has never happened to me before. I walked out of my apartment on faith...and God came thru.


will finish this later today or tomorrow back

anyways...the money I got back...I quickly went that night and deposited it in the bank and I promised the whole thing back to God.

The lawyer was amazed...EVERYTHING was paid. be not sure how that money reached...i suspect I may have gotten more money...but what's my own. I handed it to God and He did it. Everything was have to pay an initiation fee for the HomeOwners association...that was paid...title insurance...paid...interest for the month...paid....6 months of something or other...paid....God is amazing...

The lawyer said she'd never seen where everything was covered AND I got money back. She told me "You negotiated well"

me? negotiate?
and that was when I told her "it was God"
she said "okay"
and I said "yes, it was God"

Did you guys see anything of negotiation in anything I wrote? Nope! I didnt do anything....I did nothing. I started to pray...that this same God who did this for me...will work a miracle in all of your lives...yes....ALL OF YOU READING THIS...whatever you're believing God for...have faith...LEAN ON HIM...he will surely do it. I prayed for Buki's mom...I felt God...and through this medium...I extend that same God in you...please...just believe...ONLY believe...have faith...whatever it is you want...whatever it is you will work out according to God's Will in your life in Jesus' Name .... Amen

so I asked God for 1...he gave me MORE than I wanted. have to pay for blinds in the you know there are blinds wasnt included in the price...infact it was a "mistake"...someone told me I was lucky...I smiled and knew it was God...and Im not talking shabby blinds here....the house...wasnt even on the market when I went to look at it...I see this as God all the way. I see it as him reserving the house for me... I got the house for less than I wouldve paid for an older home of comparable's a new home... infact...the same exact house a block away closed for almost $30k more than what I paid just last week. I have the largest floor plan in the community and I've paid the least for it....That means...I have instant equity...dont have to wait for the house to ever heard that in the bible...something is happening...and then life can change in an instant you know...

It is God

Now Im believing God for other things. I've put in my request...
you guys this changed my level with God almost speechless
but I have to share my is important we all encourage each other
to prove that God is real

thank you guys for reading...
please thank God for me...praise him for me too
I look forward to sharing in YOUR testimonies

December 3, 2006

O ye of little faith...


The lawyer looked at the papers and she gave a little laugh...she said "I've never seen this before"

I told her it was God


Let me the very beginning...


I happened upon this idea of 30days of thanksgiving...even though I didnt update my blog for each day I was still thankful. Earlier this year, I wrote down my goals...some might refer to is as a NewYear's resolution...but I just wrote things down that I wanted to accomplish...a checklist. One of the things I wrote was to go to California, london, lagos, buy a digital camera, research schools for my MBA and research buying a house...etc

I went to california and if you follow my blog, you'll know I went to see my brother after about a decade of not seeing him. I bought a digital camera...which I barely use upon all the research I put into buying it...and instead of researching for a house, I decided I would move in with my cousin...brand new home...cheaper rent...I could help her down more of my debt...

Well well well
my mother was against me moving in with my cousin...ever heard "familiarity breeds contempt"...she said "you will fight" and I knew it was true but I rationalized it. I wont be home mostly. I'll be in school or work. Even my friends told me it would be hard to live with someone else after living on your own for so long.. Anyways the plan was for the house to be ready by the end of when it came time for a lease renewal, I did 6mths only...till early december.

Fast Fwd a couple of months...end of august...I hadnt been to church in a while but I heard on the radio that the following sunday was the Pastoral I made it a point to go that sunday. Biship Neil Ellis preached...he is a true prophet...he the end of this year you will own something you've never owned before. I claimed it.

Didnt go to church least my fact maybe I didnt go at all until October 1. To my surprise Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo came to preach and again he said the same thing. He said something big will happen to you by the end of this year. Told us to sow a seed...said the same thing about wealth transfer and also about owning something by the end of the year. I claimed it

I went to another church...Destiny...and what do you know...the message was similar...I kept on claiming...

So November came...I made up my mind that I wouldnt move with my cousin...besides her house wasnt finished...she was looking more into the new year...which means I'd have to look at renewing my lease or going month to month which tends to be quite that point i decided instead of researching 'how' to buy a house..i would start the process of getting one. I had significant credit card debt that I had paid off...I was about to pay off one of my school loans (all those work hours arent for no reason) short I met all the necessary criteria to qualify for a loan... so I get a realtor... I tell him what Im looking for. I tell you guys that my price range was such that I couldnt afford to be extra picky. I wanted a new home...but I told him that an older home was fine...

Within 3days...I told my realtor that I'd changed my mind...I would be doing this solo. I started on a Daniel Fast for 3days with my friend and my mom...requested they pray with me about this decision to buy a new home. My manager at work had questioned why I was going thru a realtor. She told me to look online...infact I even went as far as looking for new StarBucks locations...Oh...yall dont know....StarBucks does MAJOR research before they open any of their shops...they look at the area...try to determine profitability and all if you're looking for a home and you see a new starbucks...chances are it's a great area...just drive around...w/in a 5mile radius or so... Anyways I went online...I found was a 2bedroom 2bath with 1car was 10mins was new...and it was well within my price I made up my mind to go look at it. I called my friend's mom and she decided she'd come with me.

We looked at it...I liked it...but my friend's mom asked to see the 3bedroom...they were nice to look at but they were almost $30000 above my price range...and that's just the base price o. The seller agent said I should make an offer and we'll I did and guess what...they accepted it. They were giving $10k towards the closing cost with their lender but they gave it to me with my own lender. It seems like everything I had told God I wanted was happening. I definitely was looking for someone other than myself to pay the closing costs...infact the day before I went to look for this house...I'd inquired on how soon I can get money out of my 401k if I needed it for closing

so the process started...I tried to get them to go a little lower on the price...but they didnt budge. Infact when I went to sign my contract and put money down the lady that was there was very surprised at the deal I got

....and on November 30 when I said the Devil is a liar...I'll soon tell you why. Will finish this up later...hopefully i can do so from work cuz I dont have internet access at home. Trying to catch up on last week's episode of Desperate Housewives online

How have you guys been? Hope all is well