November 30, 2006

Praise the Lord
It is Done!!!

The devil is a Liar
God started it and finished it
It is well

Remember matter the situation...give thanks to just have to...

I just have to

Thank you God...Thank you Jesus...You are awesome and I know you've got future is in Your hands. Glory be to your name...

November 28, 2006

sweet mother

You would think having Faith in God is easy. I guess saying it is easy...but putting it into practice is hard. There are moments where doubt comes in....I start to worry...I start hyperventilating...I start to cry...but still Im talking to God...and Im petitioning him about what's on my mind....and then I call my mom

People who know me are surprised that I havent done a piece on my Mom yet. They know how close we are...infact you cant claim to know me well and not know (of) my mom. She's the best. She's absolutely beautiful...everyone says that about their mom I know. I love her so much. Her skin is soft...she is a work of art...I wish I was the carbon copy of her... my elder sister is. When I was younger...I couldnt imagine life without her...even's like I live for her too

She calls me "mama"...she kisses my birthday cards still. One year, she didnt do that...maybe she Im grown up she doesnt have to do that...i called her promptly

"Mommy...why didnt you kiss the cards?"
she laughed...but I was she hasnt made that mistake again

Growing up, my mom and I werent the closest. I was Daddy's baby all the way...still am! I thought she loved my brother more...I think it's because he got away with so much (more on him later) but then things started to change...

I remember one time she was in the kitchen was sunday...something happened with the oven..she turned it on to light it..u know the ones you light from the bottom...i think..anyways...something happened and she did it again and it blew...right in her face...oh my God...Im not even sure how we called who we aunt came over...she's a my sister as well...she's a was brother and I swore we wouldnt eat. We didnt want her to go back to the kitchen ever... we put vaseline all over her face...i mean all over.
She came through scars or anything...I think it was the heat more than anything else that was causing her pain...

Soon it was just mommy and me....and it was the best
I was the perfect daughter. I rarely questioned anything she did. I never really got into too much trouble. When she would punish me...I knew my way around it except that one time she had me do ma kuru ma ga (you hold your ears and u repeatedly squat down and go back about forced excercise). She specifically told me not to do was concerning my dad's sister...she came over and didnt hear me greet and said she would report me to my dad so I inturn wrote her a letter and told her I wouldnt get in trouble so she can go right was all of 7 or 8 maybe?...Talk about sass at such a young age. My mother is everything to me... and some people say she spoiled me but I disagree. She showed me love as a mother should. So what she cleaned up after me (okay maybe she spoiled me in this area)...She did what she needed to do to ensure we had what we needed to have. I was never a demanding child though. I never asked for more than I knew she could give. If you lived in Nigeria you may have experienced the difficulty in trying to get into a secondary school...there's all these exams you have to take...She did everything to make sure I was prepared and fought for me to get into see they didnt want to take me on because I was 9 even though I had passed their written exams and done well with their interview. I wonder what they would have said the year Godfather shut down that idea fast...can u imagine being 8 in Jss 1...a bit daunting i think

We had this ritual. She would travel for her job but she'd have to buy me dinner before she left...back then it was Terry's I think...Chicken George...NewYorker...just dinner outside of the house...and then of course I would cry myself into a headache when she left and start counting the days until she would come back

Moving to America was the hardest on me...I was leaving my comfort zone but I knew it was for the best...Im here it must have been for the best. I cried almost everyday after I moved. You know there's nothing like the cocoon of a mother's love. My brother tried to comfort me. It was hard. Living with my dad wasnt just the same...he's a guy...he's not sensitive to female was a lot stricter than my mom...and that didnt make it easy for either of us.

Being in the States, I knew that I would have to do well enough to justify everything she's done. I promised her everything...and Im striving to fulfill my promises. No matter what I do, she's always encouraging me. She makes sure she highlights the positive even while berating me for the's a nice balance. I know it is her prayers that have kept me safe and moving on...her prayers that have made it hard for me to say "I give up"

I call my mom like every other day...even if it's just for 5minutes. Just to know that she's okay...just to hear her voice...I call her when I need bible passages...I call her to pray for if she needs a reminder...I call her to ask if there's anything she wants/needs me to do for her. I call her just to hear the latest gist. She makes me laugh. She loves to talk...she'll be telling me a story...I just want to hear the end...but way...she must take you through the scenic route...and I realize it's memories like these that will keep going...and so I settle down and try to patiently endure the scenic conversations.

I've always said that if my children love me half as much as I love my mom then I would be lucky indeed. There's nothing I wouldnt do for her....nothing! Some people have their limits...but not me...I would do EH NEE THING.

Ask LondonBuki....we see the love her mom deposited in her shining thru every monday
Ask Uzo...when she went on a suicide excercise mission who was there to help soothe the pain

Mothers are the best. Their capacity to in/out of the to be admired.

I love my mommy
We argue....get into minor disagreements...but it never lasts for long. I tell her everything...well like 99.95% of have to keep some things secret

She's protective of me too
I remember once in elementary...I had a problem with this teacher...gosh..Mrs.Adepoju...she was something else. My mom had to come to school and check her. Same thing in AirForce...some stupid sergeant was harrassing me over goodness knows what...maybe something to do with music...mommy had to pay him a little visit. I also remember one brother and I had a private lesson teacher growing up. I didnt do my homework properly...or I didnt erase the page well...the teacher got mad and used koboko (horse whip) on me. He had done it such that the buttons on the back of my dress had come undone. mother that doesnt really hit/beat is you that wants to hit me...I went right into the house and my mother came out with a Check in hand and that was the end of that guy.

I guess now Im older it's reversed. Im protective of her. You can do what you want...say what you want to me...but you cannot mess with my mom.

She's done so much...for part of her life she was a single mother and being a single mother is not is sooooooooo not easy...but you have a can give up or you can keep moving...she kept moving...what a strong lady. We've cried together...played together...laughed together... I used to get sick alot as a kid...mommy was always there with me...

Everyday of my life...Im thankful to God for my mother. Thankful for her genes.. :-) Thankful for the strength in her character that's helped define mine. Im just thankful to God because she "is"

It's day 28 yall....gosh this month has flown by...this year in fact has gone fast....what are you thankful for today?

November 27, 2006

5 Weird/Random Things about

Uzo tagged me...
Okay...this is hard...why? because there is nothing weird about me... None that I can think of anyways so I'll just put up some random things

Accent: My accent changes with my mood. I've been accused of having a british/valley girl/east coast/ southern twang accent. I do it subconsciously most times but there are few times where I purposely change's fun...and Im good at it...if Im frustrated I tend to sound british...I cant help it...but if im talking normally then I tend to sound like I was raised in Cali with a hint of newyork (i had an english teacher from NYC so i kinda picked up some words the way she would say them and they've sorta stuck with me since highschool)

Language: Hmmm...well not necessarily language...but I dont speak pidgin english and I will not respond to you if you speak to me in it. Few times I might make an exception but it cannot become habit...if you continue I will just look at you as if you're not really speaking to me and may change the topic...or you'll keep hearing me say "im sorry...what did you say?" well it's not necessarily weird...this is along the lines of chatting and constantly making grammatical errors...makes me cringe especially when it's done on a consistent basis...ive been known to stop chatting with ppl just for that

Pain: The receptors in the body for pain and pleasure are the same (dont quote me on this)... I agitate things more that are painful. For instance...I have a toothache...I will continue to bother it until it becomes almost unbearable...then I stop and then the feeling like relief...pleasurable relief

Fart: okay....this is kinda weird...but i like to smell my fart...nasty yes...but it's mine...oh my goodness...this may be deleted shortly

Phone calls: I like to talk...but the thing is I can fall asleep in an you'll hear me talking...all of a sudden...there's nothing...but that's not the weird thing... When Im talking on the phone...if im sleepy...I dont know why...different things come in my head and I will just start saying in lets say we're talking about President bush and the war in iraq...but im feeling sleepy right...then I may see like pineapples in my mind or something..all of a sudden you'll hear me asking about why you're eating pineapples...or why are the pineapples running....things that dont make sense...just totally off subject...

November 26, 2006

Get your Church On

Watch my church service live HERE

7 - 10 am and 10:30a - 1pm
(eastern standard time)

November 25, 2006

30 Days of Thankfulness - Day 25

so I havent been blogging....havent been updating my 30days of thankfulness like I shouldve been doing...

How was your thanksgiving? I hope it went well. No matter how bad your situation is...there's always a reason to be thankful..let's all try to remember that

I had a nice thanksgiving. I was kinda surprised.
My cousin Maya called me to ask when I was coming over. I was surprised. Maya and I havent had the best of relationships but we seem to be getting along lately. I guess age/maturity does that...puts things in perspective. Went over to her mom's and we all chilled...their mom is cool. Ate a little cuz you know I had an agenda...I wanted to take food home. See I dont cook alot...infact it seems my cooking/baking is seasonal...sometimes im in the mood and can do it all day but most times im like what's the quickest thing to microwave. Infact one of my guy friends came over to my house once and said "Diamond, Im a guy but your fridge is worse than mine". There's nothing there but water and condiments...maybe some jello and yogurt.

What I love about thanksgiving time...are the candied yams...or the have to do it just right so that it's not too tongue is tingling just remembering. Anyways took food stop was my uncle's house...for his world famous potato salad. One time my uncle went to Nigeria...people thought it was funny but I was calling everyone looking for him so that I could get the recipe. It is sooooooo good. As in everytime there's a party and he invites me my question to him is "are you making any potato salad"....

and guess what you guys....I've lost weight! Oh happy was I. I had a dream that I lost weight. In my dream I weighed myself and I saw a number that surprised me. This dream was actually reality. As in I had this beautiful top i bought like MONTHS ago. I was determined to have it but it didnt fit..I was like maybe I should return it but it was just so beautiful. so on Thanksgiving day I put it on...and WHAT? it im thankful for that. I've been drinking lots of water lately and trying to eat healthier...

and brother called. Surprise Surprise! My brother...ever since we were young has always done his own thing. I know I've mentioned this before. We had a party for him every year of his birthday even after he'd been told there would be no party...because he used to invite ppl anyways. Having a big brother wasnt always fun when we were younger because he would tease me all the time and make me cry but as we grew older he became more protective of me. My father comes from this old school thing where hitting children is acceptable...and me...without any intention seemed to break all the rules...but my brother would stand infront of me...and say "you cant hit her"...he even took the blame for messing up a very expensive equipment at someone's house. I felt so bad. I wanted to correct everyone's assumption but my brother kept saying "no, I'll handle it"...He became my it hurt me when he moved away. I didnt want him to go but what could I do. Living with my dad wasnt the best....they always clashed. The difference between my brother and me was this: you tell him to do something he doesnt want to do, he'll you he'll do it but he I'll let you know from the onset that im not doing it. I guess I was more confrontational. He was quiet...has this silent strength.

He was a star athelete...if anyone follows high school football...they wouldve known my brother. He was great...we all had high knew he was going all the way. He was so dedicated to it. He was a great dancer too...always winning stuff...he was just awesome....and of course the ladies loved him...

Life happens and he moved. When he moved he didnt tell anyone but me where he was...people would ask me and I'd tell them I didnt know. He eventually revealed where he was. I went years without seeing him. I would tell him to send pictures..he wouldnt...heck I even offered to send him a camera and send it back....nope. But he would start to call me...sporadically...but I appreciated it cuz I knew he was okay. He quit school when he moved and he decided he would enroll again and has stuck with that. My brother is into Jiu-Jitsu...won many competitions and was coming to california for another competition...he called to tell me so I hurried up and booked a ticket. I had to see him. after so many years. I saw him and didnt know it was own flesh and blood...

It was great to see him. It was great for all 3 of us to be together again (me, my dad, and him). We squabbled like siblings do. I tend to be "mothering"...and he's not having none of that. Im traditional...i tend to follow the rules...or give the illusion of doing so anyways..and he just doesnt we're not the closest and that hurts me because I want nothing more than to be close to my brother...but I take what I can get...which includes the sporadic and always surprising phone calls

So today I am thankful for my brother. I am thankful that he is alive and has focused his life. I am thankful that he's been able to turn the hurt of growing up around and become a positive person. I am thankful that he remembers his little sister and calls her once in a while. I am truly thankful to God for that and I know it can only get better....that is what Im believing God for...that soon both of us will be reunited with my mom...that we would each have a life to be thankful to God daily for and for my mom to be proud of...

You know I wrote about being thankful for my mom...and it's interesting cuz it seems that's when everyone in blogsville was writing about their moms...but i didnt publish it...felt it was inadequate...i'll try to do it next week...

yall have a good saturday

November 20, 2006

hey yall

I woke up and I had to take a mental step back because I wasnt sure what day it was and what my work schedule is...that's when you know you've been working too much. I am guilty of overworking...I typically work in excess of 60hours a week...My prayer is that I work smarter not harder...Im getting to that stage...step by step

I woke up and started playing my Nigerian Praise and Worship CD. My mom had told me to do this a while back....instead of doing nothing when I wake up...she said wake up and play some christian music to kinda set the tone for your day...she's is so right. I typically wake up and watch the news and then try to quickly catch up on my blogs...cuz I dont want to read them at work anymore...besides there's really no time to do so at work...

Today Im thankful for someone
She's beautiful (will confirm when i see more than her
She's smart
She's funny
Totally relatable
She got my attention my constantly responding to things I would say
and she would be so on point
I promise you I thought she could be my twin for another set of parents
Cuz she could effectively communicate my thoughts
It was surreal
It was weird
So I started to follow her around too
sought her out...
I thought she was a reporter.... of those investigative ones
that keep digging and digging...
I wasnt sure how to handle her sometimes
cuz im no no.....we're too similar in some ways
was someone playing a joke on me?
apparently not...

and then something happened....
my laptop crashed
now for me....i keep everything onmy laptop....
so all my music was gone....all of it...unbelievable...
i had some good stuff...even some unreleased naija music...
and it was all gone
technology eh?
but what happened after that was amazing
She started sending me songs...
songs that I never had
songs that I loved but I'd forgotten
I was so have no idea...
Music is Life...
it encompasses so many different aspects...
My music library will never be complete
it keeps growing...thanks to differnt blogpals
But I owe alot of it's content to Ms Uzo
She's wonderful
I remember when we started chatting...
it was all good...
I would leave home and go to work and start chatting with her via email
I couldnt access her yahoo blog from work...
so Im glad she's moved to Blogger
and I've been blessed
I truly believe
I tell people that I rarely meet foolish people online
it's like God orchestrates everything...
so today Im thankful for Uzo...
she's someone everyone would want to have in their circle of friends
and Im glad that she's in mine
and I hope it isnt seasonal...but even if it will still be all good
so yall...Thank God for my friend Uzo

Uzo...I am thankful for your life
I pray for God to do great things through you
That you will continue to be blessed
You will be favored
I pray that God grants you all your heart desires
at the right time and according to His will

November 17, 2006

My meditation for today

Psalm 138
A psalm of David.

1 I give you thanks, O Lord, with all my heart;
I will sing your praises before the gods.

2 I bow before your holy Temple as I worship.
I praise your name for your unfailing love and faithfulness;
for your promises are backed
by all the honor of your name.

3 As soon as I pray, you answer me;
you encourage me by giving me strength.

4 Every king in all the earth will thank you, Lord,
for all of them will hear your words.

5 Yes, they will sing about the Lord's ways,
for the glory of the Lord is very great.

6 Though the Lord is great, he cares for the humble,
but he keeps his distance from the proud.

7 Though I am surrounded by troubles,
you will protect me from the anger of my enemies.
You reach out your hand, and the power of your right hand saves me.

8 The Lord will work out his plans for my life --
for your faithful love, O Lord, endures forever.
Don't abandon me, for you made me.

November 14, 2006

30 Days of Thankfulness - Day 14

I thought when I started this, it would be easy to note each day what Im thankful for. But it isnt...well I think it isnt. I guess it's okay to be thankful for the same things each day right? But I felt I should always write something different...hence the lack of transmission

I have a lot going on around me. It's almost the end of the year...I've not bought my ticket for my Christmas Trip yet...I have to move by the end of this month and Im not sure where to start because I have alot of stuff....I actually moved into this apartment very easily cuz I didnt have alot. Everything in the apartment was given to me...well almost everything... The beds in each room... The dressers...the dining set...The only thing I bought was the Futon, the computer tables and other misc. stuff....I bought a TV but I gave it away...why? Because I won 2 from work and I didnt feel it necessary to have 3 TVs...oh...I bought the ironing board and the iron... I look around me and I realize that Im blessed... I am favored by God. God's favor is....

I remember my freshman year in college...or maybe it was my sophomore year...All I know is the end of the year had come and I had no more money to pay for college...and I was owing them big time. I wrote a letter to the Financial Aid Director to seek assistance...nothing happened. I wrote another letter to him and this time I copied the President of the school. I went to the school post office to try to send it by "express" mail with signature delivery blah blah blah. The person said they dont do that...I'd have to go to the regular post office... Silly me. So I just walked down the street into the financial aid office. I didnt want to take it there myself because I dont really like confronting issues...I will if I have to but I try to avoid anything that may make SOMEONE ELSE feel uncomfortable...generous me right?

Anyways I go right to the Financial Aid office and lucky for me the Director is there and I hand him the letter. He tells me to sit down and proceeds to open and read the letter. We talked. I was almost in tears. I told him I had no support whatsoever and I hated the fact that the school/government insists on using my father's tax return for something he has nothing to do with... I told them I dont talk to my dad...I dont even know where he is half the time...which was a little lie but hey...he could have been in the bathroom at that present time...or visiting a friend...I mean I dont know... :-) I just had to get it through his head that family support wasnt available/reliable and I really wasnt trying to take a break for money...come back..I know some ppl can do it...but I know me...I knew I had to stay the course...

He said "Well Diamond...let's see what we can do for you here"

He turned his computer on and starting punching keys...and within the next half hour, he had allocated funds to me from different scholarships and grants to cover what I owed the school so far and I even had a little bit left over to rollover to the next year. He agreed to sign off every year on my FAFSA that I was an independent student so that I could use my own Tax information. This was great...because to get this done is a major hassle... but by doing this, I would get the most funds for school. Infact, they dont even like doing that...I dont know why...I guess they dont want to bleed the government bank dry...

I walked out of the office with the documents showing that I was paid up...I was so happy...I'm almost certain I was walking on air. I passed a school mate on my way out and smiled at her as I made my way to the Administration offices to show them school was paid for. On my way back to the Dorms...I passed this same school mate who looked at me a little sad...but still with a smile... She said "Seems like you got all the money"...

Yep! The Director had allocated everything he had to me...there was nothing left over... The girl was probably thinking how unfair it was...but you know what? There's nothing fair about Favor. I got back to my room and typed up an email titled "Testimoney" share the good news with everyone..I was so happy...

Today I am thankful for God's Favor in my life. I am thankful it is the name I have been blessed with as well. I look back and think about life...and I realized that Yes...I have been favored...I have been uncommonly blessed by God and that continues to be my prayer...

I remember once I went to see a friend in Florida...on a roundtrip $90 ticket...I couldnt believe it...well guess what...they overbooked by I not only got upgraded to first class I also got a $350 voucher which I ended up using later that year to subsidize my trip to Nigeria. I had a free trip actually but I had to get to NewYork first to take the that's what I used my Voucher for... Also that year, I used it to go to Boston for my nephew's naming ceremony

Even my apartment...people are suprised at the price I pay for rent...people dont pay this little for even a 1 bedroom....but I am... I told God what I wanted...and he exceeded my expections....

My job that I have have to go thru 5 interviews before they consider you...well guess what...not only was I late for the interviews each time...I got hired on the 2nd interview...they thought I was someone else... that was God....because I know if that hadnt happened, I wouldnt have gotten the job. It was just 2 of us...the guy didnt even look at my file...he just started talking to me and based on our conversation..he said well if you would like the job, I'd like to go ahead and hire you. I couldnt believe it. I was so happy...i almost hugged the guy...and then someone came in and told him he had the wrong file...but he said he never looks at the files...he just bases his decision on talking to the people.... Now..because they had to have it on record that I took 5 interviews...after I was hired, I had to go through the motions of being interviewed by 3 others...and I tell you based on what I went thru on the last one?...I dont think I would have gotten the job but God had already decreed it...and there was no way this last interviewer could override his boss...HA HA!

Sometimes when Im feeling bad...feeling like Im all alone in this world...I need to remember these things...and know that God can only exceed himself and I should be thankful at all all things...

so God...thank you for your Favor...thank you for the blessings in my life. You are a Great God and I am a living testimony that there is none like one can do the things that you do. I ask for 1 you give me simply blow my mind away and I am Thankful...always... Because I know that I wouldnt be where I am if not for You. I wouldnt have the things I have...if not for You. You supply my needs even before I ask...

I believe in God...I believe that He is the supreme being...I believe that if I only trust..and have my faith in him...then the World is mine to conquer... Ive never been envious of anyone's stuff cuz I know God will do mine for me in His own time...
There's this song that goes: Only believe....only believe...all things are possible...if you only believe...

ONLY believe...that's ALL you have to do..

I believe that my life is in God's hands...I believe He is working everything out for my good....I believe that I am favored and operate in that mode...I believe that I am healed (by his stripes)...I believe that I am blessed...I believe .....
Because I believe these things...I am thanking God for all that has passed...all that is present...and all that is still to come

what are you thankful for today?

November 7, 2006


So surprise surprise...citing irreconcilable differences, brittany has filed for divorce from K-Fed
Cant say Im surprised. But really this is so bad. Why dont these marriages last...really why dont they. I was really rooting for them you know. I was hoping they would prove everyone wrong...kinda be like the white whitney and bobby....or maybe not... seeing as Whitney is serious about divorcing Bobby now. I didnt like how K-Fed so soon after sexing up Shar went after Brittany...I do believe he saw an opportunity and capitalized on it...but who can blame him...

Today I am thankful for my relationship with my boyfriend. I dont talk much about it...or him. But he's truly the love of my life. We're 3 years strong...and for someone who only dated people for 6mths or less...this is a big deal for me. So much temptation all is only by the Grace of God. Did I tell you guys I was tripping over one blogger like that? I promise you infatuation is not a good thing...but I've gotten over it since but my boyfriend found out o. And he calmly told me about it and my mouth just opened WIDE in silent shock. As in...he was so calm. He said he had something to tell me. I was like what is it? He said never mind. Knowing me....and he does...I goaded him into telling me....oh my my my. That has got to be one of the few times that i've been rendered speechless. As in, I didnt know what to say...what to mouth was just open and I was just looking...

He's been there for matter what. I remember one time, I was having computer desktop...he had to wake up was the middle of the night....if im having issues...he's having in we need to share all our He's patient and slow to anger...but once he's angry please take cover...unlike me...I get angry easily but my anger dissipates quickly. It's just so unhealthy to keep things bottled in you know. If Im mad at me, it wont take him long to find out...but him....oh Lord help me... and I just know he's expecting me to cook all those funky roundabout...the black round fish....things that I cant stand to look at... what is roundabout?

anyways....3 years strong and counting. I am thankful to God for our unique relationship because I truly believe that it was ordained by God.

what are you thankful for today?

November 6, 2006

The Church and Forgiveness

Im sure we've all seen the news about Ted Haggard committing a sexually immoral act...He resigned...then he got fired... hmmm...will be back to finish this thought in about 4hours

but very quickly...

Today, Im thankful for something my sister sent to me yesterday via Text. "God will work ALL things out for your good"...she said she was prompted to send that message and she obeyed...

Each time I read and reread the message, Im almost reduced to tears. Im just grateful to God for bringing to remembrance His promise to me.

If you are ever at a point, where you have the urge to say something (positive and uplifting) to someone...then do so...cuz you dont know how much it could help. If you have the urge to call someone...then do dont know what you may be preventing. If it's impressed on your mind to pray for someone...stand in the gap for someone...then do so...

I remember reading the chicken soup for soul book...and how friend A called friend B. friend B called back...and you know what...that prevented friend A from committing suicide. Amazing right?

what are you thankful for today

November 5, 2006

2 things I've noticed about Nigerian guys

There's something about Nigerian guys...there's just something about them. They're the best and the worst.

I was talking to my friend...and another time I was chatting with another friend
I asked "Why do Nigerian guys sound like babies on the phone?"

It never fails. I talk to a guy in Nigeria and he sounds like a baby. Like...his voice isnt manly somehow. One of my friends suggested "Maybe it's your connection".

I dont think so. I think they all sound like babies. It's just weird. Next time you talk to a Nigerian attention! There's this softness in their voice....

Im baffled. I mean it cant be just me hearing it. Someone tell me Im not crazy

And another thing...Nigerian guys are quite aggressive and overly persistent.
I mean I was talking to Ola today and some guy called her and left a message. Within the same minute the guy called again

I mean what is it? Do you think she didnt see the first call or that she will ignore the first message. This is a trend I've noticed. I remember one time, a guy called me and left a message. Called my cell...then called my home...then called my cell again. Im like...REALLY? is it that serious? I had to change my phone number. Called the phone company. Told them I was being stalked. I mean what would you call it? Some one keeps calling you and calling you like they have no sense at all

Another incident in school...I went away for the weekend...took a road trip to Florida...came back and I had several messages on my answering machine....FROM THE SAME GUY. This is a guy I didnt know. My then boyfriend to be had given him my # to call me as a friend in the US together blah blah blah.

1st msg: hi this is A...B gave me your number
2nd msg: hi, this is can call me on....
3rd msg: hi. im just calling to check on u

I mean really. this is the trend of the messages. I guess it doesnt really matter now...seeing as me and A became quite good friends...but really I had to put him in check like WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU leaving all these messages. It sends the wrong idea... He was new to the states then....

anyways...just thots in my head....

30 Days of Thankfulness - Day 5

a lot of the things Im going to be thankful for/about are certain individuals. I talked about my 3 friends previously. Today Im going to talk about people that I've met online. To be honest I wanted to write about how thankful I am that I found my remote control...but that seemed silly to write about. I've been watching Nickolodeon since yesterday...till I found it...thank God for that. In all things give thanks right?

anyways back to the people I've met online....

It's interesting really cuz I tell people I havent met a foolish person yet online. Well I actually do but those people typically dont last long. It seems that the "real" people I meet are really moves orchestrated by God. It's amazing how mutally beneficial our friendships are.

There's a guy I met online years ago. Lives in England. Till today I've never met him but he's met some of my family...I actually hooked him up with one of my male cousin's in Manchester and guess what? Today they're like bestfriends...interesting huh

There's a girl. Not sure how she got my ID but she started chatting with me from Nigeria one day. We're friends now. She actually came to America. Started and finished school and is now married. To think I knew her while she was going thru the visa process....and now she's married....almost unbelievable

HookUpNigerians was the "in" online thing back in the day. I was quite popular on there. Quite vocal. Met some cool peeps on there...people that Im yet to meet but still keep in touch with. Met my exboyfriend that way too.

So today, Im thankful for the internet and the role that it's played in my friendships. Im thankful that it has afforded me the opportunity to meet so many people that I may not have ordinarily met. People that enrich my life in various ways.

I hope one day to meet a couple of people...if they want to stop being anonymous. People like...Bijou...Life...Miguel...I consider them to be part of my blog family. Uzo...she's just wonderful...Ola......Vera...LondonBuki...JayCee...Mosaic and Belle...those girls always seem to have something going on...I think it'd be cool to hang with them.... da GA crew...Biodun...Ms. May...

If I dont see any of these's all good. I love sharing their life in whatever way they choose to share it on Blogger

November 3, 2006

30 Days of Thankfulness - Day 3

What have I been up to lately...
work work and more work
so much so that my boyfriend and I havent spent any meaningful time together
This is a bit scary
Im working crazily. He's working and joggling his last year of school at the same time
Is this how it will be when we're married?
if care is not taken, the relationship will disintergrate...
I remember a conversation I had with him...I think it was last year
I told him I want to be a housewife
He was like "I dont think so"
He's funny...He doesnt think so...
He should wait and see when I park my behind at home...what will he do...carry me to work?
Im encouraging him to work hard and get good is essential for my living...abi?
No seriously. Being a housewife is work...but I dont know if Im cut out for it.
maybe for the first couple of years when I have my kids...but I'd still be involved in something
outside of the home

anyways our schedules have been crazy lately
We seem too busy for each other

I spoke to my friend about it yesterday. She was like at least when you're'll hopefully be sleeping in the same house/same room/same bed so somehow somehow you'll connect with each other
We can only pray about that

Today, Im thankful for friends. 3 in particular. The friend I spoke to yesterday...MD. She's great. Once, while in school...I lost two jobs back to back. I had it coming though. I mean I would leave one job, head to second job as soon as I was overnight and then go to school in the morning. I was taking Biology, Organic Chemistry and University Physics at the same time. Anyone in the sciences knows that taking all 3 together is quite a heavy load and then you are working 2 jobs...from like 3pm till 7am the next day????? I was crazy right. Got fired from both jobs. How depressing. MD, on her own went to beg for my job back and after they refused, do you know what she did?

She started looking for a job for me. Calling feedback to me to follow up and what not. Me that could care less at this point. I was amazed at her character. I mean why was she doing it. Of her own volition? Wow! That is a friend. We've been friends for a while. Know most of her family. Her mom loves me. MD is a genius. She used to help me with my science projects and my math homework back in college. She's one of those people that are naturally smart.

I wrote something about 3 girls on 3 way. My friends BK and Ola....these two are my dawgs for life!!! About 2 months ago I was feeling down. Im not sure why. So I called BK...she was studying and asked me what was up. I said I just dont know. Could she just talk to me and then I started crying. She said something along the lines of "Diamond I dont know what is wrong but I do have a God that knows all...sees all....all I can do is pray for you right now" and right there on the phone she prayed for me. And I felt so much better. It was exactly what I needed at the time. Have you ever felt something is wrong and dont know why? I do believe there are some spirits behind that...truly!

When I moved to Nigeria years ago, I used to argue with my mom. Not every day...just random days. Cuz Im always right you know...anyways my brother told me when I would start arguing, he would start to pray that whatever spirit was prompting me, should quieten down...and he said I would be quiet...hmmmm...pretty interesting. I guess some of our actions are motivated spiritually on some level...maybe even all...and we need to pray that it is the right spirit within/ around us.

My other friend Ola...she's just wonderful. She acts like she doesnt know what sex is and calls me for information? Um...when did I become the sex See me see trouble o. Innocent me...Im not familiar with anything to with I always tell her she's an undercover freak...always wanting to know the details....of everything...gosh. A week cannot go by without me talking to her. We're always teasing each other. She's one of those no nonsense cant misyarn with her. Many guys have tried to get with her on some level...She's quick to set them straight. Very much into God. Always urging me to go to church every sunday....

Im thankful today for these 3 people in my life. They are friends for a life time and Im grateful for their placement in the world that I live. They make my world a better place. They give me a reason to smile. One thing I appreciate it about them is, we can argue...fight...but it's always settled...right there and then. For instance, I say something, Ola will say I dont like that. We hash it out right there and then and move on. All 3 friends are like that

Im not close to alot of my family. I long decided that as you grow, you more or less build your own family. So these 3 girls are not just my friends...they are my family. They are people I most rely on for certain things....The 3 people I hope to include in my bridal train.

MD, BK and Ola...Thank you for your love and friendship.

What are you thankful for today?

*hmm.just noticed it's day 3. talked about 3 friends. purely coincidental. It was my first thought when i woke up this morning cuz Id just spoken to MD last night

November 2, 2006

30 Days of Thankfulness - Day 2

Today Im thankful that Im able to keep moving

There are so many times I wake up and I just want to lay the bed and do nothing all day. But this is so pointless. I cant just lie there

So I thank God for giving me the strength to get up each and everyday and get moving

Sometimes I feel like my brain is going to explode. There are so many thoughts in my many that I cant make sense of it all. Im not sure what to think first. Im not sure how to act first. I give myself a physical and mental shake

Get it together D!

It's so hard for me sometimes. I feel like it's just me going to battle in life.
Why cant things be easy.
Battled life through my teenage years
thoughts of dying simmered in my head back then
Struggled to support myself through school
Knew that I couldnt quit. I started and so I had to finish
that was really hard for me
Pushing to ensure I have a better life now

One day I thought I was dying. My head was pounding so fierce. I felt so weak.
I called everybody that I knew to call
every. single. person.
No one answered
How is that possible
Nobody answered the phone...
I didnt want to die...God I didnt want to die...

Finally I had to call on God.
I saw a quote on someone's blog. Something about God being the last resort
which isnt the way it should be at all

Im all is well now
trying to work on speaking to / seeking God first

so Im thankful today, for the strength to keep moving, even when I dont feel like

what are you thankful today?

November 1, 2006

30 days of thankfulness - Day 1

.A lot of things have been going on in my mind lately...things that I want to voice but Im cautioned yet again...anyways I'll delve into this another time

In America, November is the month we have our Thanksgiving...the fourth thursday in month. This day is typically reserved for family. I love this season. This is the time where eggnog comes around. Lots of people are not fans but I've loved it since I was a kid in Chi-town. Reminds me of my snowman-building days and hanging with my cousins eating fudge laced vanilla icecream....sweet potato pie/souffle....I can just taste it when it's done just right. This is the month we have our black friday....named that because this day is typically the one that most stores after being in a slump all year round, will turn a decent profit. I believe it is the biggest shopping day of the year with ridiculous sales starting at some ungodly hour. I may join the madness this year. Took the day off work for that already

Everyday this month, in addition to my normal rantings, Im going to say something Im thankful for/about. I encourage everyone to do the same. You can blog about if you wish...maybe include it as a footnote after each of your can think it...write it down....whatever. I think it would be good a excercise... and if you want to share with me what you're thankful for...the comments section is a free for all :-)

Day 1

I decided I would wait until the end to Thank God about something in particular that Im working on. Knowing that it will come to fruition by the end of the month. And I thought to myself why wait?

So I am thankful to God for the good things he has already done. Everything in this world is started and finished by God. While Im in Monday, God has already taken care of Friday so I need not worry. God has finished everything. There is no need to be anxious. Someone is waiting for that healing. It is done. Someone is waiting for that miracle. It has come. God exceeds himself each time. Meaning he does more and more than before. He does not repeat himself. So I wake up each morning....looking forward to how God will surprise me. I wake up knowing that I am covered in His Blood. I plead for his mercy...for his favor.

On this day, I am thankful that God is God. He has never failed me not one time. I am thankful that inspite of being me...he is always willing to forgive me...I've had so many "second" chances and Im glad that when I turn my back and decide to run back to Him, His arms are open wide...willing to forgive and forget...willing to comfort and scold when necessary. He is just awesome

I remember once in church, the pastor was saying even while you're sinning praise God. And I thought to myself....even while Im sinning? Praise God?. Hmmm....Im not sure about that. But then I realized what that does. It limits your sinning. For me, it brings to remembrance what I should be doing..or rather not doing

what are you thankful for today?